Paper Painting Collage – Animal Portrait September Goat

Paper Painting Collage – Animal Portrait September Goat

hello everyone this is Shel C from PaperOcotilloStudio and today I’m sharing with you my September animal
portrait this is a paper painting style collage using junky paint papers that
are leftover from rolling off paint excess paint when I’ve been gel printing
all this month is September so literally trash paper just junk not even gel
prints just absolute leftover paint paper and look at what you can make with
it it’s amazing this month I decided to do a goat I saw a picture come across
one of my social medias Facebook or Instagram or something of this goat and
he was leaning into the frame of the picture kind of like what like you know
it was it was hilarious goats are hilarious and I just thought it would be
finding some hilarity in my life okay I need to laugh and I I looked around at
other different goat pictures after I saw this one you know there’s always a
link or something or you can always go down the rabbit hole and goats are
hilarious they’re just so funny I’ve been told that this is a nubian goat
because its ears are floppy and also doesn’t have a beard I don’t know if
that means it’s a not a boy I’m not sure I didn’t look it up I didn’t go you know
try to learn about goats I just think they’re funny and they’re cute and they
would be a fun thing to paper paint so I have this paper that is scraps from
Roloff paper from gel printing because you know yeah lots of gel printing and I
am just looking at it that I I generally use deli paper to roll off I have been
lately I use a lot of deli paper because I put deli paper under
my projects on my desk when I’m filming and the reason I drew that is because
there’s glare on my desk I have a big window that I look out when I’m working
in my studio and also I have lights and the lights glare against whatever
whatever type of mat I use on my desk and I’ve tried different ones I have a
glass mat I have a gray silicon mat I have the brownish Teflon mats you know
I’ve got and they’re all under this they’re all laying there on the desk
under this but everything that I use those lights glare against it and I
guess I need probably need a type of light that has a filter over it but I’m
not gonna spend the money so I just put the deli paper down then I reuse the
deli paper once it gets dirty I I don’t think it looks very nice in my videos
and so I reuse it to gel print with to use as roll-off paper to stencil with
there’s just a lot of uses for it and I can I just keep getting more and more
paint on it depending on what I do and so I end up with a lot of collage paper
tons and lately I’ve just really been into this roll-off paper because I roll
off so many different colors on it and they get overlaid on top of each other
it’s not just one color and if the the ends in the end of the video you’ll see
the close-ups and you can really get a good look at those papers they’re
literally just paint rolled off from my brayer but because I used so many
different colors as I’m gel printing I get this really interesting paper so
I’ve been cutting it into signatures for tiny journals I’ve been doing different
things with it and that’s what these pieces are I was cutting up I may have
made a few tiny journals and I need four and a quarter by eight and a half folded
in half she’s so inside the the journal for the signatures so if you think about
a piece of 12 bytes twelve deli paper and cutting it down
then I have leftovers and that’s what this is that’s what this pile of paper
is I was cutting up some papers I have leftover paper and I’m I am doing my
entire project start to finish with just that plus a few extra tissue papers I
had this package that came with tissue paper in it a bunch of wadded up tissue
paper and I just cut I just like kind of tore that or cut it into six by six
pieces because tissue paper if you’re gonna do the technique of gel printing
where you put paint down and then you put a stencil over the top and you want
to pull out to the paint in the stencil holes before you put another color on
which is a technique I personally really enjoy tissue paper is great for that
it’s it’s flexible enough that it gets down in there and it’s absorbent enough
that it pulls away that paint that’s in the holes of the stencils really well so
since I’ve been using my 6×6 gel plate I have been using those wadded up tissue
pieces and I have a few of those on my desk to you for this project I think I
use a little bit of it so the first thing I did at the beginning you saw I
drew my goat image and I I drew it on a piece of deli paper because one thing
that I like to do sometimes is to collage on to the deli paper like I’m
doing right now and it helps me to get the shapes correct back in the day when
I first started paper painting this style of collage I would do an
underpainting and then I would tear up the pieces of paper and I would glue
them over the top of the painting if that makes sense
and over time and a lot of paper painting I’ve developed this way of
doing it which is just a different technique a different method where I can
create that the I can do the torn paper part and make an interesting textured
torn paper but then I can also use cutting by cutting out my shapes so if I
draw them on Dulli paper or trace them sometimes I draw them onto
the page directly or onto the canvas directly and then I will trace some of
the portions with the deli paper because it’s translucent so you’ve seen me do
that to you I have a lot of paper painting videos on the channel so if you
need to know more about it you can certainly watch other other ones this is
not the first one it won’t be the last I do this a lot but what I like about
having these thin pieces of deli paper is that I can cut the shapes out and I
can I can then piece them together like a puzzle so I cut my goats ears off and
I put some paper on them I cut the goats face off separated it from the body
parts and I’m doing the collaging on top of the deli paper pieces and then
trimming around because that gives me the shape before I did that I filled in
the background with torn paper so I made kind of a landmass in a hill and some
trees and some sky like this goat is living out into pasture somewhere which
is where goats live most the time I mean maybe not always sometimes they live in
your house I think but a few people have pet goats that live in their house I
know that’s a fact but majority of goats live in a pasture
or something like that so I made an outdoor scene so like in the case of
where the brown is on the the right hand side you see a brown mass there right
but when you look at it up close it’s not just brown it’s purple it’s orange
it’s yellow it’s a combination it’s got coral lots of different colors of paper
and I’ve just selected paper that I know is going to eventually pan out to be
brown but no no color is ever one color if you look out into nature you look at
something and you say oh that tree is green yeah it’s green but
it’s also gray and black and white and light green and dark green and yellow
and every other color blended in there but the majority of it makes your eye
and brain think it’s green so but paper painting to me gives me that type of
power it gives me the way of making multi-coloured more natural looking like
if I just take a paintbrush and I dip it in some paint and I paint it on the
paper it’s one color but if I use paper scraps
to collage I get a multitude of colors and that’s what I like about it that’s
that’s why I love doing this this is just my favorite thing in the whole
world to do I’ve any type of collage I love to glue paper to stuff I love to
create pattern out of it I think that it’s just I just love it
I’m passionate about it and you know everybody’s not it’s not it’s not for
everybody so some people like to paint some people like to sew some people like
to quilt some people don’t do anything creative but for me this is it and I
don’t think that it’s ever gonna end although I’ve gone through so many
phases of types of arts and crafts in my life I’ve done so many types of things
so maybe eventually I will get bored with this but I haven’t in the last four
years or five years or something that I since I started doing it I just I like
it I like to do other stuff too but yeah my fave so I’m working on his face now
still with those same pieces of paper I’ve torn them up you can see I’m making
quite a mess on my desk and I’m using my heat chill just a little bit to try to
speed this up because I don’t know if I said this already but I did the majority
of this on the art joy of sharing a live stream channel today which is the
September 19th the show and I will put a link below the video so that if you want
to see it in real time if you want to see what this looks like in real time
you can watch that recording of that live stream
because this is sped up eight times fast this project took me if you count how
much I worked on it afterwards and a little bit of prep time I probably two
and a half to three hours to complete the entire painting and it is in a
spiral down art journal but I think I might tear it out and frame it because I
think it’s really cute really really cute
or maybe scan it and make prints of it or something like that to frame because
I don’t know goats are just funny and I just like it
I think it’s funny so now I’ve taken the little face I’ve
already glued the ears and the body on they’re taking the face I’m fitting it
on there kind of like a puzzle to make sure that everything is is on there
making sure that there is matte medium underneath and on top to seal everything
in and then I knew the time was running out and so I started doing just a little
bit of pencil work to show the audience what its gonna eventually look like
because I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to finish it in an hour and a half
this is how far I got in an hour and a half so I’m adding some Stabilo pens ‘el
and then the camera got turned off and then I continued to work on it I guess
I’m talking right now I don’t know yeah talking to the audience then once the
camera was off peg and I were just still in the green room and I continued to
work on my collage so that I would have something completed so I started adding
in sometimes I add highlights and shadows or tones and shades on my
collage pieces using using a paint or pins this time I did the majority of it
I did I did have that pencil on there cuz I was trying to show the audience
what the finished piece is going to look like so I blended out the pencil that’s
a Stabilo pencil which is a highly water reactive pencil I blended it using my
collage brush and some of medium so that it would be permitted on
there because you know it’s water reactive and then I started adding my
highlights and some of my shadows using collage paper so this piece is is got a
lot of light paint on it so I’m using it to highlight although it is not 100%
wide it’s got different you know splashes of other colors in it I’m
shaping I’m highlighting I’m shading with different colors of paper to finish
it plus I still haven’t done the eyes and so I do need to do the eyes I think
I’m doing a portrait the eyes are probably the most the most important
thing eat whether it’s an animal portrait or a human portrait the eyes
are the thing you know so still working on the muzzle the muzzle of course I
guess you call it a muzzle his face is going to mean it needs to have light on
it because it’s coming out from the background and everything was getting
pretty tonal so I needed to make sure that there was some nice bright
highlights to make that look as if it’s rounded if as if it’s coming forward out
of the page and then I add its another highlight areas the neck where the neck
is bending and animal is coming into the frame that’s needed to highlight added
some highlights and different shadows onto the ears so you can tell that that
that one is flipped out and it has you know shadow underneath because it’s
where the ear would out be opening it’s kind of folded over all those type of
things and I start working on the eyes and putting dawn different pieces goats
have strange pupils they’re not round like ours they’ve got kind of a sledded
pupil and I did not realize that until in all my years I did not know that
goats had funny people’s but they do at least these do anyway this Nubian goat
I’m not sure about the rest of the goats I’ve seen a goat in real life at some
point uh you know I’ve I’ve been around the block I’ve seen the goat but I do
not remember them being quite as having as much personality as the pictures that
I’ve seen so I guess people catch goats doing weird stuff and then they seem to
have more personality than then maybe they do but I still laugh about those
goats that when they get startled they just fall over I think they’re called
fainting goats or something like that that’s funny that would be a funny thing
to see although I wouldn’t want to you know i wouldnt want to scare the poor
things but funny that they just faint they just fall over if they get startled
and it’s weird so I am adding in some more kind of warm tones to the nose area
as well and then I decided that that that place where I made a pencil line
right there was wrong and so I covered it up with some more paper I wanted it
to be dark there about if that line was wrong it was the wrong shape so yeah I
hope you’ve enjoyed this video or like I said you can go watch it in real time
over on the art joy of sharing channel and this is the speed version if you did
like it make sure you give it a thumbs up leave me a comment or question below
I will answer you in probably 24 hours or less of course you can share this on
Pinterest I always enjoy seeing when I’m scrolling through my Pinterest and I see
one of my own videos you have no idea how excited I get like oh that’s my
video I’ll say to somebody in those look there’s my video I love it when you guys
pin my stuff you didn’t share it on Facebook you can do all those things of
course I’ve got a tip jar below if you would like to donate to my channel that
seems to be that that trend seems to have ended and what else
Oh Amazon link there’s an Amazon link down there to my amazon store and you
can use that and I get a few cents if you buy something off Amazon by getting
there through my link so that’s just about it for this video here comes the
close-ups I did do a little bit of pasta pen work at the end that’s it for me
thanks bye bye

31 thoughts on “Paper Painting Collage – Animal Portrait September Goat

  1. Shel this is wonderful – i'm not sure if i will ever reach your skill level to create this – i really enjoyed watching you create him – thank you for the inspiration – maybe i will try a simple landscape first lol – this is so pretty!

  2. I watched the replay of the live video since I missed it earlier today. I love this goat. I think you did a great job on this!

  3. Love this really cute goat…you gave him real personality! Love all the colors you used…who new a goat was so colorful! Thanks!!

  4. Hi, Shel, I've been following you for about a month now, and you bring inspiration and joy to my day! Love, love this goat and want to try some paper painting. I'm trying your gel printing techniques, too, so there are plenty of papers to use up!

  5. Wonderful animal portrait. I so enjoy how you get to to point and explain everything so clearly. Thank you for everything you do.

  6. What an amazing project! I love watching you paper piece. And I got a kick out of the eyebrows being done with pieces of gray for definition. He is so cool and you’ve appeared to capture that goat personality, we all know. You have so many colored paper choices, Shel, thanks to all the art you do every week. My stash is slowing coming along, so I too can paper piece with handy scraps. BTW, NeoColors were a delight to play with over acrylic! I always figured they wouldn’t play well together, since the acrylic can often have a “plasticy” texture. No problem colorizing gel prints. Also, I’m currently enjoying this goat project as my lock screen wallpaper, to enjoy for a while. He’s just so darn good.

  7. I love it when you paper paint. The page is beautiful. You captured it's personality. Thanks for sharing your art and your knowledge with us Shel. We really appreciate it.

  8. Love that little guy❣️❣️❣️try watching baby goats in pajamas! Oh my if they aren’t cute! Always such a pleasure to watch you create❣️❣️❣️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Another awesome portrait, Shel! I really admire all of your art pieces, however, the paper paintings take the 🎂 in my eyes!!! Delightful picture of the 🐐. Great to hear you laugh and find some humour in your day! 🥰

  10. You amaze me everytime with what you can do with scraps of paper. This turned out great. The goat looks like a wonderful subject for a canvas.

  11. Super lovely! Thanks for sharing your technique. This is the first collage painting video of yours that I've watched, so I'm going to watch your other ones, too. If you haven't done one with magazine paper, etc, instead of your roll-off paper, I'd like to see one.

  12. Nubian goats are special. They are funny, gentle, responsive to you and become attached to you. That is why people have them as pets.

  13. When I saw this the first thing I thought was that it needs a frame. It’s super fun and so much personality. Thanks for sharing your wonderful art.

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