Paper Planes that Fly Far – How to make a Fast Paper Airplane

Paper Planes that Fly Far – How to make a Fast Paper Airplane

What’s up Pilots? My name is Mahir Cave This video is about how to make a paper airplane Today’s paper plane is called Tresh It’s easy to make and flies like this. Take a sheet of paper. Set the video quality to HD and let’s get started. If you’re new to my channel make sure you read the tips in the description. And also subscribe because I upload a video like this on every Thursday. Fold it to the top and leave a little space. Open it and turn your paper. red highlighted points
for orientation but first turn your paper turn your
paper and to bring it back to the top turn your paper then fold this little
part am i folding too fast you can set the
speed to a half if you are watching on desktop make sure it is similar to the
other side this can be challenging and looks easier than it is hold this part
together by folding this little triangle upward now it’s time for the wing fold
or as Turkish people would say shim the camel area pages first mark this point this is where it starts and this is
where it ends begin by carefully folding the end and
then bring it all the way to the starting point make sure that this line is parallel to
the top line we are almost at the end but there are a
couple of things we have to consider before throwing if you made it right
there will be a little space between line and corner your paper plane should
have this red highlighted form if you look at it from behind notice the
position of my thumb that is how to hold it please give this video a big thumbs
up and if you ever wondered how I’ll make these videos it looks something
like this

100 thoughts on “Paper Planes that Fly Far – How to make a Fast Paper Airplane

  1. You are the nicest youtuber EVER!!!!!!and ur airplanes are soo good but I can't make ur airplanes because u have to be sooooooo exact 😂😂plus I'm not as good as u😝

  2. hey man , whenever my friends ask me who my favirote youtube guy is i say mahir cecen , and i love your tresh plane

  3. Even though i am 12 years old, but I still managed to make your level 4 plane called limbus without anyone's help. I love all your paper planes so no need to ask how it is. Thank you 🙂

  4. I love this plane for one reason.
    At school I was throwing this around. I threw it to the door to realize that a teacher was walking in. I'm like shit.
    Then the plane turns away half an inch from his face and lands on my table. 😁😁

  5. Your videos have made me famous in school. I now make paper planes for students by watching your videos thank you soooooooooo much😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  6. Too hard? Start with Level 1 →
    👍 Like the video if you enjoy my content. Thank you 🙂
    ℹ You can find helpful tips and answers in the description.

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