Phoenix: The Bird that is Reborn from Ashes – Mythological Bestiary #06 – See U in History

Phoenix: The Bird that is Reborn from Ashes – Mythological Bestiary #06 – See U in History

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Bestiary Phoenix The bird Phoenix is an object of praise by men since the beginning of civilization. The magnificent animal is found in the Persian, Egyptian, Greco-Roman and Jewish mythologies, among others. The Phoenix is a bird with red and yellow feathers, usually depicted as a bird of prey, but can also be seen as a flaming peacock. The bird is a powerful animal. Even though it is portrayed as having the size of an eagle, the creature could fly even with elephants in its claws. Its tears were another power of this animal, since they had the ability to heal any wound or illness. The Phoenix could also cover its body with fire, so, when it flew in flames in the middle of the day, some perceived its brightness as being the sun itself. But the main reason for such praise for this animal is its immortality. According to Hesiod, the bird lived nine times longer than a crow, something around 500 years. And, when it realized that its end was near, the Phoenix made a nest of cinnamon, sage and myrrh and burned itself, leaving only ashes behind. From that pile of ashes a new Phoenix was born, one that gathered the remaining ashes of the bird that preceded it, placing them in an egg of myrrh, which was taken to Egypt, to the city of Heliopolis, and placed on the altar of the sun. Its ashes could bring the dead back to life. The Phoenix’s myth of immortality was so powerful that the young and eccentric Roman Emperor Elagabalus wanted to eat a Phoenix to become immortal. His servants looked for the animal and could not find anything. To avoid coming back empty- handed, they served the Emperor with a bird from the paradise. Nonetheless the meat of the bird from the paradise does not provide the power of immortality. Taking into account that the ruler was killed by the Praetorian Guard only two years after eating the delicacy. The myth of the Phoenix may have weakened in terms of importance during some periods of our history. But, like the mythological bird, its symbolism has always managed to be renewed. In our pop culture we can see the bird in works like: Harry Potter and The Order of The
Phoenix, The Phoenix is up to this day a universal symbol of rebirth and the beginning of a new cycle.

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  1. How is it that when we nowadays depict a Phoenix it's ALWAYS on fire I can't find any mythological claims that it was.

  2. So, I'm a Dialysis Patient and I recently moved to Georgia. I'm going to a clinic and I noticed that ALL their "Machines for Dialysis" say 3X6 Phoenix. Should I be concerned about this??????

  3. Phoenix ash have resurrection properties, I never heard that one before. Give that to Landon instead of sweeping them away

  4. U know what my character and zodiac sign symbolizes phoenix. I was dead when the results came from an personality test I took. O my god I love this bird and wanna meet it one day

  5. What about the Edith Nesbit book “The Phoenix and the carpet” where four kids find a Phoenix that grants wishes, and later it dies has anyone read that book.

    Also what is Legacies,everyone seems to be coming from this Legacies thing

  6. So interesting, I simply gave myself this name after I drew a portrait of a crying eye, that I later realized was me and I named it Phoenix Rising because I have always been resilient and happen to be going through another start over in my life… I am a Christian but i get a lot of people assuming I am a goddess or of pagan nature and I'm not. Maybe I was guided to same myself this because of the particularity hard time I've been having.. idk.

  7. This year i lost my career, my love, my health. The phoenix will be my symbol for 2019 the destruction and rebirth.

  8. The most complex and oldest mythology about Phoenix comes form China that you never mention here, Images of an ancient Phoenix have appeared in China for over 8000 years, as earliest as the Hongshan neolithic period, on jade and pottery motifs, then appearing decorating bronze as well as jade figurines. Some believe they may have been a good-luck totem among eastern tribes of ancient China.
    During the Han dynasty (2,200 years ago) two phoenixes, one a male (feng, 鳳) and the other a female (huang, 凰) were often shown together facing one other. Later, during the Yuan dynasty the two terms were merged to become fenghuang, but the "King of Birds" came to symbolize the empress when paired with a dragon representing the emperor. From the Jiajing era (1522–66) of the Ming dynasty onwards, a pair of phoenixes was differentiated by the tail feathers of the two birds, typically together forming a closed circle pattern—the male identified by five long serrated tail feathers or "filaments" (five being an odd, masculine, or yang number) and the female by what sometimes appears to be one but is in fact usually two curling or tendrilled tail feathers (two being an even, feminine, or yin number).

    Also during this period, the fenghuang was used as a symbol representing the direction south. This was portrayed through a male and female facing each other. Their feathers were of the five fundamental colors: black, white, red, green, and yellow. These colors are said to represent Confucius' five virtues:

    Ren: the virtue of benevolence, charity, and humanity;

    Yi: honesty and uprightness; Yì may be broken down into zhōng, doing one's best, conscientiousness, loyalty and shù: the virtue of reciprocity, altruism, consideration for others

    Zhi: knowledge

    Xin: faithfulness and integrity;

    Li: correct behavior, propriety, good manners, politeness, ceremony, worship.[3]

    The phoenix represented power sent from the heavens to the Empress. If a phoenix was used to decorate a house it symbolized that loyalty and honesty were in the people that lived there. Or alternatively, a phoenix only stays when the ruler is without darkness and corruption (政治清明).

  9. My name is Jason Anderson and I live in Phoenix and my sons name is Landon. And the hair on my chest looks like a Phoenix since I was a teenager. 33AD = April 19, 1984

    United Nations show this in a mural as well.

  10. Mate phoenix was seen in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and even in Half Blood Prince and just once in Order of Phoenix. OoP was not completely based on it

  11. We Filipinos have our own version of this kind. We call it "Ibong Adarna". 🇵🇭 it has the same ability, the tears can heal any sickness. Unlike the Phoenix, our Ibong Adarna can sing exquitise beautiful melodies and anything it poops to will turn into a stone. 🦜

  12. I'm here because of Ben affleck, Katy Perry…Hunger Games girl Girl on Fire ….and few others lol (who mentioned / hinted this mythological story)

  13. For legacies fans-
    So,if you eat Landon,you would be immortal?!
    No offense to anyone,i love Landon a lot. Im sorry for Hope,as Landon most likely will forget about her as she jumped into Malivore.Wouldnt it be awesome if Landon didn't forget about her?!

  14. Im here for the Ms.Universe Philippines 2019 Gazini Ganados.,its because her favorite spirit animal is Phoenix. 👍🏻🌈🦅

  15. The Phoenix Tears is an interesting fact to know! As well as I Phoenix Ashes being able to bring the dead back to life!

  16. 🔥 I know the Phoenix, the phoenix is my life, my name, my soul, the Phoenix is with in me, like the fire in me! Im just saying i have the soul of a Phoenix! 🔥

  17. So my name is Homa which means phoenix in Persian …can anyone tell me if it's a good thing or is it even right to have a name with phoenix as a meaning ?

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