make this very simple paper house. it has
no foundation but its easy to make. you just need a square piece of paper. take the square
and fold it into 16 little squares. first fold the middle line, and then shut the doors.
once again do the same and you get 16 little squares. now cut along the red lines. there
will be 6 quarter red lines. cut along them and then apply glue on 4 sections as shown
and just glue them together to make the triangular roof of the house, first on one side and then
on the other. its 1 minute house to make. you can see that the house is almost ready.
but the house has no doors, no windows. you can first make markings for the doors and
windows and then with the scissors you can cut. open the doors and the windows. now you
have very nice cross ventilation. and finally get a set of sketch pens and paint your house
and decorate it.

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