69 thoughts on “Paper Hat – Origami Snapback tutorial – DIY (Henry Phạm)

  1. Beautiful model, thanks for the tutorial! Perhaps it's a little bit too fast and brighty, but I enjoyed anyway!

  2. It's cute, I like it ^^
    https://www.youtube.com/PaperPh2 ^^

  3. I really like your origami but the prob is that the paper is so bright please make another one with a light shade thank you

  4. かさかさかさかさかさかさかさかさけしあさかさかさかさきさけさきさかさかさかさかさかさかさきしかさかさくさなやなたねかさないかはゆ

  5. 잘 못만들겠어,. ……………, 몇단게 갈수록 이해가 더욱더 안가고………… .좀어렵다

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