| Paper Inspiration #362: Perpetual Typographic Calendar | Paper Inspiration #362: Perpetual Typographic Calendar

Hi everybody, I’m Sabine Lenz, the founder
of PaperSpecs, with your weekly dose of paper inspiration. As soon as summer is
over we start thinking about the next holiday gift or New Year’s gift for
clients and clients’ clients. And while a calendar might not be on top of the list
of your ambitions, I’m here to tell you that a great calendar can amaze, inspire
and delight. But it takes just the right blend of design, paper and printing to
create one that makes you smile every time you look at it again and again. Let
me introduce you to the Perpetual Typographic Calendar for Mitchell
Digital. Shortly after British Columbia based Mitchell Press launched its
digital printing arm, they challenged Nancy Wu Design to craft a promotional
piece that would demonstrate just how effective this printing technology can
be. With her usual imagination and style Nancy borrowed the idea of the perpetual
calendar – a relatively old piece of technology, let’s face it – to show off the
quality output and versatility of Mitchell’s digital press. From the moment
you remove the oblong piece from its envelope you are met with an intriguing
presentation, the word “typographic” nicely rendered in White and Gold on a Black
rectangular card. Lift that one up and away and all becomes clear. You’re now
looking at four sets of small cards: the first one tells you the day of the week,
the next the day of the month, and then the final one the month itself.
Especially when creating a calendar, ask yourself “What would it take for the
recipient to keep this calendar on their desk or wall all year long?” Now in this
case the target audience were designers and we all know designers love cool
papers and they’re type nerds. Never has the day looked so vibrant and full of possibilities. With each card printed on a different paper in a different color ink
and a different typeface. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s 14 unique substrates, 66 different fonts and 35 unique combinations of paper and
print effects, including opaque White ink, spot dimensional clear ink, Gold dry ink,
and extended gamut colors. Don’t worry if you’re spending longer than the usual amount of time drinking in this creation because the people sitting across from
you are getting a treat as well. That’s because if you look at the back of the
calendar, or better said the back of each one of these little cards, each boasts a
different word that together create a Mad Libs-esque phrase such as “provide brave ideas hourly” (now there’s a challenge!). This is
truly a unique and very useful piece that will stand the test of time, and
inspire and motivate you with these crazy challenges for years to come.
Calendars – GREAT calendars – come in various shapes and sizes as you can see. If you’re
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