6 thoughts on “Paper Mache Clay Recipe – The Easy Original Recipe

  1. I saw a comment or two about using egg-cartons as a substitute. Great idea, but test for toxicity because not all paper products contain the same ingredients.

    Key example: Most of those convenient little 4-slot coffee trays contain chemicals that are poisonous if inhaled during an exothermic reaction, (like when being burnt in a campfire). These same chemicals can be activated and inhaled during the curing process of (almost) any glue product as well. Epoxy resin is killer for that on its own!

    How to test for toxins? I don't know of any test strip on the market, or any dye that might act as an indicator, so you'll have to call the end-product company or ask for the telephone number of their packaging manufacturer to find out if it's safe. The other way you might try, is to use a thermometer or heat gun to see if the temperature change is too drastic. If it's too "hot", I wouldn't risk breathing in the fumes, but if it's "cool" enough, chances are those nasty chemicals won't get activated or combust.

    You could try the "Canary in a coal mine" trick; but please don't do that!

    Play safe everyone!

  2. Brings back memories. Love this. Liked and subscribed. Check out our channel, like and subscribe. Thank you.

  3. Thank you Jonni. I was looking for a recipe for clay to make a bowl and it led me to you. My concern with the old salt-flour recipe is that it would eventually crumble. I think your clay-mache recipe will be perfect for my initial project and more.

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