Paper Toy Unicycle Craft for Kids | Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse

Paper Toy Unicycle Craft for Kids | Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse

The Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse Hey guys, let’s do the “Circus Marty” craft, OK? Yeah! First, we have to do some coloring. This is actually one of my favorite crafts. Yeah, it’s really cool. I think you’re going to like it, too. But anyways, let’s finish coloring. Here’s the wheels. Maybe make the tires black. Yeah. There’s one. And one more. Great! Great, now let’s color Marty. OK? Looking good! Color his antlers. And his hands. The tail. Great! And color the rest of him. Now he’s starting to look like Marty. Great! And color his boots. I’ll make them green. Great, now we’re going to cut it out. First, just cut it out simple like this. And then fold on the line. Great. Make sure you line it up well. Now. Now, you can cut it out properly. OK! Great. Hold it together while you’re cutting it, so it lines up. Great! And now for the wheel. Again, fold it on the line. And this time, we’re going to glue it. OK? Yeah! Put on lots of glue. And flatten it out like this. Maybe let it try a little bit. Get your scissors. Yeah! And cut it out. Wow. Looks good! Now, we need a paper clip. I’m going to use a large paper clip like this. The bigger it is, the better the craft will work. Yeah! Great, now we’re going to punch a hole in the wheel. Yeah, right in the center. We’ll use the paper clip to do that. Bend it out. And poke it through. Be careful that you don’t poke yourself. Great! Yeah! And bend it back. Now, get Marty. Put Marty on the wheel like this. And get some tape. Put some tape on his boots. And carefully wrap it around the paper clip. And tape it to the other side of Marty’s leg. Yeah! Now, do the same with the other side. Piece of tape. Tape it on. Wrap it around the paper clip. And tape it to the back of the boot. Great! And we’re all done. Hey, can you ride a unicycle? I can’t. Why don’t you tell us about some things that you can do? Yeah!

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    ☁ Sleepy ☁

  2. I can't ride a unicycle, but i can swim and swimming is my favorite ways to move. What's your favorite way to move?

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