Perfect Cutting & Stitching of Round Collar Neck

Perfect Cutting & Stitching of Round Collar Neck

Hi friends, Today i will tell you about Round collar for small size For that i have taken double fold Now i will tell you about its marking See, from here I have marked on 2.5 inch After that we have taken quarter inch extra And now Length of collar Six Inches Like this From here same 2.5 Inch Now we will box of this like this This is 6inch From here we will take width 2.5 inch And this is quarter inch extra Now box is ready Now from here I will mark on 2.75 inch Like this we have to mark Now from here we have to give round shape With the help of this curve Like this we have to join these dots Now like this we have given round shape After that Now we have to keep width for collar That we will keep outside From here i will keep an inch width for collar, in this we have to keep 1 inch marking like this Like this we have to join these dots Now our collar is ready Now from here It will be a full collar If you give some shape from front then keep 0.5 inch left Like this we have to mark it Leave 0.5 inch for shape Like this,if you want to keep full then marking will be done from here Now we will do cutting of this Before cutting you have to stitch in middle or you have attach with pins So that it won’t displaced If it displaced while cutting then shape will be ruined Now we will open this rough stitching Like this our small size collar is ready and now We will attach this on our cloth Like this, i have attached collar on fabric and now we will cut And now from down side we have to keep quarter inch fabric Like this we will cut because we have to fold it inside like this we will cut We have cut and collar is ready Now here if you want then do rough stitching or attach with fevicol Now paste this extra fabric like this So it will be easy to paste collar See, like this we have paste it Now from backside we will keep another fabric and from here we will do stitching of collar See here we have kept extra fabric Because we have paste it and it will be stitched and this round we have to keep very precisely For very nice finishing So that round collar will look good Now stitching is completed Now before we turn collar outside Give tiny cuts here be careful so that stitching will not cut like this we have to give tiny cuts After that we will turn it outside like this Now see, how cutting will be done in kurti Here its shoulder mark on kurti from here we will cut neck as this is for small size we will mark on 2.75 inch Now we will mark on 4.25 inch in length where round shape will be there like this We have to make a box here Keep neck length as per your measurement In my measurement there is 6.5 inch Now our box is ready and now from here we will give round shape very precisely Our round shape is ready now I left half inch in collar and same will be here And we give V shape here like this Now i shall start cutting of this Our round collar is stitched from here Now we will stitch from here Now we will stitch like this so that extra fabric should not come out We have paste this already so now it will easy to stitch and look beautiful So, our beautiful round collar is ready now

100 thoughts on “Perfect Cutting & Stitching of Round Collar Neck

  1. Thanks ..aap bohat acha sikhatai ho …plz yeh batayen k medium ya large size ki accordingly kesay collar ka naap rakhtay hain

  2. Ap jo scales use kr rahi hian measurement k liye apny yh kis shop sy leye hian kya bol k buy kiye hian?? Plz answer kr dian

  3. Aapne bahut achhe se sikhaya…muje 36 size ki kurti banani he pls batao kurti me or collar me kitna width and kitna lenght lu

  4. Is dress par jo collar banaya hai kya wo har neck ki cutting par laga sakty han ya jo special cutting apne batai hai sirf ussi cutting pr sahi rahega ?

  5. mamhow many inches did u take for shoulder and arm length for each Kurti please mention thanks very well explained (Excellent keep it up.)

  6. Aap ne isme paper kaise fold kiya hai vo batayi ye q hamara collar bich me se cut raha hai reply my question

  7. Hello madam nice work but i try this collar i think we must do the neck before doing
    The collar to know the length i had a problem about the length was short for the neck

  8. Hi, can you show how the measurement of neck is taken for round collar and how you have calculated a particular length and width for different neck size .

  9. Nice nd kafi easy way h apka sikhane ka. mam kitne se kitne chest small medium or large ya xl size m aati h.

  10. Nice but that fabric is not good
    Try to show stitching in plain cloths then we can easily Understand stitching..

  11. mam aap coller cutting jab b sikhate ho tab aap kurte k cuttin aur margin ko dono ko camper kar k bataye plss ,,aap khud hi mazer tap se naap likhte ho ,,par vo nai batate k kyu ye napp neck ka le rahe he ,,aur stenpatti aur kurte k neck k cutting me kyaa naap hota he plsss ye baat aat thoda diteil me bataye

  12. Mam apny coller sidi side se attach trah to coller ki right side ulti trf chli to phr wrong hogya na?????

  13. Hello mam. I am a south Indian and beginner for tailoring. I saw this video now itself and I found nice to learn collar . There is many doubts for me . You kept 6 as full length and make a box on 2.75 . Why u kept 2.75 please explain about all the measurements u kept . Please reply mam

  14. Mam starting me to itna dheere dheere btaaya.. Aur jahan actual me round collar lgaana btaana tha..vahan btaaya ni ache se

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