24 thoughts on “Papers flying | C4d to After effects tutorial

  1. Hi I want to create animation same like copying effect of files in old windows xp… transfer of 3 pages from one folder to another single loop can you help me?

  2. My papers aren`t falling. Maybe is it the bug? The ground has a cloth collider and papers have the cloth tag but nothing happens when i try to play. I use the Cinema R19

  3. Hi… Your tutorial is really great.. Understand the basic paper wind simulation using cloth simulator. But u did one mistake.. U created cinema 4d file and save to after effect directly. That takes very slow so u rendered directly from cinema 4d and attached to after effect. That gives good result. Guys who looking this video first time will get confuse. Otherwise everything is perfect, just my suggestion…

  4. Goot tut, thanks! How do i use this techique if i need my sheets to fly from a notepad and to land on a stack of paper? How would you do that?

  5. Thanks for the Tutorial! It took me 2 hours to understand what u did there and do it, but still the result is not alpha and has a black back ground.

  6. At 2:11 he has used shortcut for make Editable….which can be done by right clickling on the cloner and then cllicking at Make Editable….

  7. after i make my clone editable, all the paper appears in one place and doesnt no longer uses the randomizer.
    help anyone?

  8. 2 Major parts to make this work is to make it editable while inside the cloner by pressing "C" or right click and "make editable" before you make the cloner editable.
    Some settings in the cloth tag may need adjusted too from the original poster settings.

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