PAPER GANESH – ENGLISH –  Fold Hindu God Ganesh from a Square.

PAPER GANESH – ENGLISH – Fold Hindu God Ganesh from a Square.

in India, before we undertake any new task,
we invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesha. with 20cms square you can fold lord Ganesha. first
fold one diagonal and then fold the center, just mark the center and the quarter line
on this diagonal. and then fold the tip from the top to this quarter line and fold this
line completely. now fold tip to quarter, crease well. once again horizontal line through
the intersection and collapse the paper as shown. you will see a multi-layered square
on the top. now fold the bottom two edges to the mid line. now lift the flap and collapse
it to make a bird base. then fold the bottom flank in half and tuck it inside. repeat the
same with the second flank. fold this flank in half and then tuck it inside. now fold
the tip a little bit inside and once again bisect the two skewed triangles. fold the
edges to the mid line
and then lift it down. and now fold the two tips to the mid line. and then gently curve
the trunk and fold it below. the tip of the trunk is folded below and then open up both
the ears and slowly you will find that trunk of Lord Ganesha will take shape. fold the
left and the right arms. first you fold them and collapse them and then lift the lower
triangle to the top and then finally fold the right tip and bottom left tip and now
you can see that Lord Ganesha has emerged from the square piece of paper. Lord Ganesha
takes care of all your worries.

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