PERFECT Daytime Natural No Makeup-Makeup Look for Busy Moms| Detailed tutorial for Beginners

PERFECT Daytime Natural No Makeup-Makeup Look for Busy Moms| Detailed tutorial for Beginners

so if you’re one of those who wake up in
the morning and put on a full face of foundation and do the whole glam well
then this video is not for you but if you want to give your skin a breather
and you just want to step out with the perfect no makeup makeup look which is
perfect for daytime then keep on watching so those of you who follow me
in Instagram know that I also do a lot of theatrical makeup but today this
tutorial is not going to be about that because I believe there’s enough drama
involved in picking up kids from school and we don’t want to add to it so it’s
time for you to go pick up your kids from school and well you can go like
this there is no harm in that I mean we’ve all done that we’ve been there
done that I’ve done it for years but what I’ve realized is K are gonna punch
Manila play up nearly any card room and I just put on a little something it just
makes me feel more confident makes me feel better about myself I’m more I’m
friendlier trust me like I feel like I want to talk to people and I feel like
I’m putting my best foot forward so take out this five minute slot for yourself
and trust me this makeup tutorial is just going to be five minutes and once
you get into the hang of it you’ll be doing it in less than two minutes
because that’s how long it takes me Aska tutorial for a lumbar novella
because I’m going to explain each and every step and this I believe is the
perfect perfect daytime look because bara ache dobre Quito karate-do
poteen Ukraina Guzman I believe got a foundation or he sorry cheesy la cadena
soap opera laughter and this is just the kind of makeup that you want to look
natural and just an amoeba linka maybe she’s born with it well that’s what you
want people thinking so keep on watching we’re gonna get right
into this tutorial okay beginning with the skincare now
I’ve already washed my face and I’ve used well today these days I’m using
ponds car pure white facial form I really like it
and I generally switch between a couple of cleansers but pawns get pawns yet out
there they might go to as far as cleansers are concerned
so I’ve already cleanse and then I spray my face with rosewater and I like to
keep mine refrigerated document pod Massacre turned out other and it’s
perfect in this heat so I just pray of it on my face like that if this is so
wonderful and you just let it just dry it’ll take two seconds so now that your
rose water has dried I am going to go in with a Whitten and sea oil
yes not vitamin E but vitamin C vitamin E I feel is a little heavier and I like
to use that at night during the day I like to use vitamin C yay it nakata
capsules Miyata I think you can see Ethan hota capsules Martha hair and I
love it for the daytime because it gets absorbed into your skin like within
seconds and it’s not oily or anything and plus vitamin C Kappa benefits but
the brightening effect a tiger or pigmentation hey melasma hair Kuzco
rectifier I had lots of great things for vitamin C so I love it
if the Tata capsule martha has capsule cut carrying it and then you’re just
gonna apply it on your face I’m gonna pour this out now because this is a very
tiny capsule and it gets absorbed really quickly and it’s very nice and thin I
will use this entire capsule a girl vitamin e key capsule voti engineer at
cuesta Malka to vomit rd say become mister market because it’s so thick but
this is fantastic so I will just found all just so that I get an even coverage and
then rub my hands so I get it everywhere very light hands you start for light
touch yeah especially under your eye you have to be very gentle okay
then on my eyelid forehead please don’t forget your neck I have a mic here so I
have to be a little careful but and your ears now I am gonna go in with my
sunscreen now sunscreen is super important and I know we bout this
panties don’t tend to your sunscreen but it is so important especially if you
don’t want to like if you want to actually cut back on your earring
Sequoyah shorten our wrinkles are any arab or a pigmentation over here though
Oscar Oscar subsea better Tory Curtis could prevent karna kaavo here who has
sunscreen your sunblock and also it prevents skin cancer so you ve and UV a
creates a prevent kartha hair I’m using spectra ban and the only sad thing about
it is that it is a low SPF which is SPF 40 I wish it was higher but why I choose
to use this is because again it gets absorbed really quickly it’s a really
thin consistency it comes in a pump told us a farting effect with the Iskander
but I’ll show you like that and literally all I need is that much can
you see it is like a tiny tiny amount and again dropped it please if you aren’t using a sunscreen
start today very very important and also before your kids go to school put
sunscreen on them so Beach get the know Kelly a your farm kid they know clearly
he not reserved ok sunscreen cool you need to use it every single day my
foundation Rosen and he is the market or Nami I could recommend Columbia Prasanna
acne skin pay foundation look I have open liquid foundation the guy because
up his skin keep pores remove block or at you need to allow your skin to
breathe so I would advise don’t put on foundation every single day but what we
all busy moms need concealer all moms need concealer because dark circles or
any Nimal teeth Tocqueville dentists Jessica wrote about cassava considers
the markers that they market me her price range k concealers module 10 I
love using maybelline age rewind I also used a wet’n wild concealer palette that
comes I love using maybelline age rewind and this is in light fair you should use
the one which suits your skin tone utter a concealer may egg per her body
mistake look at them vehicle got there I have seen people twisting the aesthetic
is a twist with a twisting the concealer every single time they use it
and they continue to twist until unless they see the foundation coming out on
top yeah it enough product is maybe a strata
at the new product via strata and you don’t need that much product on your
face less is more and you can always build it up it’s harder to take it down
though many is pathani actually saw your art then hold on guru cities are the
mini last click Kia hookah sponge me ethanol product rather than that is
enough for you so here I’m just going to very lightly sight screen Posada our aho
because of the light but it’s actually for hard come like barely there yes I
like going over my nose because made in newspaper huh told us her pigmentation
Moorea darkness are you scared of her deliveries and pregnancies capacity you
have these issue for head P always going for an inverted triangle you just want
to highlight your t-zone because that is where light hits you the most also I
feel I have a little bit of darkness on the side of my mouth so I like to go in
there Georgia output tray oh ho Abraha Hulka halqa concealer apply currently if
you feel you need more coverage and a lot of people do feel that they need a
lot of coverage then instead of foundation I would prefer you go in for
a BB cream yeah I’m Nivea College of white value have been a VLK Athiya whoa
a thoracic ream layer Iskander it I need tiny interrupt your foundation catalyst
and that becomes essentially your BB cream or you can just mix that in with
your sunscreen same thing happy concealer many apply kirlia here
I’m just gonna put a little on my eyelids why I’m putting it on my eyelids
because hammering I darkness with you but whoa
yeah redness with here but what uneven Athiya so this is just gonna even that
out again we just wanted to look as natural as possible with giving you just
the right amount of coverage and disco katanas I woke up like this how can hook a heart opener let’s go
blend cardia now you can see blending is very important in makeup whatever you do
if you blend if you don’t blend properly then it’s bad it just stands out and you
don’t want that there that is it conceal an organic a
foreign body are cool cool powder sassette Carnarvon angelo curtain okay
thank you bye crease Kurata we said if you have the foreigner school
powder sassette nick here I am using Jordana a pressed powder trade classic
science and I’m going to use a sponge applicator you can go in with a
foundation brush which is nice fluffy one powder brush but I like using a
sponge which came with it again dabbing off the excess and look up when you’re
doing and you’re setting your concealer under your eye look up because it
stretches your skin underneath and will stick out their creases new part there
so don’t look down when you’re setting your foundation either many substances
are the foundation of true powder well many Josh I’m gonna conceal in a
guyana medve house could add Korea because that is the area I want to set
to take off the excess there you go and then I will just very
lightly take it all over my face just so that I have it even but because powder
hair powdered your hair to Barden life without hair just gives you that nice
finish without it being heavy a powder can take a bath we are going to go in
with the eyes I have to make my eyebrows because my eyebrows were hot lighter and
they light hair color so I have to go in and fill my eyebrows out a little I am
using roma loca browser swear ok excite where you have the pencil and to society
you’ve got the spoolie so I’m just gonna fill in very lightly you don’t want it
to be too dark but light strokes kiss ugh Phil karate and now this isn’t essential
if you naturally a very dark eyebrows just don’t do it but I feel image a
Taurus is Alberto dia I tell her my shirt is portion may the inner part of
your eyebrows you will always keep it slightly lighter than the others I’m
going to go ahead with a spoolie and I’m just gonna brush my eyebrows the excess
p.remove are out there who gives a very nice look Eric chahi to above my
eyebrows Cosette curse at the hair with an eyebrow mascara for every day I think
a pastime arup II I’ll say yeah gonna take apart I’m going to just go in and
define my crease and I am using a blending brush which is a soft fluffy
brush I’m just going to use one brush I am now going to go in with my morphe
Iike palette this is the artistry palette yeah I am going to go in with
these shades which is row trap and now boarding now you don’t obviously need to
use more fee because morphe is not a drugstore brand it comes into the
category of being affordable high-end you can use any contour color or any
shade of brown and every Pakistani girl has a brown eyeshadow palette but other
verbena octopus contour powder hair tribal lashes keho yeah Katrice keho you
can easily just or any any contour shade you can go in with that so what I’m
going to do is my age uncle more fifty Kirk at the county or a conquer for
contour powder kicker get the county so you will get the idea so we’re gonna go
in with row trip and now boarding now I’m just going to show you I just took a
dab of this and a DAB of this tap off the excess which is very
very important and now just go here outer corner very lightly opening up
Nick Reese can derive as a crease pajama catamarca banker can occur to Akiko Alka
curtain takeba mera socket – Philo joy although I do not have droopy eyes
Perlmutter Lata hi camera Teresa definition Killebrew at that can you see
and then just go in circular motion so that it gets blended okay that is it
now I’m going to show you with the contour shape going to take Catrice car
medium skin say sqc tariqa C Lea Eskimo Joe Torre’s Adelina per acre because you
morphe Keijo shades there is a surah siddharth a ticket Meszaros alia obvious
good tap of Carnap they can make it the pigment order i hope you can see a
little bit of spray coming ah yes ah da FK Nietzschean Comerica jus Kemna each
other you tap off here all excess and now i’m going to do the exact same thing
put it into the corner of your outer eye outer I’m a oppenent ala bucco hulka’s
up nice circular motion Malia and then just bring it up onto your crease say
and mister floki has decided to join me in my endeavor so you might see him
popping up on the camera screen and same thing circular motions may lend
incurring a permissive apni crease or just socket area here was codifying turn
ahead we don’t want the makeup to stand out the apply became a coach it also the
eye makeup gear and they buy I’m sure I think I’m naturally beautiful again say
yeah yep nicotine alcohol kappa haha me just
cook at on a brush liner circular movements are blending bahamas acuity
here so there are equally natural whoa to define lines near thing about the
exacting hey can you see is a car or Asaka same local can arch are finally
before we move on to the next step your fingers and your hands are your
best tools apnea khomeini heuristic ribbon of Nahar toki mothers say blend
key hairs up gear are courage of skin can the rocky body can touch of warmth
or thea that really allows you to blend the products beautifully and they
literally melt into one another so again i’m going to use my fingertips I’m going
to Hal Kalkaska menu mr. ekeus a decade only take the perk yoga Wilk will be
definition knee okay Matlock will be line Nina’s raggy
but up they connect in my eyes are now looking picker tourism Masekela green I
talk about jacquard set the hair if you want to glam it up slightly so you can
go in for a nice highlighter shade Iskandar up sunshine use cursor at the
hem or you can take any other highlighter whose company Sarah saw
earlier and you can pop it to the center of your eye right here take care
look handy kurta hey takoyaki barrel again but would natural nail of that
natural killing year car high point authors there are Sava skip occurring it
so Aki Aki purring luckily I’m not doing it today because we’re keeping it a no
makeup makeup look right so we’re going to be moving on to the next step which
is the highlighter but we’re not going to use a powder
highlighter powder highlighters or even like the liquid highlighters they tend
to be very intense we don’t want anything intense for the daytime we
don’t want anything intense for that dupe
chalky humming a paper hard rock a bear candy Here I am going to be using Jordan
akka glow and go strobe steak although it’s a strop stick I find it’s actually
not that intense at all I’ll show you the color okay
it’s a beautiful rain natural color not a silver or a gold or something vosch
caricature otha boy you just need to use when you want to be really glam it up or
nighttime your late evening this is my go to product for everyday a daytime
look Asha is commonly occurring a is there of
Yahoo’s Karenga pika yeah high point here
chica at a year if not intensely and maybe it’s like Napa Posada intense
lagravis Elena’s other intense nila Graham remember I’m shooting in daylight
is fog Joe hair savaris sorry caribou tricky to open with a pan rod minute
miracle nahi ramen to school in achillea and I also have my ring light switched
on so this is like crazy light and never is the ended up with my intensity lag
raha mera pura make a picture about baking it so you will seek a Java BA
hadoop measuring it it’s gonna be perfectly natural
this is like crazy light that I’m giving you okay either a cheese out now instead
of Kathy I like doing a little bit on the bridge of the nose is say aapke not
but lobby lotta hair or do strip a teacup or highlight kaha karna hey Aki a
high points page Johan naturally light up or hit correctly and you want a
little bit of glow key yes you have glowing skin so Cupid’s bow disc okay
thank you pills for its Bella Gardea oil zeros I like it on the chin I don’t like
it too much on the forehead of forehead pineal agario Matthew Hume happening
again open a heart layer and because it’s a cream highlighter it
will blend beautifully and it will look like your second skin a mini for her
pineal Agartha it’s really no guys I could’ve up the fingertip speaker thing
I’ve got for us a product karate shout that Joby rare that I have go up near a
local cop my heart rate that Chaldea you see it’s a nice shine that you’re
getting my ring light off got a puppet our team they can IRA her casa the
picture – can you see can you see Taurus it’s not intense it’s just a natural
glow the kind of glow that you’re born with it right the year hammaker Leah ah
yay Valley could lay care of your up my arc baby ligase pen many Hickory is the
fun then we’re gonna go in with my favorite product blush but before blush
what I’m going to do is I’m going to use my mascara generally I like using
waterproof mascara but they’re very difficult to take off but normal
mascaras mostly Youzhny curly because would bleed curtain Rivage come here i
just the mall car you know long-lasting mascara now what I really like about
this is that it’s very easy to take off and maybe eyelashes vinegar Tahir and it
doesn’t spread off now bleed cut the hair so I’m just going to use a little
bit of mascara yeah blah blah blah what’s our logo so Tanya may apply
eyelashes called honey key I have a curler but who has a time for that
punishment medical lab hi Cooper eyelet with agar up eyeliner and a HeLa garden
to throw robot la grotta hair okay eyeliner lagari authentic auto coverage
author booth ahead Paris Megatron any he hey gerbera Anna here a while its Garvey
vodka here Abby’s got attorney TJ goth let it dry now we’re gonna go in with
our blush I’m using Jordana again and this is coral radiance and if you
can tell the shade right now there that is coral radiance and I’m using my
favorite blush brush which is Bobby Brown car and it’s travel size and I
love it so that is again type of the excess I
blew off the excess I chopped up kushai the buds or silicon board light stroke
then now you begin at my treat and then move upwards see can you see barely there but I am so
pale that I need a blush member at appealing to make a blush on Maggie
legate who blush in the Gila got the autumn MMR locked in
I need a mascara because I have very light eyelashes and I need a blush
thought about me her eyes fill about it was seamless look at that of lagana Kay
but it’s go hominy Mahato Sibley indicate the exactly hard to make good
Marshall you know makeup blends into one another
I have the kind there is no line competitor rocky blush on Carla guy or
highlighter theater legaia everything is melted into one of Buryatia hair mascara
kirsov Carnegie aha normally I would use a q-tip q-tip ordered pair of em I would
neither you burn a q-tip lead here was cuz there is a moisture in curry and rub
it I’m just going to use a tissue and Holika healthy hearts they are nice co
Hayek idea that is it it’s gone Agora flagellum is cocky autonomy pure or
spread to a doctor now my favorite lipstick very very important I have a
blog post which I’ve done on the power of lipstick it’s a very interesting
story and it’s about my mother so you can go read it it’s in the description
box below and I think you will like it I’m not going to talk about that here i
am using Miss Rose car number 33 in orchid this is the matte range I love
this shoot Kimora I love it I love it
there it is that was your makeup perfect hell got a glue Agia you haven’t put
that much on your face there are there it looks good jeribai of late or aha ramen couscous a
butan am sure our copy which report on all got the job but you caught her at
least you look good

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  1. A suggestion: mostly women are workaholic nowadays, so its hard for them to spare a 30 min video, so try make it less in length.
    But you have done a fabulous job

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