Paper Mario TTYD: Jaded Cursed Boat Guy – PART 82 – Game Grumps

Paper Mario TTYD: Jaded Cursed Boat Guy – PART 82 – Game Grumps

Hey I’m Grump! I’m not so grump! And we’re the Game Grumps! Arin: Hey welcome back!
Dan: Welcome back to Game Grumps. Dan: This beetle wants all kinds of parts of me. Dan: And Mario is hurtin’ for a squirtin’. Arin: It’s a Buzzy Beetle dude. Dan: He’s adorable. Arin: It’s not just a regular beetle it’s a Buzzy Beetle. Dan: Umm. Dan: Alright.
Arin: I remember the name. Dan: How do I hit these things, or, how do I hit that? Arin: Jump on top, so you can like Arin: Oh wait no that doesn’t work does it. Dan: Goddammit Arin. Arin: Oh Bobbery! Arin: Throw him up! Dan: Oh, that’s a good idea. Arin: Yeah! Arin: There you go. Dan: Help. Arin: Ugh Arin: I haven’t seen my wife in forever. Dan: Oh, that’s right, she’s dead. Arin: I think you can just throw him Dan: Cool. Dan: Get over there!
Arin: Nice! Arin: There we go! Dan: Yeah!
Arin: You wouldn’t have been able to do that shit without me. Arin: Better not take my take. Dan: No!
Arin: Steal my take. Arin: “Gooo noooooo fuuuuurther… Arin: Or you will never leave…” Dan: Oh dude I bet it’s Flavio doing this shit. Arin: Oh yeah.
Dan: Oh yeah he’s exactly that kind of tool. Arin: Damn dude. Arin: I told you man! I think he’s the villain.
Dan: Oh, Dan: Oh- I fucking- Hmm. Arin: I think he’s going to turn on you at the end
Dan: Ah! Arin: Be like “Oh you wanted your share? Just kidding!” Dan: Yeah. Arin: “I just needed you to get through the whole thing so I didn’t have to.” Dan: Oh I can paper airplane. Arin: Is that a paper airplane spot? Dan: Yeah it is. Arin: I don’t know bro! Dan: Weird, why would they- Arin: Maybe so you can be epic. Arin: I don’t think it’s a paper airplane spot dude!
Dan: Whoops! Arin: A paper airplane spot is like an arrow. Dan: Is it? Arin: Yeah. Dan: I’m about to die because I keep falling into the fucking water. Arin: You’re gonna get a new ability or something, you’ll get like a boat ability. Dan: Oh I bet you’re right. Dan: Bet. You’re. Right. Dan: BetYou’reRight! Arin: It’s coming out of his nose not his mouth. Dan: What is. Arin: The water. Dan: Really? Arin: The skull’s mouth. Dan: Oh, I- Arin: It’s coming out of his nose. Dan: I didn’t see that. Dan: Well maybe he’s got Post-Nasal Drip. Arin: Yeah, you know. Arin: He’s just got a little sickness. Dan: A lot of people have it. Dan: Goddammit! Arin: I had it for the longest fucking time, I still have it! Dan: Goddammit! My depth perception! Dan: I’m down to one. Dan: I’m gonna fucking die because I keep jumping in the water. Arin: Sometimes I wake up coughing- Dan: Goddammit!!! Arin: Fucking kidding me? Dan: Dude I can’t see it!
Arin: It’s all the way to the bottom of the screen! Dan: It- Uh- Really? Dan: It looks like- Dan: Oh man. Dan: That was messing with my head. Arin: Wow dude. Dan: Yeah, well. Arin: Wow. Dan: Yeah, well. Dan: Thank you, God, for my eyes. Arin: Well now you know how it feels dude. Dan: How what feels? Arin: How it feels to, fucking- Arin: Do that shit, Arin: To die on the show, Arin: And have- and know that you’re going to get humiliated Arin: And then, Dan: Look at that, 99 hours! Arin: You just have to go back to- Dan: That can’t be right. Arin: That is right. Arin: Cause we’ve left it on a bunch. Dan: Ohh. Arin: Umm, Dan: Maybe it’s 99 minutes? Arin: No I think it’s 99 hours. Dan: Yeah 99 minutes would not be sufficient. Arin: Umm. Arin: Yeah you know you’re going to get humiliated. Arin: And then, fucking- Arin: You gotta hit it with your head. Dan: Yep, except there. Arin: And fuckin’, you can’t do anything about it, you gotta fucking go through this again. Arin: And you’re like ‘well I gotta make it interesting, cause it’s a show.’ Dan: Tell you what. Arin: Yeah? Dan: I will appeal to the fans- hey fans! Dan: Be super cool to me on Reddit about this Dan: And then we can annoy Arin further. Arin: Cool. Arin: Love it. Dan: I love it too actually. Arin: Love it. Dan: Thanks lovelies

100 thoughts on “Paper Mario TTYD: Jaded Cursed Boat Guy – PART 82 – Game Grumps

  1. It's okay that Dan died because it is Arins fault to let him play such a game xD
    Furthermore Arin is playin' all the time and should know what he's doin' 😀

    Sorry Arin but you suck and I love you xD <3

  2. It's about god damn time you learned you can't use the quake hammer on the Embers.

    It's about god damn time you learned you can strike with your damn hammer.

  3. Danny: I got a P Down, D Up! That's the way I like to fuck!

    I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life, I was not expecting that 😂

  4. 2:10 I literally didn't know that could game over you. Thought it would leave you stuck at 1 HP XD

    6:00 I like how he doesn't break for the save.

    7:40 I always thought you needed Vivian here. That rare moment when Game Grumps teaches you something new.

    17:27 lol

  5. literally DYING INSIDE waiting for them to use the super hammer to hit 2 enemies JUST ONCE! And the other star specials w/o saying they arent good because they didn't do it right, like clock out.

    Love you guys but ya know "arrgh!" :p

  6. This is a historic moment of Game Grumps.

    Dan used the hammer to strike first! It only took him 82 episodes…

  7. Dan falling into the water – It didn't effect me
    Dan not realizing he can hammer the ghosts – didn't effect me
    Dan running away from enemies instead of using sweet treats – FOR FUCK SAKES

  8. Dan struggling to unlock the door then struggling to open the door is probably the most infuriated I've been throughout this whole series. But boy I love them both there is no denying

  9. That quote from dan was so good. "Wait… can I hit them with a hammer?" Oh my goodness it was so sincere hahaha XD. It was like seeing a human sized puppy XD. I offically dub Dan the puppy of gaming.

  10. At around 6 minutes I had the rush of nostalgia BECAUSE I CAN'T REMEMBER THE NAME OF THAT SHOW BUT I REMEMBER I WOULD WATCH THAT AND THEN THE ANIMANIACS like i think they were back to back or some shit

  11. I've noticed that every time Dan says he's "hitting all of the buttons" he ignores the one button he is looking for

  12. Talk about design and polish. The horizontal spikes puzzle, needing to roll under, BUT the waves nearby are a visual que as to what the solution is.

  13. I love how Dan dies sometimes in games. Really makes it rewarding to see him succeed. Great choice by a great entertainer to not practice off the show.

  14. I've never played this game and it still upsets me it took them this long to figure out they could use the hammer. XD

  15. Love you Arin! not enough people say that in the comment section and I sincerely do love both of you so even if you don't read comment I think it has to be said down here 😀


  17. 5:20 Is another great example of playing an RPG your own way. Using a mechanic that you know and understand to solve a puzzle, rather than the intended method that you kinda forgot because your memory is poopy. It might be more difficult or take longer, but at the end of the day, you've figured it out.

  18. 17:41 Not really a typo. He says '.. chap seems rather'; then instead of saying '.. rather alright, eh?', he says '.. rather a bit of alright, eh?' as in he's a bit of alright.

  19. Literally in ALL games, 'A' is the confirm button and 'B' is the cancel button. Maybe that attributes itself to rolled-up Mario?

  20. 11:48 ya ya i know your the forth chest that has cursed me i know how this will turn out
    14:27 i wonder what this key could be for

  21. Well…Dan has a legitimate depth perception issue with 3D games so I feel like that’s more forgivable than Arin dying because he doesn’t like shields

  22. For how irritating it can be to watch them miss a point by a MILE, it’s fun to watch them learn from their mistakes.

  23. Neurologists should watch this series to study how one can so rapidly and repeatedly lose all memory of how to do something they've been doing for almost 100 hours.

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