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  1. You are so amazing, you made me laugh like Joel Olsteen, it's called lying, we need to find the DIALOGuE THAT LEADS TO TRUTH! We are ALL FAMILY. I really loved that, especially when you come from a broken family.

  2. Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeach!
    Never heard him or even heard of him before, but what a brilliant man!
    Thank you OWN for sharing this with all of us xxx

  3. We must keep building a bridge to meet people where they are and connect to the love of God.
    Thank you @John Gray !!

  4. GOD Jehovah is not in a box and people need to stop trying to put Him in one, BOLD POWERFUL & ENLIGHTENMENT, FAITH HOPE AND LOVE, we all need that courage to be who God called us to be. THANKS PASTOR J. GREY

  5. What a beautiful soul, beautiful being, and beautiful man. His message is so uplifting so empowering and it makes your soul feel amazing. He truly brighten up my day today. Thank you Pastor Gray.

  6. I love Pastor John Gray. I just love him so much. I can not get enough of his sermons…. Im still watching all of them…. amazing

  7. Pastor John Gray is an amazing man of God and my newly found spiritual father. God bless you so much all the way from Jamaica. I laughed so hard i cried. I am uplifted, encouraged and inspired to live a better life. #SuperSoul Thanks to Oprah for trusting the Spirit of God in you to select the right people for the programs you produce and share on OWN. God bless you as well. Blessings to everyone who supports self-less leaders across the world. #ShaynPrince #ShaneWrightMusic #RoyalSound

  8. Thank you for saying "where have you been for 200 years" and for telling folks to come down from our high place in such an honest and loving way! Amen!!! I know that's right! ❀️❀️❀️❀️


  10. wow… Do you want to cry from laughter and your spirit up high in the sky filled with love to all people! LISTEN to PASTOR JOHN GARY SUPER SOUL SESSION. Amazing talent … amazing soul… amazing message … Thank you for the positive energy … I am motivated to meet you on the bridge.

  11. Amen! Thank you for sharing your beautiful soul. This brought hope and joy into my life and this nation. πŸ™πŸ™Œβ™₯️😍

  12. I love you Pastor John Gray. May your life be filled with all the wonders and riches of God that you seem to be overflowing with already. You have filled my heart. You have made me love more deeply. I am one with you and all of the Universe and God's creatures in it. Thank you.

  13. WTf is this! Sorry but trying to be inovative when it comes to religion is super cringy and not possible! You cannot change religion to suit peoples selfish egos!!!!!!!! All religions are what you see is what you get and there is no bending of rules and whatnot! He is tying to make religion more funny and apporachable to non believing people but thats not how it works! The devine cannot be molded into an art form of entertainment for the non believers! As a muslim man myself I know that everything is open for interpretation but this whole show right here is pure entertainment and has niothing to do with actual core religion! No one will get converted but this antics!!!! Singing and jiggeling all around stage like its some sort of damn comedy play! Religon is not about pleasing the selfish ID (as we call it in psychology) Its not about pelasing the damn ego or other worldy selfish desires! True faith is about complete surrender to the creator and knowing that everything has beens et into motion by him and that everything is preordaned and destined and that we do not control life! Faith is about letting god take over the wheel and letting him steer you in the right direction! Faith is about relying on gods absolute power and trusting in that he has the best intentions and plans for us and he knows whats best! Faith is knowing that you are all alone on this earth no matter how many family ties or other relationships you may have! ITs about knowing you are born anlone and you die alone and that god is the only one that is with you during birth and death and all inbetween! Faith is knowing that you do not need earthly love or romance! Its about knowing that earthly love is not real and a man made construct! Only pure undiluted 'love' or pure conenction to god is real! When we die, earthly love doesnt really matter anymore! Devine love is ever lasting beyond life and death! Thats why loving and caring for animals is more pure than loving himans as they are the closest creatures to god in terms of pure innocence. A love for an animal is stronger than human earthly love as loving an animal will carry beyond death into the afterlife!

  14. The brightest light of the heavens just came through my window onto the computer.Thank you! I sure hope that bridge is not going to fall!

  15. Just subscribed to this man. What a gifted communicator. A true Joy to listen to. Was so powerfully impacted by his message.

  16. He is FAAAAAR OUT….to lunch.
    Unreal how so many are so easily deceived.
    These are the daze!

  17. What a BEAUTIFUL Soul !!!! I'm of a different faith and I love this brother. Most High bless your big heart.πŸ™πŸ’–πŸ‘

  18. P-jh praying for Haiti, cause a lot big country in the world doesn't want it progressing?as u can see match it vs mexique!do u?

  19. Heaven is real xx Life after death most certainly exists and our beautiful God desires to speak with us all this day xx Please join us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0Oek4jUkOQ

  20. 10 minutes in and the "pastor" has not mentioned Jesus and Salvation or the fact we are in the end times. Why do your ears itch so much!? Turn your eyes and close your ears to false prophets and open the word of God! REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND! JESUS IS COMING SOON!

  21. Just beautiful, I laughed I cried and he just lifted my spirit. Thank youπŸ™ for your love, your message and being.

  22. My daughter sent me to watch this man. He is awesome, what a heart he has. We are all different but equal and no one should ever feel less because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, job, money, anything. We are all created equal and I do believe we are all family.

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