Peely skin in fortnite season 8  – Polymer clay tutorial

Peely skin in fortnite season 8 – Polymer clay tutorial

Epic Games has launched Season 8 of Fortnite: Battle Royale. The 8.0 patch is now live on all platforms, coinciding with the release of a new Battle Pass you can now buy –unless you earned it for free recently through Overtime challenges. There are tons of new Season 8 Battle Pass rewards to now work toward unlocking, the most exciting of which are, as always, new skins to customize your character with. Fortnite typically has some of the coolest skins around and Season 8 maintains that high standard. The banana from the teaser images is one of them, and it’s somehow much creepier and better than expected. Of course, this hasn’t stopped Fortnite fans from obsessing over Peely, if only because of how drastically he stands out compared to the rest of the new skins. In a post on the official Fortnite: Battle Royale subreddit, one player complained about how “terrible” all the other characters are before pausing to acknowledge that “the only skin I actually like and look forward to unlocking is Peely (the banana).” Sure, but have you considered the possibility that Peely is a demonic banana from hell? Those other new characters might be boring, but at least they’re not evil. Unlocking Peely in Fortnite is no easy task. You’ll have to pay for the Season 8 Battle Pass and then complete weekly in-game challenges to work your way through a 100-tier system The walking, talking banana unlocks at tier 47, meaning it could take a month or longer to get there — unless you’re willing to pay extra and skip ahead right now. Peely also introduces a new feature called “Reactive” into the game, which refers to skins and other cosmetic items that change over the course of a single match. In this case, the banana will ripen and darken as each match progresses. For the moment, though, most fans don’t seem to care about Peely’s ability to ripen over time. They just want to play as a giant, soulless banana.

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