Paper Jewellery Making – Advanced Paper Beads Tutorial – Make Diablo Beads From Paper (2019)

Paper Jewellery Making – Advanced Paper Beads Tutorial – Make Diablo Beads From Paper (2019)

Hello and welcome to my tutorial on how to make these diablo beads from paper. These beautiful paper beads are easy to make. You will need these pre-cut paper bead strips especially designed to create the diablo bead shape You will also need the 3mm paper bead rolling tool and the 3mm metal paper bead cores. and a glue stick, which I am currently giving away free with these kits. To begin, use your glue stick to put glue on the ends of the pre-cut diablo bead strip. Make sure the glue is on the side facing you. Then slide your strip into the bead tool slot… …and start to roll. for some people, rolling an advanced bead strip that forks into two may seem challenging. But it is easy! You must make sure to deal with the two parts separately Roll the left one first. And see here, where my thumb is? That’s the edge you need to concentrate on rolling evenly. The tapered inside edge will take care of itself. And as you already put glue on, the end will stick itself as you finish rolling. Now roll the right side making sure to roll the right edge evenly. And there is your diablo shaped paper bead. Use a pair of ordinary tweezers to ease the bead off the bead roller without spoiling the shape. If it needs adjusting slightly, put the bead on the table And gently ease the bottom edges down with your index fingers. Perfect! Now to paint them. I use toothpicks and a florist’s Oasis block to stand them in to dry. You’ll need a paintbrush, of course and some pretty paint. I use metallic or pearlised paint. I use a kebab skewer to hold my beads while I paint them. Like this. Put each bead on a toothpick and push into the Oasis to dry. When dry, repeat the process with some kind of glaze like this one. Now you need to insert the metal bead cores. Use the kebab skewer again to help you. Push it into the hole, on both sides, to make sure they are fully open to 3mm. Then put the bead core onto the skewer and put some PVA glue around the edge of the bead core with a small glue brush. Then push the bead core into the hole using the skewer as a guide… …like this And there you have your beads looking all lovely and professional with their metal cores. I made bracelets with mine. I added tiny gold and silver spacer beads to set the colors off. If you want to make your own, you will find my diablo bead kit in my Etsy and Folksy shops. With a free glue stick while stocks last!

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  1. Hello Gilly – love the colour you painted these beads and the shape reminds me of Chinese juggling yoyo's haha. Once I have my xmas sewing out of the way I must get back into my beading. Hope you are well and happy πŸ™‚

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