Paper Snowflakes – Arts and Crafts for Children

Paper Snowflakes – Arts and Crafts for Children

Welcome back to my Christmas craft show I’m so excited you decided to join me today I have a really neat and really simple craft for you Paper snowflakes! Now there’s only a few supplies you need for this and you probably already have them at home All you need is paper and scissors Make sure you use kid-friendly scissors so you don’t cut yourself Now first we’re going to fold our piece of paper into a square Let’s fold one side over until it reaches the other side Now press it flat See this extra bit of paper? We don’t need that. You can cut it off Now we have a square Let’s fold it back into a triangle And now we’re going to make an even smaller triangle Fold one corner over to the other corner And press it flat again Now we have a medium sized triangle Let’s do it one more time Fold one corner over to the other side And press it flat Now we have a baby triangle Now we’re going to start cutting This is the best part because you get to design it I like to do circles and squares and triangles But you can do any shape you like Make sure when you’re cutting that you don’t cut all the way across Or your snowflake may fall apart Great! Now we can unfold our snowflake and see what it looks like You have to be really careful when you’re unfolding it, sometimes it can get stuck together It’s beautiful! Let me see your snowflake. Oh wow! I love it! You can make a bunch of these in different colors and decorate the wall Or you could tie a string around it and hang them up I bet your mom will love your snowflake Christmas decorations Good job today bananas! Merry Christmas!

13 thoughts on “Paper Snowflakes – Arts and Crafts for Children

  1. Great video, Thank you for showing us how to create snowflakes. Engaging activity for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten children.

  2. Have you started decorating your house for Christmas yet? Well, paper snowflakes always make a nice touch to winter decor.

    I'll teach you how to make them in this #artsandcrafts  video! They're simple and fun and its always neat to see the final outcome 🙂

    #Christmas  will be here before we know.

  3. My daughter and I enjoyed it thanks. If people give you a thumbs down they're probably miserable people who hate happiness. Well done : )

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