Part 2 Mermaid Paper Art Doll – The On Land Outfit & Sand Castle Folder

Part 2 Mermaid Paper Art Doll – The On Land Outfit & Sand Castle Folder

hello everyone its Shel C from paper
ocotillo studio and today I’m sharing with you part 2 of the mermaid
paper doll that I made for a swap group on Facebook you know mermaids
legendary rent legendarily it’s not a word anyway we all know that if they get
out of the water their fish tails go away and may become legs they split
apart and then they have legs inside there and so I didn’t think that I could
make a mermaid doll that didn’t already have the option of having legs also the
doll that I started with that I had already created had lakes so it wasn’t
like I had to make the lakes I had to had to make the tail so I I took the
tail off put the legs on and then I just laid the doll down so that I could trace
a piece of deli paper which is translucent I could trace around the
body so that I could make a pattern to create some sort of an outfit and this
is Marty the mermaid front and she likes to go to Mardi Gras and party so I
thought she needed a party dress and she’s already used to wearing a
two-piece so I decided to make a halter top and a skirt that matched so she
could go dance the night away without getting too hot and sweaty I didn’t
think she would want a ball gown or you know jeans or something because I
thought she’d want to go out and have a good time so now I’m just drawing some
sort of a pattern an idea on to the deli paper using the lines that I created to
make sure that it’s it’s the right size you know I don’t want to make her a size
20 outfit if she’s only a size 8 so I’m starting to work on the waistband of the
skirt and this is the 140 pound cold press watercolor paper that I’ve been
using for all my everything’s on this doll and I made kind of a waistband of
the skirt and I’m thinking how am I going to attach this
to the doll and you know that I like to have the backside look almost as good as
the front side if not as good as you know sometimes maybe it’s a little bit
less interesting on the back on then on the front but you know what I’m saying I
want it to be outfitted all the way around so I decide that it that I’m
going to make it so that it opens up and and is attached on one side and then can
open in shots and I wasn’t sure at that point how I would close it on the other
side I thought maybe I would use velcro dots or something if you’ve watched the
queen bee doll that I made I used velcro dots to attach everything to that doll
and so that’s what I was thinking at the time Hey since then changed my mind but
I have these two napkins that were sent to me in happy mail from one of my
viewers and they’re bright and they’ve got bright patterns and bright colors
and they just look like a party so I decided to use them to make my little
dress here I’m just using a little bit of white paint to cover up the lines I
realized that the napkin was translucent and it would show the lines of the
drawing lines and also the way this opens it makes it kind of open at an
angle and I knew that I wanted my napkin piece to be vertical up and down on the
waistband so I had to cut it into two pieces and apply it you know so that it
wouldn’t do that so that it wouldn’t it wouldn’t be angled but you can see it on
the screen a lot better than I can explain it I just knew I needed to do
that I needed to do it that way so that it would stay vertical on both sides
yeah that’s my story and I’m sticking to it so I used liquitex matte medium to
put that on and then on the back I went ahead and wrapped the excess around the
back and stuck it down with my Elmer’s permanent craft glue stick
I didn’t want there to be a white edge I didn’t want there to be paper on the
edges that might try to come up so I thought it was best to wrap everything
around to the backside and so I did that with the glue stick but then I went over
it with some of the matte medium just to seal everything in and make sure that it
was all stuck down very well and wasn’t going to come up in any way ever and
then I was happy with that and I decided maybe I would add some trims so this is
some rickrack white rickrack that I had in my drawer of ribbons and trims and I
added that along the bottom edge with some tacky glue just for a little bit of
texture and style to make it more interesting and cute so that’s the
waistband oh I also got out some archival ink and I spun it around that
just I I don’t really know I can’t explain to you why I did this what I
needed to do that for because it was just something I wanted to do and
there’s not really a why I just think it makes it looks better look better it
gives it kind of a shadow where the shadow would be like you know I don’t
know I also used this red to stamp a few little flowers little teeny tiny flowers
onto the waistband as well so then I needed to make the skirt part of the
skirt and I decided to use this other napkin which coordinates very well with
the other one they’re not they didn’t come together or anything they just look
great together and so I cut a long piece of it and then I wanted it to have some
weight at the bottom so that it would they would stay laying down and not try
to flip up or fold up so I used this trimmed grosgrain ribbon along the
bottom just to give it some weight and and had this this doll been something
that someone’s going to play with or was going to dress and undress a lot I would
have fused this or collage this napkin paper she’s something else that
is most more sturdy because you know napkins aren’t sturdy and it could rip
pretty easily so I don’t expect it to be played with I’m imagining that it’s just
it’s art it’s just an art piece to either leaving its folder or put up on
the wall or something I don’t know but I I was concerned about getting it done
and getting it in the mail and not so concerned about making this lifetime
lasting skirt so what I’m doing is I cut this the napkin piece a lot longer than
the actual skirt is the waistband is and then I’m pleading it I’m gluing it down
folding it over learning a little bit more folding it back and creating a
pleat so that by the time I get to the end of the waistband it all fits on
there and it’s becomes a full and fluffy skirt I think it’s cute I think it’s
really cute I would wear that it almost looks latino when Mexican
dancing girl type look then on the edge I fold it over the
napkin and glued the two sides together so that it all comes together but then
at the very top part where the waistband is it’s still open
so it will be able to be slid over the the legs and then put on to the waist
and I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to fasten it with at that point I
did figure it out eventually that I just tied a ribbon and made like a little
ribbon sash on the side to tie it together to keep it on so then now I’m
gonna work on the halter top and I evened it up to make sure that it was it
was a little bit crooked and then I’m again cutting the base piece out of
140-pound cold press watercolor paper strap here and I need to have something
that goes around the back as well so I’m scoring a fold into it and then I’m
going to cut out both sides at the same time and I will have a folded area on
the side where it can open and shut and then I
end up just cutting that into you a a long strip so it’s it’s like a halter
where it wraps around and then some of them some of them you pull over your
head or some of them sometimes you have this tie in the back and then I figured
I needed something on the other side that could wrap around the other way and
then I could close it with a Velcro dot so I’m putting on this little smaller
strap on the other side and then when the smaller one folds over the larger
one and then I’ll have velcro dot to shut it and keep it on so there I am
just trying to skirt on the doll I figure it’s a little a little bit dry
now so I want to make sure that it works it works so then this other napkin
I saw a pattern on it not sure what I’m gonna put on the top and then I decided
entually to use a flower this red flower right in the middle of the halter top so
I just cut around loosely that piece of a napkin with some water and a water
brush so that I can collage that on to the top centering the flower right on
the top so this this seems now a little bit of bohemian something you would see
a gypsy wear or something maybe I don’t know
especially when I put the sequins on there maybe this is a bohemian outfit I
don’t know I don’t know it’s just cute it’s cute so same thing I fold the
napkin to the back and stick it down using my permanent glue stick and that
covers up all the edges and makes sure that nothing’s pealing up around the
edges at any time like as possible if I had just trimmed
it all the way around it’s possible that it could peel up or something
so same processes I used on the waist end of the skirt it’s taking me a minute isn’t it I’m
also getting my fingers very sticky as I do that and I think I put some yeah I
put some matte medium over it to make sure everything’s sealed down because
this is just a thin napkin piece and I go around the edges again with the
sponge in the red archival ink just cuz I feel like it then this is going to be
where it ties around her neck at the top of the halter so I cut a couple pieces
of this yellow very narrow grosgrain ribbon that’s going to be the tie around
the top and then I take a half velcro dot and peel one side stick it down then
peel the other side and then fold the top shut and stick that down so now I’ve
got a loop side on one side and a fuzz side on the other side so that that back
can do what I said it can fold over itself in velcro shut and then the
strings will be tied around your neck and then Here I am putting the little
little bow sash to tie the skirt on so this time that doll doesn’t have any
velcro dots on her to put anything on she’s she’s a freewheeling and all the
thing is just attached in a different way so pretty happy with it and I think
it’s really cute I hope that my partner enjoys it so these two videos the the
footage was almost six hours a little over five and a half or maybe it was
like around five thirty eight or something and so making it fit into two
videos is tricky that’s how come in a lot of speeding and and stuff like that
if you do need to slow it down you can just hover over the bottom part of the
video screen and the little thing will come up that looks like a flower and if
you click on that there’s a place where you can slow down and speed
up video I would just recommend that you shut the sound off because from what I
hear if you play it on slower I sound really drunk this is what I’ve been told
and that’s actually kind of funny I tried it the other day but at the end
there’s going to be video of me making the folder that you store everything in
and I thought I mailed it in and that is sped up quite a bit so you might have to
slow that part down if you really care about watching how I did it so now I’m
using again my dimensional magic glue stuff glue I don’t know whatever it is
it’s like glossy accents you can make you can seal things with it or it really
makes a great sequin and beat glue so I’m decorating in this flower which is
starting to kind of look like a mandala on the front of the the top and then I
put a few sequins on the waistband and at the bottom of the skirt as well
because it just doesn’t seem like if the top has all that bling that the bottom
shouldn’t have any it was not right so this is fun using my pick up tool to
pick up the sequins and pop them into the glue that I’ve put on there with the
tiny nozzle on that the Mod Podge dimensional magic I look at it and I decide that there
needs to be some at the bottom of the skirt as well I decided to put a little
bead right in the center there on top of the sequin so it’s kind of like a
layered sequin can it keep wanting to move it’s like
would you just stay there driving me crazy so if you’ve been making art dolls
or if you think you might want to make an art doll leave me a comment and tell
me about it because I’m having so much fun with this and this group is
continuing as far as I know next month I don’t know what the theme is but I’m
gonna continue doing this I just think it’s super fun and everyone’s are very
different they’re all so different and in my next vlog sometime next month
whenever it is I’ll probably show the ones that I’ve received so that you can
see what other people have done with the theme so her dress is done now I’m
making the sand castle that she lives in under the sea which is really just the
container and folder to keep everything together and nice as I mail this and as
my partner stores it I assume she’ll store it somewhere so I’m using this is
confetti tan cardstock so it’s like a 90 weight or maybe even less than that but
it’s definitely a card stock and I’ve drawn towers and then I’m punching using
a slot punch and crenellations on the top of the towers I also cut out a scrap
piece of paper to make kind of a a door and a door that has a top around the top
I don’t know what you would call that just rounded top door I guess for the
front of the castle and these are my what are they come on think of it
Stabilo Stabilo crayons they’re called Woody’s they are a water-soluble crayon
and so I drew around all the lines and the edges and then I’m blending them in
to kind of make a shadow effect and then I’m also coloring the front door this is
a girl’s castle so I’m making pink and purple front door but I end up doing
some other stuff to it but then I have this potting soil archival ink and I
have a sand stamp and I’m stamping that all over both sides the front and back
of everything I’m here on the back side I’m just sponging around the edges with
the same potting soil archival ink trying to make it look like sand and
then I also stamp some shells on it as if it’s been decorated with some shells
stuck into the sand just like a little stamp that has three shells a Starfy
starfish and like a clam shell type one and something else I don’t know they’re
just stamps that I had on my shelf don’t have a lot of this type of stamp then
this one has a big sand dollar on it but the stamp doesn’t go all the way right
around the edges and so I have to draw in the edges with a fabric estelle
artist pit pin but I ended up making three of those and putting those as a
decoration on the front of the castle just for fun this project is in
particular intricate I just wanted something that would protect the doll
and it could be mailed and stored in that it wasn’t like fussing too much so
I’ve glued a piece in there to make it into a folder and then now I’m stamping
the sand to stamp and the probably the shell stamped you yep
this is fed up to 8 times fast so this is where you might want to slow it down
if you really are concerned about how to do any of
this I just I wanted to fit it into 20 minute video so then I didn’t like the
way the purple and pink really looked and so I decided to blend that a little
bit with some white gesso and then I’m using a stencil and the rest of the
white gesso to kind of make a pattern on the door
and then I think well this is pretty cool so I decided to put it around other
places you know just add a high highlighted something on there then I’m
making a sign that’s gonna say sand castle and that goes on the front door
and I also draw in some a door handle and some hinges to show how it would
open but it can’t actually open it’s just flat it’s just for decoration there
would be no reason to open it so I shouldn’t worry about that there’s
hinges and a door handle so the front of its done and I put some splashes on
there and dry everything up then on the inside I need a pocket to place I’m
gonna make Marty be back into a mermaid because this month it’s mermaids so she
wants to arrive as a mermaid but then I want a pocket to put her land gear in so
her legs and her dress need to go in a pocket so I just kinda nother piece
stamped it with some seashells sponged it around the edge made a little
decorative edge at the top and then glued it down on three sides to make a
pocket then I can put things in and then I got out some yeah pinkish purplish
pinkish cardstock and the cactus flower archival ink and some stamps and I’m
stamping Marty the mermaid on a piece and then on the other side it’s gonna
say on land or for land or something like
that to put on the other side and that is what will hold and label the places
to put the stuff but I gonna put in there on land for land on
land okay so you will see pictures of this at the end with some doll inside of
it and that’s pretty much it leave a thumbs up leave me a comment subscribe
all those things here comes your close-ups

30 thoughts on “Part 2 Mermaid Paper Art Doll – The On Land Outfit & Sand Castle Folder

  1. watched this with my daughter. she says "it's cool. I would wanna do it" ya, we may do this for a summer project

  2. Shel,
    She's flipping Fanfreakingtastic, but then again I love all your Art dolls❣
    Ohhh and some of the poses you had put her in had me giggling my @$$ off❣❣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Hello Shel, Mardi turned out beautiful. Thanks for sharing.Love her sandcastle. I look forward to seeing the dolls you receive from other people in your group.

  4. I love your mermaid art doll. I want to play with her and make her all sorts of outfits. You have such a great imagination.

  5. She is great, what a beautiful mermaid or landmaid ready to party. Really enjoyed these two videos great work as usual. : )

  6. I love everything about Mardi. Your swap partner will love her !
    I've started to make one art doll, she's still naked , well not really as she has no skin yet 😮

  7. I loved your doll! I'll definitely try this one, not any time soon though, I have so many projects ahead of me….

  8. Delightful! Very boho! Love the sand castle folder to keep the doll and her accessories protected.

    You may enjoy reading, "A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids," written by Margot Datz. Lots of inspiring mermaid paintings.

    You may want to do a coloring page mermaid paper doll with accessories. Your dolls are very clever and whimsical!

    Have a good week!

    Best wishes,


    P.S. Could you turn up the volume of your voice? Sometimes it is a little too soft to hear properly. Thanks.

  9. Loved both of the Mermaids: land and sea. I love creating paper dolls, too. I don’t usually make the folders, but will add that for fun! Thanks for the inspiration. I will check out the group.

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