Paper & Ink Sketches 14

Paper & Ink Sketches 14

hi thanks for joining me this is angie at chic n scratch this is the card we’re making today this is actually sketch number 14 of the paper and ink sketches so here’s the actual sketch and I will tell you that I struggled with this one for a little while and the reason was because if you turn it sideways it looks like a face like two eyes and either a mouth or a big nose I don’t know anyway so I struggled a little bit but then it occurred to me that wow these could be balloons and this could be a greeting so here’s my card and I actually love it now so I was thinking I might actually skip this sketch because I was struggling but anyway I push through it so you can print both of these PDFs on my website I will tell you I made one change I did not I do not have this layer of cardstock so the base is this and the DSP is this and I did not use the one and three-quarter punch like that I did use the two inch and then with the balloon bouquet punch okay so here are the supplies you get that either way you’ve got thick whisper white card stock that measures four and a quarter by 11 party animal designer series paper that measures five and a quarter by four and then regular whisper white for us to stamp our images don’t forget head over to my website leave a comment the metallic thread is in your kit so one person is going to win a kid it’s going to have a pack of doilies and a kit to make this card okay let’s get out the simply scored scoring tool I’m just going to score this in half at five and a half next we’re going to just fold it over to form the card base we’re going to attach the designer series paper right to the top I can’t talk very well I think this is video number four for me today okay so there’s that now let’s stamp now if you look at the balloon punch because I dress this up every single time the punch is here so what I’m going to do is stamp my two balloons down here okay get out my specific point ink and this stamp does really like the Stampin map so sometimes a photopolymer stamp does not need it and sometimes it does and sometimes not all of the images needed and some of the images need it so anyway I’m using it to be on the safe side so there’s my two balloons will cut those out a couple minutes now we’re going to turn our cardstock and we’re going to stamp the greeting I’m going to move this ink pad closer to me in stamp and now we’re using all of this paper well not really but kinda sorta I’m going to stamp the little bow I am in love with this little bow I’m going to stamp another way for just in case I mess up one of them now we’re going to get the big shot well no let’s go ahead and cut the balloons out and then we’ll get the big shot so first balloon and I’m sorry if you can hear the neighbor’s dog barking I don’t know why it’s been barking a lot lately it has and then here we go again this one okay this one we’re going to cut out with the two inch circle punch now let’s get the big shot we’re going to cut our little bows out okay here’s the big shot and a platform cutting pad and where is my little bow here it is and i just realized i still have some paper left in there i have used this so much you would think I’d had it for years ok so I’m going to do this one here and if you position this on your magnetic platform not all the way ok hold on let me get a different cutting pad here we go I have a new one so what you want to do is you want to see the blue or whatever color you’ve stamped in most of the not dots but not all of them so if you look at that I don’t know if you can see it every dot is blue from the ink except for four of the middle dots I’m going to point them out this dot this dot this dot and this dot those are white that’s just kind of like air holes I guess so the other ones are all blue so I know it’s safe to run it through and it should be straight unless I move it putting on the next cutting pad there we go you know I didn’t realize it’s been so long and i did move it oh well it’ll be fine this is just my sample um I didn’t realize see how cute that thing is even though it moved but a new cutting pad would actually make the big shot go through the Big Shot machine much smoother yeah i’ve been using my old one forever i was waiting for it to crack but clearly it’s not going to happen so i have a new one ok that looks pretty straight see there we go hold your breath ok so this stamp set of this designer series paper and the I don’t you know if I show them balloon adventures balloon pop up it’s Bella’s bundle for februari the deadline i believe is februari 13 so all the details are over on my website and I’ve said this already a couple times but you know these colors are not typically my colors and in the beginning a little bit struggled with creating some projects but just like this one today it didn’t even didn’t even take me 30 minutes I just came up with it but you can tell I’m proud of myself okay let’s see the metallic thread I’m thinking which did i do first and why did i do it first so now i’m going to tell you what I did next I took a dimensional and attached the thread I know what you really can’t see oops like us in paper you can’t really see the balloon string but it’s there which that’s the point of using this like I tried using white Baker’s twine and it just it just didn’t make it elegant it was just too big so yeah this metallic silver metallic thread works perfect so I’m going to give it a little long tail see just like that I don’t know if you guys remember the days that we used to have wire I remember making a card way back then with wire and balloons okay same thing on the next one I’m glad the heat just turned off its so much quieter now okay same thing see it kind of just has a natural little whirl to it swirl um okay so I think that looks good if you look at the sketch there’s two here and one over here so that looks pretty good what I’m going to do is take this one and put a couple dimensionals on the back I’m not going to trim the tails of the ribbon because like if you look at my card here you can kind of see it’s kind of flying over there I think that’s what balloons do they really kind of go where they want to and sometimes and give us a heart attack in the process um okay I think that looks good there yeah now we want to add our cute little bows I just think this kind of jazzed it up a bit so I’m going to take a glue dot and I’m going to use my paper piercer to make it a little bit smaller and I’m actually going to place the glue dot right where I want the bow oh I forgot to take the dimensional off the back the backing off the dimensional that’s so funny well that’s expected video number four crazy things are going to happen okay now there’s that one see how cute that is well let me move it down a tad yeah okay now the next one so it stuck to me come here what road ok this is this is getting to me I got to fix it it’s the great thing about dimensionals if you haven’t pressed real hard you usually can peel it back up I know it doesn’t look like I’ve moved it i did a hair ok now let’s get the rhinestones out I’m going to need three of them one in the center here I feel like I’m doing surgery okay and i am going to trim the metallic thread just right there so that it doesn’t exceed past the card yeah and look I got to make another change really quickly it’s driving me crazy this little um this one didn’t have free reign so it got stuck to one of the dimensionals so I just want to let it be a little more free if that makes sense see what I mean okay so here’s my original here’s the one we just made not too bad okay have a great day thanks a lot oh don’t forget you can print the inspiration sheet over on my website as well as the sketch see you later bye

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  1. I made this card tonight and it came out adorable….A little help when cutting out the bow I used my magnetic plate but also used a piece of Post a Note worked like a charm…..Thank you awesome as usual…….

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