this tin little speed boat has been an Indian
icon for decades. it cost about 20 Rs and is available during festival time. you can
see there is an inlet pipe, there is an outlet pipe and this is small boiler. you can put
a roof on top. then you can see the inlet and the outlet more clearly. this is the under
belly of the boat. you need to take a dropper, fill it with water and fill water in one of
the tubes so that the boiler is filled with water. then take a small cup with the wax
and a wick. light the lamp and with the help of an adult put it right under the boiler.
after sometime the water would get warm, hot and steam would diffuse and the boat will
start with a phat phat noise. it will start rotating round and round in circles. now what
is happening is that the water is being sucked in by one pipe and steam is being ejected
from other pipe giving the boat its thrust.

28 thoughts on “PHAT-PHAT BOAT – ENGLISH – 23MB

  1. @fonebender
    the putt putt boat was invented by a french man named Thomas Piot , it was first patented in 1891.
    now I am not saying that Indians ingenuity does not exist, just not with this.

  2. It will have a larger turning circle than that bucket, but it will move in circles if you put it in a large enough area of water

  3. "Юный Техник " 80-х годов . Советский Союз форева. Я тоже такую делал в начале 80-х годов. Только у меня побольше лодка была и я использовал сухое горючее.

  4. Sir please can you tell me where I will get this boat? I stay in Mumbai. Me and my son are searching for it since long.

  5. Hi Dr Mariyam Ajani,

    buy  it from ebay its available

  6. hi Arvind i watched your phat phat boat why does this boat work?if it sucks water in and pushes water out then the two forces should council each other out and it should have no thrust so why does this boat have thrust? very confused about what I've learned here?

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