| Paper Inspiration #405 –  Roof Raising NFL Invitation | Paper Inspiration #405 – Roof Raising NFL Invitation

Hi everybody, I’m Sabine Lenz, the founder of PaperSpecs, with your weekly dose of paper inspiration. Throughout their history American football stadiums have undergone numerous technological
advances, few of them as dramatic, though, as the retractable, flower-petal-like
roof of Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium that was revealed at Super Bowl 53 during
the showdown of the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams. Weeks before the
public got a view of it, though, NFL VIPs received a special souvenir of this
engineering marvel in the form of the invitation for the traditional pre-game
Friday night party. Continuing their long-standing tradition of producing
invitations for this annual event, DataGraphic transformed a design created by
the NFL’s in-house team into a captivatingly tactile experience.
Naturally the invitation celebrates the camera-aperture-style roof of the
Atlanta stadium, which consists of triangular inflatable plastic pillows
that move backward or forward to widen or narrow the roof’s opening. The dramatic sleeve featuring metallic Blue foil stamping on a gorgeous Royal Blue Neenah Plike Cover was die cut and hand-assembled in such a way that it
leaves an octagonal window through which we can glance a peek of the actual
invitation inside. (The manual assembly of the sleeve took a good 10 minutes per
piece!) The suite nearly feels as dramatic as the actual opening of the roof on
which it is based. To get to the actual invitation, you
slide the top portion of the sleeve upward, which slowly reveals the
world-famous Super Bowl trophy in all its glory. The front of the event
invitation features the trophy printed 4-color UV offset with satin aqueous
coating, and the words “Friday Night Party” foil stamped against the deep Blue
background. The back echoes the aperture motif once again, this time enhanced by
the spot gloss, a raised clear UV, and foil stamping. Another attention-grabbing
aspect of this invitation is its sheer chunkiness. This is the result of Sappi McCoy sheets laminated front and back onto an 87
pt. board. Matching Blue foil along the edges completes the VIP effect nicely. I
truly love the sense of reveal when sliding the sleeve open – it really
conveys a sense of occasion. Hot foil stamping is so much more than just
utilizing a small area and enhancing it with foil. As you can see, this is a
perfect example of how you can even create your own patterns with hot
foiling. But there are so many other options available to you today, and we
collated them all for you in one handy Foil Cheat Sheet just for you. Download it at Did you enjoy this video? Then
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