Paradise Palms & Snow Powder (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Paradise Palms & Snow Powder (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create Paradise Palms and I also have this snow powder. Let’s see what Paradise Palms looks like when it’s all snow-covered. Instead of talking I will sing all the Christmas songs I know in today’s video. Just kidding! You decided in one of the last polls, well, it was the last poll that I should create Paradise Palms and this was all before Season 7, so we had no idea what the map looked like. Well actually season 7 came out just yesterday and I haven’t played Fortnite since then. So for me all the changes are still new. I know that Paradise Palms still looks pretty much the same, but as the left part of the map is now all snow-covered I thought this is a little bit unfair that Paradise Palms is not snow covered, so what would it look like? Let’s see in today’s video. Let’s find out! But before filling up the whole scenery with snow we have to create Paradise Palms. This is the first piece to go into the oven. Freshly baked boring piece of street. We will use this boring piece of street, but before let’s take this wooden plank and add some more colors. This will all match perfectly the nice shades of the mountain, because there are so many layers in these rocks and I tried to get these layers exactly like the ones in the game. Therefore we need yellow, orange, ochre, brown and which color did I miss? I have no clue. Let’s mix them together. I make different piles. So this will be the brighter layer inside the rocks. This one will be a bit darker. Let’s see. What do we have? Maybe some more yellow. And this the last one will be pretty dark and then we have four different colors for all these layered level rocks. Does it make sense to you? Well, it’s just typical this stone that you can see all pre-historical layers in which the stone grew over not the centuries but over the last millions of years Sometimes it is annoying when I talk. Let’s take some yellow and this will be the sand. The sandy color which is really bright and strong yellow. Be careful, so don’t mix in too much ochre. The color should really shine. Yeah, this is the right word for this environment for this scenery. Do you know this feeling in summer when you are not really able to open your eyes because everything is so bright. And this is the exact feeling I want to create with this creation, because Paradise Palms, is that bright the sun reflecting from the hot sand on the ground, but fortunately, there’s some grass and we are placing this one right now. And removing the paper. I just printed out the paradise Palms blueprint from the original map. Still my printer is broken, but as I was fortunate enough to print it out at friend’s home and now we can stick in this boring piece of street and suddenly it becomes interesting. Because now it is connecting the parts and you can already see the gap where the green is left out. This will be the one where the highway will go through. Through this tiny location. I now try to figure out where the exact positions are for all the mountains. It’s a bit difficult because… Well, I didn’t print out the whole part of Paradise Palms. I think we will get that because now I’m able to use the drone fly free drone mode. Free drone mode in replay. I was really happy that I got some help from you guys. I was stumbling through the game and while trying to do some screen recordings for these tutorials I don’t really fight. I just want to get the best perspectives for the screen recording. And four guys even mocked me because they were able to build me in while I was playing. Yeah, this was embarrassing, but two guys were really nice and they showed me how I can go into the fly mode and replay. Thanks a lot Soul Lurker and VortexGaming. I really appreciate your help. Now I don’t have to stumble around anymore. These are the first mountains and now you get what I was talking about. These layers, we can see the different levels of this rock and we will add some more sand on the bottom. On the ground of these mountains that they really fit in into this landscape. There’s this way up to the bridge, but the bridge we will create later. This is the biggest mountain for our tiny scenery. I know there are even bigger ones, but this one is the biggest for now. And there are even some more plateaus in it on the top of course. Now we need some more sand and let’s add some stripes with a knife. It looks so realistic. I really think so. I really love this kind of effect. Now this is the sand, a very thin layer of yellow ochre. You’re adding another mountain, but we will cut it away later. So, this is the bridge. I should get the shape of the bridge really easily and we are placing it in between. I really hope it works. Now, let’s add some sand onto it and on the left mountain there will be some more tiny rocks and there are the two chests on top. We won’t forget them. I will create them in a minute. So, now the next step. Oh, I forgot one tiny mountain Let’s fill in some of this red and some ochre. This should work and now we will cut around to get the shape. You’ve seen this one on Instagram. I posted this very very short video… …to show you how far I got. This is the part where the street will go. I’m using my broken modeling tool. It’s really sad, but this type of modeling tool is breaking so much lately. I even thought about coming up with my own solution of a modeling tool, because I think I would create it way different. This is the stripe for the street. So this is really dark compared to the street in the location in Paradise Palms and now we need some more grey bright grey for all the sidewalks. And this was I think the most difficult part in this tutorial to get all the exact same positions like on the map. So it was a lot of comparing. I compared a lot to my printings from Paradise Palms. This pool, for example. It’s the biggest pool. We have three in total. I speed up the video a little bit for all the sidewalks, hedges and other pools, of course. And sometimes we have some dirty spots like the one in the left upper corner. A tiny roof. I think these two homes on the right side are just relaxing houses for the hotel guests who are just relaxing on the pool. There is a tiny way up to the hills and it’s a bit brighter and now we are creating the rocks and also the two chests. We must not forget them. This is the first one and the one on the top. I’m wondering what’s inside. And some tiny plants. From time to time I added just some plants, but in the exact right position because as you know, I just flew around in drone mode. Now I am able to see where all the plants are going. This is the sidewalk and the nice tiny garden with the cactus, the big cactus right in the middle. Placing it as well. I am still not sure if this looks nice, but somehow it fits all together and especially the mountains in the back side. I really loved them. Well for the neighborhood, I’m not sure and convinced that this will look great in the end. but if it doesn’t look good we will just cover it in snow, and I’m happy anyway. Yeah season 7 is out. I can’t tell you much about it, because I haven’t played it since then, but I know that a lot of you have played it and are really familiar with all the changes which happen to the map. Please let me know what we should create next from the new season and leave it down in the comments, please Help me with that. I think I will have some time over the weekend to play the new season. This is the gas station by the way, we are creating right now. So we are switching to the buildings. We finished the ground layer of this neighborhood. I read one comment, which said: Greasy Grove is now inside a frozen lake. Really? We could do that. Well, my fridge is big enough. We could put it our… Well we created Greasy Grove just two weeks ago, I think. I screwed up with the hotel and all the other buildings. Almost finished. This was a bit tricky to create. All of these buildings are really extraordinary. It really looks like as if a real architect has been working in the game design on the game design for this location for Paradise Palms compared to the other buildings. Well on Loot Lake there was also a really interesting and nice building on the left side if you remember my tutorial. All these cars it’s a shame I didn’t pay that much attention to them, but they are that tiny. And for the palms all the palms I came up with a really simple solution to create tiny tiny palms. Oops! But they really should look like nice with all the separate leaves and the way I use the scalpel. Well, this should really work. All the trunks and we are ready to go into the oven. Freshly baked Paradise Palms! Sorry. Now we’re painting all the buildings. I’m using my black pen. This is the roof, of course. Some of the other buildings are also black on the on top, but most of them are really bright to be not heating up, not to get heaten up by the sun because it is really hot in Paradise Palms. Gluing the gas station and also the hotel to this extraordinary building. Another one. We are painting black. There are three buildings right next to each other, all black adding two windows and all the chimneys, as well. So, this is the pavilion right in the middle in front of the cactus. Gluing it right there. Oops removing a bit of the way. And now all the street drawings, there’s not much to draw, but this yellow line in the middle of the street, well, I don’t really have a yellow covering pen. This is why I first painted it white and after that I painted it yellow. The tiny school bus. Another truck. This is the police car. I created this one in Greasy Grove for example or Tilted Towers. This is why I had one left over. This is the ice cream car wagon truck. I also created this before in the Dusty Divot tutorial, yeah. Just drawing some back lights and this is the transparent polish for the three pools, because we want to fill them up and they should really shine. Yeah. Whoa, now it’s going to be a bit difficult. Hopefully it works. This would be the first palm. Placing in the backside. Let’s create and cut down all the trunks. It works. It doesn’t look too bad. It really looks organic. This is why I love this look. This is just a regular tree. I created this one before in Greasy Grove, for example. If you want to know how I created it. Removing this piece from the wooden plank and now it’s time to use the snow powder. I’m excited! Oh, the weather outside is frightful… It looks nice. Oh no! I guess that’s it for Paradise Palms! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Now we have another piece of the map. Let me know what you think which part of the map should be next. Write it down in the comments. I guess that’s it for today. Now let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Have a great weekend. Take care. Bye!

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  1. No te entendi ni mergas no se ingles pero estuvo chido el vido autolike para no desaparecer xd like si tampoco sabes ingles

  2. If u had to live somewhere on the fortnite map where would it be
    Comment 1= mega mall
    Comment 2=shifty shafts
    Comment 3=salty springs
    Comment 4=pleasant park
    Comment 5=paradise palms
    Comment 6=happy hamlet
    Comment 7=lazy lagoon
    Personally I would live in mega

  3. Paradise palms is actually palm desert, california because its in the desert, almost every house has a pool, a highway cuts through it, and theres a big grand hotel in it

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