Penjing bonsai garden

Penjing bonsai garden

okay this is the sapling I was talking
about it’s just a tree that’s been behind where I work and we need to get
rid of it anyway so I figured that this will be my first specimen and we’ll dig
it out get all the dirt off the roots got this the transplant it and then now
we’ll prune it up and see what it looks like okay now that we’ve drilled some
drainage holes in my pot I don’t know if they’re perfectly centered but that’s
alright when I bought the pot that was already four holes but I didn’t think it
would be enough drainage and we’re actually going to use these for our
stabilizing water so first thing we’ll do is we’ll use the stabilizing water
and I’ll pull just a little bit through here I’ll give it a go and see um kind
of see what this gives for you if this is limestone
I believe wine stone is a kind of alkaline base so and the shortleaf pine
seems to like it so we’re gonna add that to our soil mix so what we’ll do is make all clean up
some of this word system there’s actually not a lot of feeder routes kind
of expected to be more but I’m gonna go ahead and try to get this make tapper
out of here and then now we’ll get the root system tied down and then we’ll
attempt to prune the bonsai actually the feeders are the ones little guys the
feeders the ones they get the lot of the nutrition they kind of go out and look
for it and those are the ones that we really want to grow into our bonsai and as I understand it so you okay
most of my trees are born sigh but the Chinese art which preceded the Japanese
art of bonsai is called penjing and it’s much older and a pen jinxing seek
to make a social or an autistic statement and I can give you a few
examples this tree here with these three figures in the realm of Penjing making a
social statement and I’m the artist who put this together so the statement I
attribute to this is that the age of the oldest man is but a moment in the life
of a great tree see that’s a social statement and that’s what this artistic
piece is representing there’s another one here which is a bit overgrown but
you can see there’s a house there and there’s a path and there’s a man walking
along the path a little fatter than the others you know see like a merchant yes farming is another social statement that
I attribute to that is that in the evening the road home is the longer road
a little bit a little tiny one and this simply says on the great stage of nature
man plays but an insignificant role there’s quite a lot of detail on these
figures when you come close yeah here’s another one here on this white marble
slab with the boats in the harbor and the meaning of that that I attribute to
it though that I expressed through it is at the end of the day everyone needs a
safe harbor so there are the boats coming into the safe harbor yeah there’s
a little Leith here that shouldn’t be here
gets in their way very beautiful that’s one of my favourite ones that’s the
concept of penjing that it makes some sort of an artistic statement whereas if
you go to bonsai and here’s happens to be a trident maple who happens to be
growing on iraq just so that we can see the unusual development of the roots
over the rock it sort of shows them off because they’re not underground yeah all that texture that’s what Japanese
are always really good at it’s like the finishing it’s about 75 years old when I
got it is a story behind this is a story behind lots of my trees I’m a friend of
Gayle – Gayle Ortiz who owns Gayle’s Bakery in Capitola
and she was the mayor of Capitola at one time well Gail and I know each other for
many years one day she said to me Robert I had this boxwood in a rental of mine
and it’s right in the middle of the lawn and every time the gardener comes he’s
annoyed because he has to mow around it I would like it removed maybe you’d be
interested in it well I went and I looked and when I saw the bottom display
of roots of this tree which was then about 60-something years old I said boy
that’s magnificent for a blonde sight these are called net body which is the
Japanese word for roots and display of the roots demonstrate the trees hugging
and grasping into the earth and that’s very desirable in both side those nebari
grasping into the earth well the tree of course was about six feet tall and I cut
it down and then regrew it and shaped it into the form of a very mature this is
sort of in the form of an oak tree but it’s a Japanese boxwood and that’s I
think one of my better trees this is another boxwood then I got somewhere
else and this is called a windswept design and this has represent some trees
it’s a Japanese design windswept represents trees that perhaps grow along
the rocky coast of Japan or California and the constant wind growing in one
direction cause the trees to be bent and growing in a single direction like the
Pacific group I first started yeah that sort of thing
and it lasts? and it goes on well just as this flowers it’s a pomegranate and
when it goes into a pot then it’ll be a bonsai because bonsai means
tree in a pot huh this is a plastic pot so plastic doesn’t count does it have
such a simple meaning in Chinese to Penjing
yes means plant in a tray

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