100 thoughts on “Paradise Palms & Snow Powder (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

  1. No te entendi ni mergas no se ingles pero estuvo chido el vido autolike para no desaparecer xd like si tampoco sabes ingles

  2. If u had to live somewhere on the fortnite map where would it be
    Comment 1= mega mall
    Comment 2=shifty shafts
    Comment 3=salty springs
    Comment 4=pleasant park
    Comment 5=paradise palms
    Comment 6=happy hamlet
    Comment 7=lazy lagoon
    Personally I would live in mega

  3. Paradise palms is actually palm desert, california because its in the desert, almost every house has a pool, a highway cuts through it, and theres a big grand hotel in it

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