Paper Hat – Origami STRAW HAT – MUGIWARA tutorial – DIY (ver 2.0) (Henry Phạm)

Paper Hat – Origami STRAW HAT – MUGIWARA tutorial – DIY (ver 2.0) (Henry Phạm)

Hi guys ! Today I’ll show you how to make an origami Straw Hat from One Piece ! Now let’s start with an yellow square paper. If you wanna wear it, you have to use bigger paper Valley fold and unfold vertically and horizontally to make creases. Valley fold the top edge to make a small crease strong fold at this point valley fold the corner into this point Now repeat for the three others corners to create an octagon. Okay finished the octagon ! fold this corner into this point to make a crease strong fold here ! repeat for the three sides now the 4 creases are combined into a small square inside. Fold this edge into the corner of the small square repeat the two squares compined into a small octagon ! now turn over the paper valley fold the edge to make creases repeat for the three others sides now rotate to the next edge and do the same steps mark 8 point just created zig-zag fold the two lines into parallel hold a finger here two lines are parallel make a crease now unfold and repeat 7 times on 7 sides collapse fold all creases fold up at the old crease squeeze this edge down repeat for 7 times on the others sides

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  1. se potessi,sappi che ti darei 50 like. ho imparato benissimo. l hai spiegatoin modo molto chiaro,e ora so a memoria tutti i passaggi. e pensare che ho solo 11 anni. bravissimo

  2. Wow, y'all need to sit down, use some patience and figure it out if its hard! You'll never progress unless you push your boundaries.

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