Photoshop Elements Glass Christmas Ornament – Christmas Card Design

Photoshop Elements Glass Christmas Ornament – Christmas Card Design

Hi I’m George Peirson and in this video we’ll be doing this Photoshop Elements glass ornament and this is made from just a few different layers up here. Pretty straightforward, pretty simple to do. Now if you liked this video make sure you hit that Like button, don’t forget to Share, and also don’t forget to Subscribe as well. I do several videos every single week, about half of those on Photoshop Elements. You can find out more about that on my channel. Also take a look at my complete training course, there’s a link for that right down there in the description. Okay let’s get to it [Music] All right here’s our basic ornament picture and across the bottom down here LCD photos that I used for this the left side with the ornaments here this is just that top right there it’s all that is that’s just the background there is a gingerbread house inside and there are two soap bubbles which I combined together to make this main glass effect I guess get rid of this just cancel that out there we go and we’ll start off with this file right here as our main working file now if you want to work along with this project you can download these files including the finished file as well for my website there’s a link for that in the description okay we’ll start off with this file right here now I want to make a layer mask on this one blocking off everything except for just the soap bubble so let’s have a ruler’s up if you don’t see a real rose go up to view come down to you and check rulers right there and then just pull down a little guideline right here and pull it right to the edge of that soap bubble do the same thing on the left hand side right to the edge just like that right there and right hand side same thing and then at the bottom right down there it doesn’t need to be absolutely perfect but try to get it as close as you can on this now we’ll use these guides to make a selection and use that selection to make a layer mask to make this easy you want to have snap to guides selected go up here to view come down to snap to and make sure that guys is checked it should be by default okay it’s now grab the elliptical marquee tool if you don’t see that you see the square one up here rectangular one just Kim none of the options and click on the elliptical so your feathering at is zero that’s very important on this you heavy feathering of zero come right on the top up here upper left-hand corner of those two lines cross on top of that click and drag from there down to the bottom right corner and you’re right over the top there the circle should snap right to those guidelines there’s our selection that’s all done now let’s make a copy of our background layer here so where’s the background right click duplicate layer choose ok you can now hide that background and then up here click on this add layer mask and there it is there’s our soap bubble nicely masked out from the background nice transparent background let’s now bring in our second image right down here easy way to do this is if you have floating windows like this just go over here grab the background and drag it on if you don’t have floating windows let’s say you have your windows docked like that you can still do this it’s been your first tab take this here in this dragon on top like that it does exactly the same thing now in this one notice how it’s smaller than our previous bubble so I think it’s larger and to do that we’ll have to move back a little bit so I’ll go to my zoom tool here and it’s zoom out a little bit kind of like that back to the move tool again and have your control handles in the corners and on the sides come up to one of the corners logon use the bottom right corner and then pull this down till you look past like that it’ll come back in again don’t worry about that go to f10 corner and pull that up and then let’s come over here to the upper right hand corner pull it up a little bit and just kind of put your corners out until that soap bubble is fitting inside of those guidelines nicely yeah it’s just about yeah that’s pretty good and then click on the green check mark for ok now all we need to do is to come in and do the same layer mask on this so I’ll come down to our layer mask right here look for your left let outline make sure you see that click on that side to see that hold the Alt key down pull it straight up that thing copies this layer mask up to here we now have our two soap bubbles one on top of the other we not need to blend these together let’s go to your top layer you know on your top layer we’re gonna be changing this blend mode up here to linear dodge there you go come down to the bottom one and it’ll change our blend mode down here to hard light you’ll be seeing this in just a bit can’t see it right now but you’ll see it once we add in some more stuff in here ok now go back to your top layer and let’s go back to the photo bin and will bring up the gingerbread house right here if you don’t have floating windows and you want to do that just go up here to the Edit menu come down to preferences and general and make sure that checkbox right there allow floating documents in expert mode is checked then you’ll have your float in Windows okay grab that background drag it over here there’s our gingerbread house let’s just get that out of the way now now I need to bring this down in size same thing so again go to your corners and pull down on the corners until it begins to fit inside and that’s pretty close right there this click the green checkmark there it is take this layer pull this one down to the bottom of your stack just above our hidden background layer and you should see it inside now if it’s in behind and you go to move it and you accidentally move on your soap bubbles first make sure that your layer is selected and then come down here to your options and make sure that auto slick layer is not checked very important if that’s check it’ll grab your top layer so make sure that’s unchecked you can then come in here and move this around it’s a little bit too large to notice how its kind of snapping to our lines right now so these snap two lines is causing us a problem at this point so go up to view come down to snap to uncheck guides and I’ll go ahead and hide the guides as well and now that shouldn’t be an issue I’ll put it right about there it’s just where that left side is kind of bumping up against that edge and the right side as well so it just kind of fits right in there in the base okay let’s now hide those soap bubbles let’s zoom in on this hand it’s clean that background up come down to your magic wand right here make sure to set a new to start off with I have my tolerance at 32 that’s the default then just click outside here someplace and it looks like that just about grab the whole thing come down and switch your mode here to add and in this little bit right here I need to grab let’s click on that that’s good and right down here there’s kind of a reflection I’ll grab that one and there we go I now have the whole back area selected let’s now invert that selection go to select come down to inverse and now just the house is selected and then click on the layer mask button and you should now see that just nothing but the house okay it’s go ahead and bring back our soap bubbles there’s the house inside of our bubbles okay now we can go back to fit on screen just like that come back down to the background layer down here I’ll go back to the photo bin and I’ll bring up this picture here this is our background picture let’s drag that one in then you can place this where you like I don’t like it where this branch is right against the soap bubble effect here so bring that down a little ways and you’ll need to size this up probably kind of like this they have a nice little bit of floating greenery in there I think that looks pretty good right about there okay so far so good now on the Sybil is a little bit of a lion writer I don’t really like that I’m seeing the kind of thin outer line that’s the background soap bubble and this bright white that’s the for grain kind of suit if I do that that’s our foreground so foreground is not quite in the right spot let’s click on that and then I’ll use the arrow keys I’m just going to move it up and over a little bit and maybe it’s just a little bit too small so do fix that I’m going to back out just a little bit here use my zoom and it’s just back out like that reason I’m zooming out is because if we select that you can see I hear there’s the actual size of that image it’s way out here and I’ll grab this upper right hand corner and pull it up just a little bit and the bottom down just a little bit and I think that’ll fit better that looks good okay you know I can go ahead and zoom back in to fit screen that’s better just kind of clean up that edge a little bit now we need our top part up here and we’ll just steal that from another picture let’s bring up this file theory are now all we need and here is just this bit and just a little bit of the string right there so I’ll zoom in on that yeah it’s just a little bit out of focus as well so go ahead and fix that focus first go up to enhance come down to adjust sharpness I have mine at the default a mouse that looked pretty good actually there is the before Thursday after it’s a real small amount but just just a touch she’s okay all right now this is the trickiest part of the whole process actually is just this bit right here we need to make a selection around this I’ll copy this from this file and then paste it into our other file so I’ll just use the polygonal lasso tool and that’s the one right down there and I’ll start right here at this corner now in this does take your time if you click too fast with the polygonal lasso tool it’s going to collapse your selection and you have to start over again so you don’t I do that and on these curves just come around to Stube just several small clicks that’s going to be a very very small in the picture so it’s really not gonna be that critical or really working kind of on a micro level at this point so doesn’t need to be super super accurate but try to get it as good as you can just take your time with this tool and work around and make your selection just like I’m doing right now now so this will take me a couple of minutes to do I’m just going to fast forward the video at this point to go ahead and finish this up yes is it fast forward is done then I’ll slow the things down and we’ll finish this up at that point [Music] okay there’s our outside selection and I need to remove this bit from inside of our selection so Rahner subtract tool right there and then I’ll start right here and I’ll just work this around and get this inside bit out of here this goes actually pretty fast on this just work on the inside take this out and we’re then ready to go ahead and copy this out over to the other file and once that’s done we’re just about done with a picture actually goes pretty fast at this point the hardest part of the whole project really is just doing this selection ok that’s been removed now go up to edit come down to copy I’ll just minimize that and want to be on the top layer up here and then edit and paste and there it is sitting on top of everything else I’ll just move this up here today top just like that just kind of position that you can move it around if you want to with your cursor keys the arrow keys until it looks good and I think that’s pretty nice right there I think I’m going to take this layer hold the ctrl key down and grab all of the ornament layers right here I’ll bring everything down a little bit with my arrow keys on the keypad does until I see a little bit of that thread showing at the top it just makes it look a bit more realistic right there okay there we go and right about there looks good and that’s it so that’s how to make a glass ornament here using just two soap-bubble pictures and a couple of blend.mode tricks and don’t forget if you had fun doing this project click on that like button also click on that share button and share with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe but again I do a bunch of videos every single week and take a look at my complete training course for Photoshop Elements and there’s a link for that right down there in the description ok I’ll see you next time

9 thoughts on “Photoshop Elements Glass Christmas Ornament – Christmas Card Design

  1. Nice quick method to make an ornament if you do not want to start from scratch by creating spheres. I also liked the use of blend modes and the use of the "alt" button method for copying layer masks Thanks.

  2. Interesting, is there anyway to get rid of the reflection of the ceiling lights in the glass ball? I kept waiting to see how you were going do that.
    Thanks George

  3. This is a beautiful ornament. I saved these as PNGs, which will be great for future projects. I like the way they all come together!

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