PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE Mystery Wheel 3 & How To Make Avengers Captain Marvel & Shazam Diy Art

PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE Mystery Wheel 3 & How To Make Avengers Captain Marvel & Shazam Diy Art

– You challenged us to
make Shazam, so let’s go. Now, I’m kicking it off with
the lightning bolt first. Because the lightning bolt is the body, but the lightning bolt is not the body. – Now we’re gonna give
him his little eyes. And dude, his head is nowhere near as big as his smile Yeah!
– Yeah! We’ll give him his little mouth, he’ll have a big ol’ smile, like, yeah! Oh no! I’m upset! – Whoa!
– I’m sorry, – Bumps. – I’m doing my best, I’m sorry, I just lost control for a moment. Uh-oh, I got a feeling this
one might not come out right. Gotta test this one over
here first, let see. (dramatic music) (both screaming) Oh, what? I screamed so loud. (both screaming) I got it all over my wrist. Well, gotta get this off my arm quick before it stains my arm blue. Gonna have a little bit of
pinkeye over here in this eye, you know, you got a little
bit of the eye infection, doing whatever Shazam does. (peppy ukulele music) We gotta give him defined muscles here, got a little bicep,
little tricep, appendix. And of course a spleen, there we go. I think those areall the
muscles that are in the arm. – What? (laughs) All right, goin’ for the armpits next, then I’m working on the bicep after that. All right, now goin’
around, grabbing the elbow. – [Collins] As you do that,
I’m gonna add a elbow to mine. – Comin’ around to his forearm, he’s got these cool bracelet arm thingies. – Next up, we gotta give a nice, flowing white cape, so here we go. Just gonna give him a nice
little cape like this. Here we go, this whole area is going to be the cape, you know? Here we go, his cape goes
all the way over here. – [Devan] That’s an
expansive cape, Collins. – It is absolutely an expansive
cape for an expansive man. You know what, if we’re doing the cape, we’re doing the cape, man. The cape comes all the way down here, and this Shazam takes up the whole thing, because Shazam is a big man. (Devan yells) – Ya bump. – I’m sorry.
– Ya bump! – I’m sorry, yours is
looking so cool, man, wow. You look over here, it
kinda looks like a frog. – [Devan] All right, just doing the other side of his chest now. – Now it’s time to fill in
his suit, so here we go, we got the red goin’
in, and this should be the finishing touch for him. My pancake is done, now gotta let it roast as Devan meticulously finishes up his. – [Devan] Now I’m adding the
shadow under the armpits. – Man, you are really
into his armpits, man. (peppy ukulele music) Gonna begin lifting it off the griddle and man, I’m actually
shocked it’s staying together and not breaking at all.
– Whoa! Now it’s time to fill it in, – [Collins] Even the way
you fill in the color is super detail-oriented, man. Like starting from the outside
and then working your way in. – [Devan] All right, fill
in his forehead next. – [Collins] He looks really funny with his ears and forehead
filled in right now. Like, this kind of like
weirdly popped out in 3D. Wait, so at what point do you put a whole bunch of color on it at once? – [Devan] You gotta put
the small stuff down first, and then fill it in with the large stuff, so red is last.
– Okay. What other advice do you have on pancake art making, Devan? – Don’t take it too seriously, because you’ll eat it at the end. All right, filling in his shirt. – [Collins] That doesn’t
look like a shirt. That looks way more than a shirt, man. – Um, spandex! – I think this may be your
best pancake ever, right now. – [Devan] His shoulder came up a bit, so I’m just pressing it down a little bit into the batter, and, done. – Here we go, we’re just gonna give it a flip, you ready? Three, two, one.
– Three, two, one. Oh, oh, oh!
– Oh, oh, oh whoa whoa whoa! Dude! All right, here we go, gonna
flip it around a little bit. – [Devan] Wow. – And then we’re gonna lay it back down like this, boom, there we go. – Three, two, one. Oh!
– Oh my gosh! That’s crazy, bro! The detail is so good. Look at those armpits! You get to comment down below, who won this round? You challenged us to make
Patrick Star from SpongeBob, so right now, let’s go. – Whoa, it’s like a boat. Those are big pants. – Get this one other leaf over here. – [Devan] My Patrick is
coming along pretty good. – Yeah, yours is actually
looking really good. Next up, I’m going expert mode. – Aye-aye-aye. – (laughing) So sorry. I’m going to do his eyes next, but here we go, we’re gonna
do one eye right here, then we’re gonna do
another eye right here, I see how Devan conjoined the eyes, so we’re gonna give him some (gasps) some green eyes to really
match his green pants. I’m just gonna finish up
filling in his eyes, right now. Now I just have to figure out how to fit the rest of the body into this. Here we go, we’re gonna go for the mouth. Yeah, huh. – [Devan] My Patrick is
comin’ along pretty good. – [Collins] Yeah, yours is
actually looking really good. – [Devan] Just puttin’ on
some pants, there we go. – I’m gonna go for a darker red for the inside of the mouth, and then of course for the tongue, I’m gonna go for an orange. Mine’s more lookin’ like a
teapot than Patrick, dude. Next up, we gotta give Patrick
his little eyebrows up here, so there we go, eyebrow number one. Eyebrow number two, wanna give
him a little bit of fashion, so we’ll give him a squiggly eyebrow. – [Devan] Nice. – That way you never know exactly what emotion he’s experiencing. Now the easy part, time
to fill in the body. So we’re gonna start
with the legs over here, so give him nice little
leg, just goes like this. This little leg over here,
let’s give him a little leg. Really gotta nail this here,
so we’re gonna go here, arm. Don’t happen to have
room for the little thing on the top of his head,
the starfish thing, and then we go out like that. (laughs) he looks more like an elephant
than anything else right now. Like he has a long trunk over here, and a huge ear over
here, but you know what? We’re going with it. I don’t wanna miss out on any details that could cost me the win
on this one, so here we go. Now we’re gonna fill it in with the pink. (peppy ukulele music) The issue for mine is I kind of missed out on the key star pattern for Patrick, but we’re gonna flip it and
just see how it goes (laughing). – [Devan] It actually kind
of looks like SpongeBob. – I mean, you are kinda right. The only thing mine has in common with Patrick Star is the colors. Other than that, it’s a
completely different piece of art. – [Devan] All right,
time to fill in the body. – [Collins] Why does he
have an orange outline, but a pink body? – What? ‘Cause that’s how Patrick Star is. – Oh, yeah. Yeah, so no, I didn’t
do that on mine, Devan. I just went a little bit
more, you know, artistic. Freehanded it, you know? – But you got everything
else, though, so you’re good. – Yeah, everything else. Why are you waiting to do the eyes last? – [Devan] They are white,
and they get burned. And, done. – 24 hours later. Yo, all right, this is comin’ up. – You’re gonna need two spatulas, dude. – Yo, I need two spatulas, so here we go, just gonna get this one
underneath over here. Uh, oh, you’re okay.
– Oh, let’s take that back. Let’s take that back a second. – I don’t think it’s cooked enough. Gotta turn it up again
and let’s roast it again. – Additional five minutes later. – Yo, dude, it’s fully cooked! Oh, perfect.
– Wow, oh man. – All right, here we go. Three, two, one.
– Three, two, one. (record scratches) – Hm, how do I wanna do this? Uh. – Now is not the time to decide! – If I let go of this spatula, And then…
– No, this is not a good idea. How are you flipping it?
– Three, two, What, like this. – What? That did not happen. – There we go, bro,
(triumphant music) there we go. It lost all color. – Yeah. – You know what, bro? Not too bad, for, at all. That’s great.
(ding) Let’s flips yours, let’s see how yours… – Okay, I need the other spatula. Three, two, one, oh– – We’re doing the five seconds
to subscribe challenge. We wanna see if you can
subscribe to this channel, and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds, you ready? Here we go. Five, four, three,
– Five, four, three, two, one, done.
– Two, one, done. If you can do that, comment down below. Keyper Squad, right now. – [Devan] Ready, set, go! Oh!
– Oh, yo dude! That looks so crazy! You get to comment down below. Let us know who won this round, and we’re on to the next one. You challenged us to
make Dumbo, so let’s go. I’m gonna start with his most
iconic feature, the eyebrows. – What? Those are big eyebrows. (Collins laughs) How big is his face?
– Yeah, here we go. – All right, well, I’m
starting with the hat. (peppy ukulele music) – This is gonna be an inverted Dumbo, so he’s gonna have
little tiny little ears, like that.
– What? – Here we go, and then another little tiny little ear over here, boom, just like that.
– Is that even like, technically Dumbo, though? All right, and the hat is done. – [Collins] Top of his head. – [Devan] And he’s got
two little hairs, too. – The two hairs are very important. – It’s all that’s keeping him together. – Dumbo’s got some beautiful blue eyes, so next up, we got the blue here. Wait, this is alternate universe Dumbo, so, we’re gonna have him get red eyes. I hope Dumbo doesn’t end
up being too scary, man, ’cause, hoo, he’s looking like he has an eye infection right now. – He’s gotta get that checked out. All right, and the hat
is done, now it’s time for the top of the head. – Gonna add the outline of his head here, so, bloop, and like this,
and get the trunk over there. All right, now we gotta give Dumbo his little hat over here,
so a little hat, like that. Just add some pink in here, to the ears. They look like those iconic Dumbo ears. And by iconic, I mean, slightly different. Oh man, I almost forgot about his mouth. We gotta get his mouth in here, so we’re gonna go, yeah, like, uh-oh. Uh-oh, Dumbo doesn’t
look too happy right now. All right, let’s see
here, we’re gonna give him a little tongue, so he can
be a happy little dude. He can be like, “Yeah, what’s up? “This is my tongue.” The last element I’m gonna
be adding is the frills, so here we go, frilly, frilly frills. I mean, it’s something, you can’t deny, that is something, rather than nothing. – All right, just finishing up the trunk. Okay, got it, yup, yup. Just checking in with myself, it works. I’m actually gonna fill
in some of the hat, just like you, Collins. – I actually haven’t filled
in my hat yet, Devan, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. He’s looking more like a sad clown than anything else right now, man. – [Devan] All right, filling
in his little tongue, very cute little tongue. – Man, that’s actually really adorable. You know what, he needs
two nostrils, yeah! Three nostrils! – Whoa. – That’s a ton of air intake! – A little excessive. I mean, how much do you need to smell? – It’s not about smelling, it’s about sucking up waters, and shooting it out. – Oh. – All right, gonna give
him a little purple hat, ’cause this boy is royalty. See, I’m really gonna
try these details here. It’s like, Devan does
details around the mouth, like, maybe like that’ll help, like this little line over there. (Collins chuckles mischievously) Now it looks like he has pudgy cheeks. Okay, maybe not that,
let’s try some other lines. – [Devan] How ’bout some
eyelashes, that’s what I’m doing. He looks like a worried Dumbo right now. – Oh my gosh, yeah, he
does look worried, man. All right, we’re gonna start filling in his trunk over here. Now I’m gonna start adding a lot more, and kind of letting it overflow, letting it all fill up
the cracks and crevices. Boom! It is done! Dumbo, in all of his
magnificence, (chuckling) and his tiny little ears. All right, just gonna let mine roast, and, oh man, that’s looking really good. – [Devan] All right, time
to fill in his ear flaps. Filling in his second ear right now. – It’s crazy how yours goes from just a whole bunch of outlines to super vibrant the moment all the color starts adding in. It’s like the whole
image just comes to life. (peppy ukulele music) Nice, all right, now we
gotta let these roast. We’ll be flipping ’em and
see how they turned out. All right, time to get
this thing off my griddle, so here we go, gonna get the ear first, and oh boy, you know what, maybe, oops! – I have faith in you, Collins. I think you’ll be able to do it. – I don’t. Three, two, one.
– Yeah, two, one. (Collins screaming in excitement) That is clean in there. – Yeah, this is a great Dumbo, man. – [Devan] Oh, I forgot to Pam it again! Ready? Set, go! Oh, dude!
– Oh, my gosh! You get to comment down below. Who made a better Dumbo pancake? You challenged us to
make a Superman pancake, so right now, let’s go. I’m gonna kick it off with Superman’s iconic logo, the diamond. Looks almost more like a
question mark than an S. – [Devan] And look at this. – [Collins] Wait, does he
have, like, little wings coming out of his shoulder? – [Devan] I guess you
could say that, I mean, it’s his cape, so, yeah. – Oh, gotcha. All right, here we go,
gonna be filling in the S. Time to give him a head. Now the head is the most
important part of Superman, so really gotta get
this right, here we go. Yeah, that seems pretty
proportional to me. Okay, perfect. – [Devan] All right,
just working on the S. The tricky part is doing this backwards. Or I guess inverted. – [Collins] Next up, we’re
gonna give him some blue eyes. We’re gonna add some blue into here. – [Devan] I think I made his
waist a little too narrow, so I gotta broaden this out a little bit. – Okay, Devan, that is
unrealistic standards right there, he does not have that thin of a waist. He’s gonna have a very
angry unibrow, boom. – I this him in disguise, Collins? – No, oh, that’s such a good idea! – I think that’s what it is. – [Collins] I’ll put some
glasses on him, like this, bam! – Wait, where did Superman go, dude? – [Collins] He’s fully gone. – [Devan] I think I’m
almost done, actually. I think I just gotta add
his cape in the back here. – Wait, you’re almost done? Dude, I’m like just,
– Yeah, dude, I’m almost done. Okay, I gotta go a lot faster, right now. I gotta give him some hair and neck, so here we go, just gonna give
him some good lookin’ hair. – [Devan] You know what, I
don’t wanna do a big cape. – [Collins] All right, now, gotta give him a little swirl curl on his forehead here. – [Devan] All right, it’s time
to add in the colors here. I’m gonna start with the yellow. – My Superman is gonna have some freckles, because, you know, you really gotta, he’s gonna be in disguise. And now we’re gonna fill in the neck. – [Devan] I’m gonna turn my griddle off, so nothing raises up. – Thing is, Superman
doesn’t shave very often, so he’s got a little bit of weird stubble goin’ on right now. Yeah, Superman’s got some crazy hair. – Oh, dude! – I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – Dude, that was a massive bump! – I’m sorry, I accidentally
got too excited. The thing is, Devan, does
your guy even have abs? I don’t think he does. – Uh, he has the implied abs, Collins. – The what? How does– – He’s wearing a shirt,
so you’re not gonna see the full definition in his abs. – But technically, we
all have implied abs. – [Devan] All right, adding in the shadow on the side of his face. – Here we go, gonna fill
in all the abs first, and we’re gonna get this over here. All right, here we go,
next up we got the cape, so here we’re just gonna allow this cape to go back like this,
just flows over his beard. (peppy ukulele music) last up, just gotta fill
up his face right now, so this is really where I think you get to highlight all the freckles,
all the beauteous, uh, beauty in his face. – [Devan] Now it’s time to
fill in the rest of the blue. (peppy ukulele music) all right, doing the last
bit on his face here. – I wanna give him laser eyes. Boom, and it’s done. Now it’s gotta turn up, and let it roast. All right, mine is fully cooked right now, and here we go with the flip. Three, two, one.
– Two, one. Oh, nicely done!
– Oh, dude I nailed that, bro. Look at it! So, right now, let’s see
how yours turned out. – All right, ready, set, go! Oh, dude!
– Oh my gosh! That looks so good, bro! You get to comment down below. Who made a better Superman? And we’re on to the next one. You challenged up to make Captain Marvel from her new movie, and
right now, let’s go. Per usual, I’m gonna start
off with her head, oops. – Oops? It looks more like that
meme dude, who’s like ahhh. We’re gonna go with it though. – [Devan] Man, it is so hard to do detail with pancake batter, bro. – So I think it goes
up, then there’s, like, a little thingie there. (Collins chuckles) It looks like a rubber ducky. (squeaking) Oh my gosh! (laughing) All right, we’re gonna
give her some blue eyes. Now we’re gonna fill this in with red, and give her some beautiful lips. Next up is very important, her hair. She’s got nice blond hair. To be honest, I am pretty worried about how this is gonna turn out. – She’s goin’ bald. (peppy ukulele music) – Long hair, long beautiful
hair, lotta curls on it. She curls her hair regularly. That is gonna be very beautiful,
but very difficult to flip. I gotta try and fix this. My solution is more hair. – What? – [Collins] It needs more hair. – [Devan] Yeah, I think it does, actually. – She’s got one marvelous hair. I do wanna fill in just a little bit more on the eyebrow right here. Oh, no, it’s Hoot-dini!
– What? Seriously, again? – Oh my gosh, all right, well, time to spin for our wild cards. – All right. – And again, I really hope it’s good. Here we go, three, two, one. (wheels clicking) All right, let’s see what this one is. (Devan groaning) Wasabi? – Oh, you have to add wasabi to it! – Oh, man! – Well, mine I have to wear boxing gloves. Let’s do this. – Dude, I dunno where I’m gonna add this. – [Collins] Pick up my
yellow now, here we go. Oh, I’m actually pretty good at this. – All right, it’s all mixed
up, and it’s expanding now, because I mixed it, man. – All right, I gotta grab my next color. Oh, uncontrollable.
– Oh, boy. – Okay, let’s see, oh. Tip it over, and there we go. This is workin’ great. Uh-oh, gotta be very careful
not to break the hair. Oh, I just had an idea. What if I channeled
Captain Marvel’s powers? All right, here we go, three, two, one. (zapping and whooshing) Whoa, this is so cool! – What? – Oh my gosh, I love this! Hey Devan, fist bump! – Wow, whoa, hey, I’m not doing that. It’s glowing. – Yeah, that’s the whole
point, is a glowing glove. Three. – Okay. – Go for it man, two. – Okay. – Here we go, one. (power surging)
(Devan yelling) These are awesome! All right, now I gotta
grab the blue, there we go, now I gotta, (yells) It spouted upwards. Just down the middle like that. – I love just checking in once in awhile, to see what you’re up to. – I’m always up to something. (peppy ukulele music) – All right, the outline is done, and now it’s time to color it in. I’m going in for the hair, and I’m using the wasabi now. (whimpering) Look at this, dude, this
does not mix around at all. – All right, here we go,
it’s time for the flip. You ready, Devan? Three, two, one. No, oh, oh!
– Oh! – Oh, it’s great. – [Devan] You got it on mine. – I don’t have thumbs I can use. It’s so tough to work with these gloves. All right, now I just gotta
rotate her a little bit. Ta-da, mine is done, and I crushed it. Unfortunately, she lost a lot of her hair, but now she’s got a buzz
cut, so, there’s that. (peppy ukulele music) – [Devan] And done! – I can’t wait to see what this thing looks like when you flip it, though, its gonna look so cool. – Now, it’s just time to add the flames. – [Collins] Wait, wait,
wait, yours has flames? – Ah, what a bummer, I’m all
out of the wasabi yellow. I have to use more of the actual yellow. – That’s not right. – Bummer! – You should use straight
wasabi, make it a green– – No, no, too quick, I mean, uh, too late! Ha ha, ha, I’m too quick. Bro, as it’s cooking,
it’s making my eyes water because of the wasabi in there. All right, it’s ready for the flip. This is always the most stressful part. Ready, set, go! – Oh, and if you wanna win
a 15 minute video call, with Devan and I, text the
word ART to 81800, right now. So pause the video, text
the word ART to 81800, and you’ll automatically
be entered in to win. And right now, let’s see how this looks. Ready, set, go. – Oh, that looks amazing! You get to comment down below. Who made a better Captain Marvel? You challenged up to make Steve
from Minecraft, so let’s go. I think this is a deceptively
easy seeming pancake, ’cause like, it seems it’s
like a whole bunch of boxes. I know it’s gonna be
way more hard than that. – All right, hair is done. – [Collins] We’ll give him little legs that pop out over here. He’s doing a mid-air splits jump. – [Devan] Now I’m goin’
for the side of the face. – Next up, gotta give
this dude a little bit of chest hair right there, just like that. He’s got this little patch of chest hair that’s just popping out, you know? Just bursting through his shirt. And I’m gonna fill in his shirt next. Bohh-hoo! I’m gonna give him a cool shirt design. And if I could just grab, I
think this is what I need. Nope, nevermind.
– What? Don’t you have it on your side? – Uh, yeah, oh, I guess I do, yup. Make him fancy, you know, so here we go. Just gonna give him
little buttons, like this. Here we go, button. – [Devan] And mouth is
done, now on to the eyes. – Yours, actually, yeah, yours is looking really good right now. Just like that, now we’re gonna give him a little bit of like a shirt collar. Little pointy bit, and
the up like that, boom. Man, you know what, I’m taking
some creative liberties, but I think it’s really paying
off with my guy right now. My guy’s gonna have a dragon on his shirt. – Wait… – So we’re gonna give
him some yellow flames that he’s spittin’ out over
here, he’s like “rawr.” Next up, we’re gonna
give him some red shoes. ‘Cause you know, why not? Fashion is Steve’s passion. (peppy ukulele music) All right, cool, so the
dragon on the shirt is done. You know, He’s feeling really manly. He’s got the chest hair, he’s
got a dragon on his shirt. Steve’s having a great day. – [Devan] Just doing his sleeve right now. And now I have to move on to,
I think, the side of his arm. – All right, giving him
some light blue legs, which doesn’t necessarily make sense, but we’re just gonna go for it. – Kinda like playing Tetris. Hey, I just realized, he has
the same shirt as you, bro. – Oh! Wait, did you give him a dragon? – What? No, no, no, he’s got a blue shirt on. – I was about to say, I’m like, you can’t just give your guy a dragon. – [Devan] This one’s actually
surprisingly difficult, ’cause there’s so many straight lines, and pancake batter does
not work in straight lines. Now I’m gettin’ the top of his jeans. – Uh-oh.
– What? What, what, what?
(Collins screams) – Wait, wait, wait, that’s really good. – That’s a square eye. All right, time to get
his second arm in there, just like that. – Oh, man, I’ve, like, discovered some hidden talents all of the sudden. Man, look at those two eyes. This is on another level. Ooh!
– Ooh, gotta alter the arm a little bit here. Gonna move it around. Ooh, this is tough. Oh, yup.
– There we go. Next up, got a bit of a square nose. Yeah, it started to fall apart. I really thought I had it, for a second. Now it’s kind of falling apart, now. – [Devan] Oh, I almost
broke his arm off, dude. Okay, wait, I’m gonna glue
it back together, now. That was a fast one,
– Oh, man, you’re even playing with perspective. You got one arm swinging back, one arm swinging forward right now. – I know, I don’t think
it’d really translate, but look at his leg, man,
it’s going, like, way back. – All right, now I’m gonna
fill in his face right here, and I’m almost done with Steve, man. Minecraft is definitely my round. All right, mine’s done, but I’m gonna add an extra element to it, Devan, so you’ve gotta try to guess what this is. – [Devan] Just removing a foot real quick. Now I gotta add the shadow on the leg. There’s the heel of his foot. – If you had to guess
what I’m making right now, what would you guess this is. – Oh, wai, oop, I need that. – I was just using it. – [Devan] A J? – [Collins] Nope. – A pogo sticking person? A J with some blue on it? A bluejay! – I can see where you’re
going, but no, not really. Here we go.
– A red and bluejay? – It’s gonna go like this. – Dude, I don’t know, man. – It’s the Tik Tok logo, Devan. – [Devan] Huh? Steve is Tik Tok famous. – [Devan] All right,
well my pancake is done. – I think it’s time to flip mine, and he looks like he’s in,
like, a onesie right now. Like, he’s about to go to bed. Yup.
– Did you put Pam down, bro? – I didn’t, I never do. Gonna start over here again.
(Devan groaning) Start with the head a little bit. He’s a bit of an acrobat,
so being in the air should be usual for him. Three, two, one.
– Three, two, one. (record scratches) – Oh, his arm stuck! – You didn’t commit! – Oh, oh no! – [Devan] You didn’t commit! – Oh no, he’s stuck! Okay, this is my greatest work yet, dude. And now, time to see how yours turned out. – All right, dude, he comes up so easily. – Oh my gosh, yeah, yours came right off. Even with no Pam and everything. – [Devan] Three, two, one– – We want a three second like challenge. We wanna see if you can like this video in three seconds, you ready? Here we go Three, two, one, done.
– Three, two, one, done. Ready, set, go! Oh!
– Oh, that looks so good! You get to comment down below,
who made a better Steve? You challenged us to make
the Genie from Aladdin. – [Devan] I’m starting with one eyebrow. – See, I’m gonna make the Genie lamp, as well as the Genie. So now I’m just gonna fill
in the genie lamp here, so we’re gonna add some yellow to it. The only issue is with how
I placed the Genie bottle, it makes it kind of difficult
to get the Genie out, so I’m gonna have to do a
little bit of wind around work. Now for this next part,
I need some very special pancake batter, so, here we go, ta-da! – Wow. – All right. (yelling) – Whoa, man! – The big thing about the Genie is he has a huge smile. Gotta give him some
stubble, or some beard. This is the Genie after
he’s freshly been shaved. (peppy ukulele music) Now it’s time to fill in his teeth, so gotta get those nice
pearly whites, right now. No, its Hoot-dini!
– What, oh! – Come on, I need to
like, finish this more. – All done with the teeth, man. – Well I guess we gotta
spin for the wild card, so here we go, are you ready? Three, two, one.
– Three, two, one. (wheels clicking) – Let’s see, I got red. – No, tiny hands, bro! – Yes, dude, you got tiny hands! That’s one of my favorite things on here. – No, what! – [Collins] Egg on spoon. – I don’t know how I’m gonna
squeeze the bottle, man. (Collin mumbles) Oh, oh, I forgot to turn on the pan. I won’t make you–
(dramatic music) Whoa. – Here’s the thing, I’m gonna
make a creative decision and turn my grill on, and
give my guy a yellow tooth. (Devan groaning) – It’s so hard to grip. Gotta shake it up, now, oh, man, that was like a trick. – Here we go guys, arm
number one, perfect. All right, we got arm number two. – [Devan] This takes
tremendous grip strength. – Yeah, this takes tremendous
grip strength, bite strength. Gonna fill in his body like this. – Hand cramp, hand cramp! – I got a jaw cramp right now, man. Okay, its time for the flip. (laughing) Here we go, I just have to balance my egg, and do a very complex flipping motion. Three, two, one. – [Devan] Oh. Oh, you got it.
– Oh, I did it! All right, that’s perfect, we got, Oh no!
– Oh! – You know what, that’s
actually kind of perfect, we’ll make a little,
– Yeah, whoa, whoa, whoa. Move your pancake,
– egg dish right now, in the midst of all this.
– move your pancake. Let me help, let me help.
– It’s actually kind of perfect, there we go.
– Let me help, there you go. – [Collins] Boom. – Collins, do you have any napkins? I need to wipe up. – [Collins] Yup, got a
little napkin for you. – [Devan] Oh, thank you so much. – [Collins] Yup, there you go if you wanna clean off your hands. – Okay, yup. Now it’s time to fill it in with the blue. Oh, I can’t believe
I’ve gripped it so far! – How have you done that, bro? You have, like, Spider-Man
hands right now. – I don’t know. Press down with both hands, like CPR. – That’s actually really smart, man. Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! – Hi-yah! Hi-yah! – [Collins] Be careful, man. (Devan grunting) – [Devan] Now I’ve gotta rotate it around. Oh, if I just tip it, I’m good. – Oh, I just had an idea. What if I add pancake batter to the egg? Oh, this is gonna work, have to inject it into the yolk.
– Dude, wait, what? Dude, are you seeing this? – No, are you seeing this? – No, are you seeing this. – [Collins] No Devan, are you seeing this? – Collins, I’m doing the fly-over, bro. Oh, no. – Uh-oh. – I can’t put any pressure on it. – I’ll help you a little
bit with the pressure. – Oh, oh whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Oh, man!
– Oh, no! Let’s do this. You have to have a successful flip, so for now, you can
take off your tiny hands to get the flip right. – Seriously? Oh my goodness.
– Yes, I will make one allowance, yes. – Thank you so much. – You are so welcome. You are welcome.
– Thank you, I really appreciate it. Thank you so much, it means
a lot, man, thank you. – So let’s get those hands off. – Oh, it feels good to have my hands back. Ready, set, go. Oh, oh!
– Oh, that looks so good! You crushed it, bro! You get to comment down below. Who won this round? And right now, it’s on to the next one. All right, it’s time to eat the pancakes, but, there’s actually a
mystery wheel twist to this. Basically, we can only eat one pancake. And the mystery wheel gets to
choose which pancake that is. – Now I have to say, all
of mine look really tasty, except Captain Marvel. – What’s wrong with her? – I mean, she has wasabi in her hair, bro. – Oh, dude, I forgot about that. Three, two, one.
– Three, two, one. (wheels clicking) Come on, please not the wasabi! Anything but the wasabi, come on! – And as long as mine is not burnt, I will be very happy. I’ve got very low standards on this. – Yes, I got Spider-Man, bro! – You got Spider-man? Yo, congratulations, bro.
– Yes, I did, check it out. – I’m happy for you. – Oh, thank you, bro. Dude, what did you get? – All right, well, let’s see, we got… Oh!
– Oh! Does that mean what I think it means? – All right, that’s kind of cool. Brother picks my pancake, so I guess– – Yes! – Devan, you choose one of my pancakes. – What?
(record scratches) No, no, no, no, no. I’m choosing this one, bro. – But it says brother
picks one of my pancakes. – No, it just says brother picks pancake. Wasabi for you. – No, I don’t wanna eat
the wasabi hair, bro. – Yes, here we go, time
to eat Spider-Man, three, – Dude, his neck’s about to fall off. Two, one. Mmm!
– Oh! I’m trying to put together a palate, it starts with the base face, and then we go with the middle hair, – [Devan] So it’s a
Captain Marvel sandwich. – All right, here we go, three, two, one. Oh, oh man, oh man!
– Oh, ugh, that’s gotta be a terrible combo. (Collins groans) Is that really bad? – Yeah, it’s the worst
pancake I’ve ever had! It like burns in my nose. – Oh no! – Oh man! – That’s gotta be a terrible combo. (Collins groans) (ding)
(Collins gasps) – Dude! When I flip this over, he’s gonna have, like, a metal tooth, and
it’s gonna give him style, and flair, and (air whooshing) dental work. All right, I’m gonna
give him a brown mouth, ’cause he’s been eatin’ some dirt. I’m sure that, like, elephants
might be able to ingest dirt. It’s like, a lot of the food
they eat is on the ground, which has a lot of dirt. – [Devan] Right. – So, like, they probably know how to convert dirt into energy. Comment down below. Who is your favorite character you would love to see a pancake of it. Right now, you have five
seconds to click over here. Here we go, five, four, three, two, one.
– Five, four, three, two, one. Done!
– Done! Love you, bye!
– Love you, bye!

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  1. Thumbs up if you like their videos sorry for them other things they were wrong I was not in post to say them thumbs up are down below👇👍

  2. The reason Devan wins all the time is because Collin doesnt even try. He just has fun. Collin is actually quite artistic but if you actually watch, he goofs off and rushes his creations while Devan takes his time and is more serious about it.

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