PHOTO FRAME Best out of waste #DIY #CRAFT Home decoration ideas

PHOTO FRAME Best out of waste #DIY #CRAFT Home decoration ideas

CThis is such a nice family photo of ours when did we took it? When we got our golden play button but this never stays in one place what should I do? Does this happen at your house too? That your nice memorable photos do not get displayed nicely so we should learn to make a photo frame that too with waste items that are extra in our home If you like this video, please like and share To make this photo frame we need hot glue gun these are some parts of puzzles some got lost, some are waste cardboard and cut it for the size of photo colours and brush choose any colour you like and paint these puzzles with this colour like I will colour some pieces yellow some pieces blue green and red coolur and colour them in any colour you like so see, how nice they look and now stick these pieces on this cardboard like first I glued yellow pieces stick them in red, green or whatever you like and our photo frame will be ready similarly we will stick all these pieces on our photo frame so see, we have made this really beautiful photo frame from waste and now you can stick a picture and pack the frame from behind now take a little bit of thread cut it a little and tie a knot to it and we will stick it to make it a hanging frame so that it can hang on a wall easily we can stick this with the help of hot glue gun or with glue we can stick it with anything to make this photo frame we need a newspaper which is easily available in our homes straw cardboard we will cut the cardboard in the size of the photo scissor and fabric glue First of all with the help of a straw we will make paper rolls we will roll a little bit add sone glue and then roll it completely and add glue so our stick is ready similarly we will make many sticks with newspaper now we will take these sticks and cut them to the size of cardboard then glue them on to the cardboard you can make any design you like with these sticks Like I am here sticking them in a rectangle shape only you can do it vertically or in checks just like this we have to stick these rolls on the cardboard so see our photo frame is ready now we will decorate this we will take some colour papers for this cut them in square shape first we will make simple two folds now we will make the 3rd fold in a triangle shape after folding in triangle shape we will cut a semi circle with scissors so our flower shape will be ready we will fold the petals with the scissors a litle bit similarly we will make flowers with both the sheets while sticking the glue keep bigger flower at the bottom and smaller on top we will stick these flowers together yellow on orange or orange on yellow we have made some different flowers and stick then together by adding glue in the centre so that they look nice and place a stone in the centre now we will stick these flowers on the photo frame similarly we can make many beautiful photo frames from waste material and we can make new new photo frames from time to time to make our home beautiful so we will stick the leaves nicely too so see we made such a nice photo frame with just newspaper we will make this a standing photo frame we will cut a small piece of cardboard stick it to the photo frame and cut one more small piece and put that on the bottom of photo frame so that it stands nicely to make this photo frame we will need cardboard, wool fabric glue marker, scissor and colouful sheet first of all we will tie a knot on the photo frame with wool and start wrapping this wool around the whole frame we will take this out from the centre wrapping it all around we will cover the whole frame like this see our such a beautiful frame is ready now we will decorate this we need flowers for that you can use pre-made flowers too or make them at home too we have made these with sheet and stick the leaves by adding glue So see, our such a beautiful photo frame is ready now I have stuck a little part of wool so it could be hung easily to make this photo frame we need a cardboard popsticks and fabric glue now we have to add some glue on popstick and arrange them on the frame and stick them like I am adding pink ones on both side add purple ones on top and bottom you ca stick them any way you like see our frame with this popstick only looks so nice to hang this we will take a piece of wool and stick it at the back so that it can hang on wall If you liked the video please like and share just let the glue dry out completely so it will stick nicely we made these 2 photo frames with new supplies and these 2 photo frames with waste materials so see such beautiful photo frames are ready and our decorative items for our home is ready this photo is from when we started the Aayu Pihu show that was when Aayu was 3 years old If you liked the video please like and share and yes subscribe too

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