Papierowa wiklina, ozdoby świąteczne – DOMEK-SZOPKA – jak zrobić

Papierowa wiklina, ozdoby świąteczne – DOMEK-SZOPKA – jak zrobić

Christmas crib made of paper wicker A crib in the shape of a house to put under the Christmas tree … … or hang in the window. Nativity Scene is a braided picture with the Holy Family To perform you need: image printed on an inkjet printer. Link to the pictures in the movie description Compact cardboard tubes colored with the addition of water varnish How to color tubes I show on my channel – redirection at the top of the film stapler, ruler, sharp cardboard knife cardboard adhesive, gold acrylic paint and acrylic spray lacquer we start by sticking the picture onto cardboard How to do it right – shows on my channel, a redirection at the top of the video first we weave a frame around the image fix the tube with a paper clip from below in the bottom left corner of the picture bend it to the right along the short bottom edge of the picture translate diagonally underneath now we bend along the long edge of the picture do the same at the next corners of the picture we tighten the tube – the connection must be durable we weave the same around the picture each subsequent lap approaches the center of the picture do four laps in total now you can level them up a bit stick the end of the tube I stick pieces of tubes on the uncovered edges of the picture let it dry now we will weave the visor hook the first tube on the last lap bend it more or less in half on the sides must protrude 2-3 cm hold the tip with the clip we’re making a roof shape. It looks nice if it’s asymmetrical Attention !! the oblique tube must run at the back of the picture we weave the roof ends in the same way as the corners of the picture do it nicely and accurately you can now remove the clip and cut the unnecessary part of the tube the first tube runs from the back of the picture and the others from the front continue to wrap each corner of the roof in the same way do this 4 – 6 laps visor ready stick the end of the tube now you can gild the tubes with acrylic paint with a small brush finally spray the whole thing with transparent acrylic lacquer spray stick the support and it’s ready! thank you for your attention, please subscribe to the channel!

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  1. Pani Magdo. Serdecznie dziękuję za instruktaż. Tak bardzo mi się podoba, że muszę sobie zrobić. Jest naprawdę śliczne. 🌹🌹

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