Paper Piecing with a Stencil Design + Distress Oxide Ink Blending

Paper Piecing with a Stencil Design + Distress Oxide Ink Blending

– [Kristina] Hi, everyone. Kristina here. Welcome to another card video at my YouTube channel and blog. Today, I’m going to be using a
brand-new stencil from Simon. This is from their
latest release, and this is a stencil
that I designed, so I’m really excited
to use it today. So, I have some Neenah
Solar White card stock here. This is the 80-pound
version, and it is cut to be the same size as a regular card. So it is four and a quarter
wide by five and a half tall, and I’m taping on that
stencil from the underside so that I can blend all
the way to the edge, and I won’t have any of the
tape covering up the edges. I’m using some Distress
Oxide inks today, and the first color I’m
using is Antique Linen. I’m using a mini round
blending foam tool for this, and I absolutely love how the Distress
Oxide inks blend. They blend like butter. They just glide across
your card stock, and most of the time, in order
to get a really smooth blend like this with regular distress
inks, you’d have to use like a Bristol paper
or something like that, but just on regular card
stock, the Distress Oxide inks glide across the surface
just really smoothly. They’re great for blending. So I’m blending this on the
side of the card front here. This will be card
front eventually. And I cleaned off that stencil. I’m going to use the stencil
as the only tool today. So I’m taping this on,
and I’m going to be isolating two areas
in the stencil, these kind of like, leaf shapes. So I’m using Cracked Pistachio. I’m going to bring that in and blend from the top
of the leaf coming down. Then I’m going to
blend the other leaf that’s over the surface
of my card stock here. So I’m working on two
leaves at the moment. The next color is Lucky Clover. I’m blending that from
the bottom of the leaf. And I realized as I
was blending these that these colors
look pretty similar when they’re blended
next to each other, so I thought it would be nice
to bring in a third color. So that’s when I grabbed
some Peeled Paint, and this is gonna give
it just a little bit more of a yellow-y cast. I’m gonna do that just
from one side of the leaf, from the bottom. Just blend in a little
bit of that color. And it’s gonna give the leaf
a little bit more interest. I really like to mix
different shades of a color. That really adds something
special to things like this. You can do the same
method with a watercolor. like if you’re coloring leaves, try mixing a couple
different shades of green. I think it really
livens things up. So, I wanted to
create sort of a shape that would be a flower. So I thought the interior
area of this stencil would be great for that. So I’m starting out
with Picked Raspberry, and I’m blending
just from one side and making sure I’m getting
that coming into the center. Then I grabbed Fired
Brick, and this is more of a toned red, well, exactly
like the name suggests. It’s more of a brick color. So I’m bringing that
in from the other side. And originally, I was only
going to use those two colors, but then I decided to bring
in some wilted violet as well. So I’m blending that in, and I did clean the stencil in between all of these
different color waves. I just used a baby
wipe to wipe it off, and that Distress Oxide
ink comes off really easily off the surface of the stencil. So now I have all my pieces. So I’m gonna start
cutting them out. So, like I said before, I’m isolating different
areas of that stencil design so that I can create my
own scene of flowers, or a flower and two leaves. So I’m cutting out those
leaf shapes and making sure that no color is on the
edge of that white area. This is a little bit
of some fussy cutting, so it’s a little
bit time-consuming, but I think the result is
definitely worth the effort. So, my card base today is made out of some Neenah Solar
White 110-pound card stock. So the white of the
card base will match the white of the blending piece
that I’ve been working on. I just scored that
at five and a half to create a top-folding card and then added some
Tombow Xtreme Adhesive on the back of that
large blended piece and pressed it down
onto the card front. I then put foam adhesive
on the back of the leaves, and I first adhered the leaves and I kind of held
that flower in place, and then I put two layers
of foam tape on that flower so that it would pop up from the surface even
moreso than the leaves. I’m gonna place
that right over top. And that finished
the card for today. Super simple and easy. I did not put a
greeting on this card so that I could send
it for any occasion. So, this is part of a blog for Simon Says Stamp’s
latest release. If you wanna see more
products from the release, make sure you head
over to my blog, and there’s also a
giveaway over there, so you wanna check that out. Thanks for watching, and I’ll
catch you guys next time. (bright acoustic music)

54 thoughts on “Paper Piecing with a Stencil Design + Distress Oxide Ink Blending

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