Fold and unfold along the diagonals Turn over Fold in half Unfold Fold in half vertically Unfold Fold a square base Fold the right and left sides Unfold Reverse-fold Reverse-fold Turn over Fold the right and left sides Unfold Reverse-fold Reverse-fold Fold and unfold Fold the top down Unfold Sink the top Fold the top edge down Turn over Fold the flap up Fold a flap to the right Unfold Squash-fold Repeat on the left side
Valley-fold Unfold Squash-fold Valley-fold the edges Unfold Reverse-fold Repeat on the right side
Fold the edges Unfold Reverse-fold Fold the lower edge of the left flap Unfold Open-sink Repeat on the right side
Fold the lower edge Unfold Open-sink Turn over Valley-fold The edge should not go beyond the indicated point Repeat on the other point Unfold Fold the corners into the pocket Repeat on the right side
Valley-fold the flaps Unfold Fold the corners into the pocket Fold in half Fold the tip of the wings Open and fold the tips inside Valley-fold Unfold Outside reverse-fold Release the trapped paper Fold the corner Unfold Open sink Fold the corner Tuck it into the pocket Valley-fold Unfold Squash-fold Open Shape the tail of the plane Valley fold the left point down Unfold Reverse-fold Fold the tips inside Valley-fold the flap Fold it inside to lock Fold the wings up Paper Aeroplane finished!

84 thoughts on “PAPER AIRPLANE (Jo Nakashima)

  1. Tip for beginners:
    If the open sink at 8:10 is too hard, skip this step and go to 9:56

  2. It is very difficult for almost all persons that are liked or share or see this video please send a video that is easy

  3. I wish that there was a voiceto understand how to fold the papers I am one of them that likes to do origami but I need voice please put voice on videos PS

  4. バカやろう死ね雑魚 同じ通りにやったけどできなかったよ テレビ見てバカ見て寝て死んじまえ 死んでも 分かってくれよ 二度と YouTube なんて出すな

  5. this is terrible its just hard, u do it too fast, u just fold and don't show people and explain what fold u have to do -_- in thumbnail it looks good but its hard to make and all ur origami stuff looks cool but its too hard.. UNSUBED Im going to my fav origami youtuber Easy Origami. Atleast he shows people slowly step by step how to make an origami…

  6. Great tutorial! I have two little sons and your model was exactly what I was looking for. A beautiful decoration in a child room. Thank you!

  7. Learn To Make the Best World Paper Aiplanes Here:

  8. My spirit is made with a square piece of paper and it flies great.  I don't have a million hits, maybe you could explain my dilemma?

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