make five different caps from a newspaper.
first fold the paper in half. then fold it into a quarter to locate the mid line. now
fold two halves to make a triangular roof. fold the
strip in half and double it. this will be
your first cap, a huge rain cap. then upturn the paper and shut the doors. fold small right
angled triangles in both corners. fold a strip upward to make cap number 2. it is like a
pontiff’s cap or a chef’s cap. fold the triangular roof down and tuck it in the flap. this will
make the third cap, the politician’s cap. open and flatten it and rotate it. now fold
both corners to the center. then tuck them in the pockets. now open to make a square
cap. fold all four corners and make them stand up. this is the fourth square cap. then open
two opposite flaps to make the fifth, graduation cap. make two such square caps, make some
wonderful toys like the levitating pencil, place it in one cap and put the other one
as lid. gift this box to a dear friend.

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  1. This was very well made and quite clever. I can't wait to see the rest of the videos. If I might add, you also have a very handsome smile.

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