Paper clay Easy Flower Making Tutorial/Jewellery Making

Paper clay Easy Flower Making Tutorial/Jewellery Making

These are the ready Flowers ,which i made with Paperclay. You can use any clay to make these flowers with same method These flowers are lovely and easy to make Let’s Start Making these flowers Before making,i want to show you some items made by using these flowers These are pendants,in which i used these flowers I used many open flowers in this pendant Now we start making flowers Take small amount of clay Make a drop Now cut in four parts with small scissor Make sure all parts are equal Now use toothpick to give shape You can use small amount of vaseline with toothpick now give shape by hands like i am doing I repeat this method to make another flower By using same method you can make flowers in different colours Clay should be not much soft. Because if clay will soft,you ll not get shape of flower If your clay is soft Then put in air for some seconds to make it a little hard You can use polymerclay And after making these flowers you can bake them If you are using airdry clay then no need to bake let them dry in air I really enjoy while making these flowers Flowers are ready Let them dry in air My handmade Jewellery

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  1. Love your vids, thanks for sharing, Are these flowers made with the clay for jewellery you make in your other vids? I love how they are still soft when dried means they are not brittle & going to brake.

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