PEN PENCIL HOLDER | Easy to make from waste | Organiser School Stationery

PEN PENCIL HOLDER | Easy to make from waste | Organiser School Stationery

What have you done this to the table? Mom we don’t have a pen stand. You had a pen stand It broke. Yes, we had one but it broke. Okay So should I make a new pen stand for you? Yes You want to learn? Yes So come on I’ll make a new pen stand for you Friends come, let us learn to make a new pen stand. Yes come on If you haven’t subsribed as of yet Please subscribe For making pen and pencil holder we need colourful sheets, marker, pencil Scissors Googly eyes any old glass will do And a hot glue gun. First we will take any coloured sheet We will cut it in the size of the glass we will cut it to cover the whole glass And will stick it with the help of hot glue gun If you don’t have a hot glue gun you can use some fevicol too. But it will take some time to dry. Now to cover it from the bottom we will add some cuts in the paper and we will stick those cuts to the bottom with the help of a hot a glue gun. It is now covered properly Now to decorate we will take some different coloured sheets we will take 2 coloured sheets now, we are making a lion. So we will cut it according to the face shape of a lion. And now we are making hairs of the lion. And for that we will cut a flower shaped paper So that it looks like hairs on the face of Lion See how beautiful he is looking So first of all we will stick the lion shaped pieces together. Now to make the leaves we will take green paper and we will cut out the shape of leaves any shape of leaves will do. Cut the leaves shapes as you like. We need 2 leaves shape and we need some small ears for the lion, so cut that too. Now we will first stick the body of lion together First we will stick the hairs to the face then the ears. and the legs and then stick the googly eyes. Now the lion is ready. We will make it’s little mouth like this. See the lion is ready. And now we will stick the lion on the glass with the help of a hot glue gun. Isn’t it beautiful. Now we will stick the leaves, one in front and one in the back. Stick the leaves as you like. See dosen’t it looks like the lion is in the jungle? This is such a beautiful pen and pencil holder. What more crafts do you want to learn? Tell us in the comment section below. So look I have made these different different shapes of animals. Giraffe, Elephant, Lion Similarly you can also make this is so easy and your table will look so beautiful with this. And your pen, pencil, colors sketch colors will all be so organized with this. Woww.. these look so cute Yes I’ll keep my pens in this and my sketch pens in this one. I’ll keep scissors and markers in this and my pencils in this I’m done. I’m done too. These look so nice . Yes Table looks so neat and clean Yes An yes friends, if you still haven’t liked the video please like the video. and yes what’s the name of our channel Craft with Aayu Pihu Bye bye.

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