Paper Book Rose | DIY

Paper Book Rose | DIY

Paper Book Rose Get 4 equal paper squares. Fold 3 times and then cut. Repeat for all squares. Cut off tips. Cut off one petal. Cut off two petals. Cut off three petals. Cut off four petals. Glue into Circles. Overlap full petal. Glue into Circle. Overlap only part. Set aside last half set. DON’T USE. Find a small cylinder. Curl back petals. Glue inside each other. Smallest on the inside. Get 3 more squares & do it all again!

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  2. That's not origami. This shows how lack of respect you have for other cultures, stop clickbating, or learn before use a term incorrectly.

  3. Dude that’s clickbaiting. Just change the title, it isn’t that hard but you can’t do it??? The craft is nice, but I know you can own up to your mistake.

  4. Nossa, quanta criatividade!!
    Suas rosas ficaram lindas, eu amei 💝
    Aliás, tudo que é relacionado a artesanato eu simplesmente amo 💖
    Parabéns pelo vídeo 👏👏

  5. I hate cutting up books, so a good alternative for people like me is to type your own message to print out and do this kirigami with. 🙂 I like writing positive affirmations for people I love and gifting them the final product.

  6. Hey guys, while I did this video years ago I'm always up for improving it. I understand that I have mislabeled this project as origami when it is really kirigami. I am sorry for that.

    If you are interested in adding stems to the roses, the simplest way to do that is when you make the largest outer layer of the rose, place some heavy floral wire up through the hole that is left and glue it in place. I created a loop in the wire so that it had more surface area to hold the glue. Then place the other layers inside as normal.

    I add steams during this live stream – – Feel free to mute me and just watch what I'm talking about. 🙂

  7. This video is great! Easy to follow, clear directions.
    I was so impressed with its ease, I'm a new subscriber and follower. Thanks so much !!

  8. I have no idea why this came up on my feed but I'm glad it did. I'm on the board of directors for our community library, I think I need to snag a couple of our books that have been weeded out and make some flowers for our librarian.

  9. Could you possibly tell me your measurements for the paper. I've tried I cant get mine to work. But I'm not giving up!! 😊
    Thanks so much

  10. I made them for a work competition to make a bouquet using recycled, repurposed materials. It's perfect and you're so nice for sharing this video. Thank you!

  11. Superb👌👍. Na.. kannaadi podrathaala kannu suththi karuppa aachuthuna.. Rose Water irukkelle na.. athai panji nanachu konjam azhuththi theiththa maranjudumam na.. nijam thaan. Inge oru akka irukkanga.. avanga face -il ippo karuppa illai theriyumo na.. neengalum try pannugalen.

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