PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE Mystery Wheel 2 & Learn How To Make Diy Avengers & Aquaman Art

Three-two-one Oh What’s so good you challenged us to make a Lego character so right now let’s go for my pancake I’m going to make the flash and I’m making spider-man starting off a little bit differently I’m gonna start off with a square body but here
We go it’s gonna give us a little leg just like that look at that look at that perfect little leg right there man alright next up we got to give him a neck I’m gonna give him a little bit of a longer neck just you know make up for the fact that his body is huh his body is so small all right and there we Coop’s that will give them as little arms over here next up I got to do his lightning belt but for some reason I don’t the color yellow oh right I left in the kitchens let me up grab that really quick here we go alright got the yellow perfect I know I need the bigger yellow so give me I give me one second I’ll be right back with places over here Alright yeah I got the bigger yellow what are you doing I’m grabbing out of the yellow where did you just go Are my eyes playing tricks on me or what so it’s belts all like jaggedy lightning type so we’re gonna go like this looks more like a ruffle I was gonna fill it in with yellow right We got to give him his eyeballs next so we got eyeball number one over here and that was the important part time to give him his red mask here we go red mask kind of goes like this Circles out around the eyes I do Calvin’s like Charlie Brown mixed with Wally man whoa he totally does yeah this is not as good as I thought it was going to be but at the same time it’s great are we gonna give a little mouth he’s gonna like yeah he’s like This is what happens when he’s running super fast aren’t the most important part the lightning bolt on his chest let’s do this I Need a real-life example of a lightning bolt so time to four to lightning bolt so let’s see okay I think that should be good Here, we go let’s see three two one Did that even help you at all I actually forgot what it looks like so I guess we’ll just have to kind of wing it seriously All right now I gotta fill in his neck gotta get him a nice good Outlet randomly goes off which means we lose them for our wild card three two one you know I just really hope that it doesn’t mess up my lightening bolt because I gotta really make this guy perfect what Salad tongue flip no that batter hands oh all right we got the batter I’ve got some fans and time to have some battle hands here we go batter hands number one so get the second hand in yeah first up we got to meet the lightning bolt on his chest he has a circle first it goes around his chest like that There we go dude I’m gonna get artistic and creative here was gonna drop Is gonna add the red So slippery man just slip right on my end it’s gonna do it like, okay no it took off half his lightning bolt what if eyes use this it’s clear a little path here in the middle I’m gonna redo his lightning bolt All right time to go for the weight I can’t use a spatula to flip it Oh use the tongs what a geek yeah they can see I embraced the batter hands you trying to stay away from them I’m embracing them I think I should gonna help Out my artwork all right now, it’s time for the flip so luckily for me I get to use some spatula I know 3 2 1 Oh With finesse I was pretty pretty pretty cool you ready for it Yeah, I’m totally ready you have to tong it so lightly three two one thing subscribe cause we want to see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds are you ready here we go 5 4 3 2 1 done if you can do that comment down below keeper squad right now all right here we go ready set go You get to comment down below who made a better pancake and right now we’re on to the next one you challenged us to make Captain America from Avengers end games right now let’s go I’m gonna make Captain America’s shield first cuz it’s the most iconic part so they’re not only the same a perfect circle that was that’s Devin okay the second circle was actually pretty solid once you look at it they look at my circle I’m making an oval but that’s a pretty good circle right yeah that’s really good and in the Marvel movies His shield and indestructible so I wonder if the pancake is going to be indestructible as well so we’re gonna turn this up and roast It flip it and test the pancake and then we’re getting continue with the rest of the box wait what how does that make sense maybe I had vibranium Pancake batter Devon never thought of that did you know very unlikely all right here we go it’s a little jiggly doesn’t constructible right now what it’s not feeling indestructible three three two one oh boy oh boy oh boy wait let’s just flip okay together all right well you know maybe there’s needs cooking hard and I’m gonna try to repair the shield’s we’re gonna add some extra batter in here and hopefully this will allow this will seal the different parts together let’s see how strong this pancake shield really is here we go three two one, oh That’s not gonna hurt. Oh, yeah, oh! That’s a strong pancake yeah, yeah that’s a note from me another one oh the cat came up oh, that’s not good oh he’s gonna have a blob arm here’s a loaf of bread for a head that’s this kind of Captain America’s deal up again you know I’m not sure how to give my shield is looking I mean it’s not that close to the real one what do you think that’s The real Captain America shield yeah I mean there’s only one no that’s like the real one yes vibranium is indestructible bro you want to test it Yeah sure all right here we go you ready Uh-oh you got a little quick let me just let me get it okay all right and you’re sure that’s the real one yeah Okay here we go three two one Oh yeah it’s definitely the real shield here it is didn’t that tell you You were supposed to catch you it’s coming back to you yeah it’s new we’re gonna fill in Captain American star with red next up We gotta give him the American torso suspenders I don’t know We had like the red and white across the stock yeah, we’re doing that next now It’s time to give Captain America the mouth of a hero doesn’t that just look like a mouth it looks like that stuff in the mouth of a hero yeah, oh, no I just remembered when I flip my pancake this isn’t become burnt side up Oh, no horrible and now trying to fill in as hero Mouse’s gonna put the car Oh Well I don’t have to get that one so that was not a bad one so let’s see what this super acrylic nails what what’s the difference between regular acrylic and super acrylic all right I got a bag with batter so I don’t know what I do with that but I Oh No well I mean that can’t use these containers like, oh No, poke holes in the arm right now let’s go so this is what super acrylic nails meant Wow I know what a crook nails are but these are definitely Super yeah and I guess I have to use this bag so I’m gonna have like just poke holes in it and properly dispense it Oh one already broke up how am I gonna pick this up because I can’t pick it up like this, oh man, oh Man, oh, no I forgot to turn on the thing first. Oh, yeah here G. Oh that’s gonna be told oh! Devon’s girl flag upside down, okay, oh I think I got it I think I got it it’s the side of the thumb oh you’re doing that it turned out my first Hole oh, yeah! okay, okay oh, sorry bump you Oh pulls in you can squeeze out oh this is pretty cool man oh Do it like two holes at once like dispensing twice as much yes Okay, gotta take this gotta get this one uh-huh absolutely crushing it right now hello all right there we go I think I got it I think I got it nice and careful okay got it here switch grip right out of better fluid, okay, okay, okay now time to fill in the rest of this yes please order man what It’s not that I’m not trying this is gonna ruin our pancake I don’t like that go get on the shoe and the arm at the same time come on Just like that it’s over Wow oh, it’s gonna take forever bro this is like a pincher workout man just two fingers pension ah muscles are starting to feel some fatigue Yeah why don’t you use these little like funnel shoots until you pour the Peggy better in at the top and then funnel down see If that sounds like something you would do and it wouldn’t be effective what all right here we go, he’s gonna dispense down here Oh, I gotta support with my other nail oh, there’s like one of cement trucks no way it is actually working yeah Carefully oh You made this so much more difficult now I don’t know what to do with this nail bro you’ve compromised it what do you get compromise it it looks great it’s red on the outside blue on the inside that’s unique never again Oh No all right here we go palm technique and now I have to move it on to the pit kick wow that actually works yeah that’s pretty good look at this it’s speedy Devon its PT Devon he’s looking kind of blobby right now not too muscly I must say and done I didn’t even think about this but how are you gonna flip with those acrylic nails Oh what all right it’s on and roastin maybe use your nails to flip it no, way dude gonna break off all my nails all right here we go time to flip my Captain America, oh good boy three two one Oh Is one burnt pancakes yeah but I mean like it still is recognize let me get that bit for you let me just get that Yeah yeah must admit the shield looks way better from the other angle just the palm grip Oh yep just two palm in a little bit of pinky here we go coming underneath I feel like an eagle flying in for the scoop you know this is actually going pretty well all right three two. Oh, no no
wait a 15-minute video call whip that at night text the word arts 281 800 right now so pause the video text the word art 281 800 and you’ll automatically be answered in two women right now let’s see how this looks all right ready set go Oh Pinky in the process how did you make that with the nails. Oh my gosh who, won this round right now we’re on to the next one you challenged us to make a dragon from How to Train Your Dragon So right now let’s go I’m starting with the I haven’t you can start with the wings all right so we got wing number one and then we got the other side of the wing BAM and there is the base of my dragon that’s actually pretty good like that’s pretty solid dude I feel like you’ve done that head like three times I always I was gonna be super cool he’s gonna have like, awesome little wings I don’t have enough room for the top of his horn So it’s just gonna be a little stump there is actual art to adding the right amount of pancake batter like that BAM wing number one complete nicely done Now it’s time to add some upgrades to my dragons wings we’re gonna add Three new would Have we ever got something good yet I don’t think we have all right what’s up this one changes that pattern so let’s see what I got no dude I got duct tape well I got can’t bend elbows bro I have like dinosaur dragon arms right now and I have like Frankenstein arms dude well it’ll be very interesting to see how this pancake turns out it right now I need to continue with the designs over Here this I got it and then you gotta kind of go forward like this extend the fingers I can’t relax any harm How is yours go put the eye on the road so I keep I just dripping everywhere Kevin can I borrow your sleeve my way I need to use your sleeve to wipe up some batter what you can’t use my sleeve merch bro all right Alright we got a paper towel here How does here still look so good when you can’t even bend your elbows to be honest I don’t know here we go what’s gonna dab it up alright time to add some scales they’re going well it’s like I thought you meant like scaling you’re gonna try to weigh up the What okay I think I’m done but now. I have to sneeze Oh!
no do you better cover your mouth man if you don’t cover your mouth that’s gonna be a big issue I don’t know how what do You mean you don’t know how I might need to use your shoulder you can’t that won’t happen well luckily I don’t have to sneeze anymore so your show that has been spared You’re welcome let me ever turn the favor. I think thank you, okay okay here we go it’s really gonna krokodil What is the what are you doing with your hand hug something well I? think I need to turn on the hot plate sorry sorry did I bump you you did but I don’t complain Okay, hot plate on time to shake up the bottle and feel like I’m doing a pretty good job gotta prepare me read Me read this is some risky business so close This takes max concentration and a lot of arm strength for this row scales are gonna be a little bit unconventional Okay, I’m done with the blue time to go for the eye Perfect hey nice you know I’m kind of lost forward to do next so I need some real light dragon inspiration right Now so I’m gonna call my pet dragon Doug Look at Doug Well I guess we’ll continue to roast some pancakes Pancake better work why don’t you work alright here we go I’m gonna turn it on now, okay So this is now where I have to be very careful because I cannot get close to the griddle this is super important first steps first I got to add some more details so this leg over here gonna be full of details right now we’ll get some waffle wings yeah I think I’ve gotten the hang of this man waffle wings I’m gonna do double straight arms Wow look at that, oh my god I should not all right now it’s gonna grab the green again because it needed for a little bit a little bit of misfire here we go so let’s get the green on it’s very difficult to be precise when your hands are stuck like this a little bit right there on the tip of the wing all right perfect whew as you can see without duct tape with duct tape it makes a huge difference Imagine how all this detail is gonna look it’s gonna be good that’s what you’re done yeah I get to rest my arms now oh alright I gotta try to get the white so I’m gonna use a little spatula to pick it up nice it’s a spatula not a grabber combo I’ll give you my white oh, thank you Oh, okay Careful dude careful I got it here’s why I don’t need the white you don’t need to buy it Really and I just got you the way I mean I’m an artist and I need yellow fine Here you go here’s your yellow thank you all right here we go same process whoa yeah uh-huh nice here we go long shot dude it’s on max heat it’s like cooking it right away here I’ll turn off all right careful be careful and that’s about complete my dragon all right now it is let it cook well I think it actually almost already cooked yeah that’s what happens when you’re On max eat bro do please hand me that spatula over there yes yeah Do you need another spatula nope 100 I already prematurely flipped oh I feel like the flip for you is gonna be really difficult It’s pretty great dragon and I’m a master flipper bro didn’t know until today but yeah, you’ve definitely passed exams I needed that sorry Guy I wouldn’t get it for you but again it’s my own time to grab my spatulas And I’m gonna miss Devon try to get some of it off it doesn’t cook all the way through some of it is but some of it isn’t I can only offer moral support because my arms don’t reach that far I guess wave over here and give you a little little golf claps you got this got this bro You ready for us I don’t want to say this Devin but I don’t quite have confidence you’ll be able to do this successfully Really I’m gonna put out there all right well. I have confidence in me so so should you There we go I fixed it oh Hey You get to comment down below and let us know who made the best pancake right now it’s on to the next one you challenged us to make a mirror from the new Aquaman movie so right now let’s go I’m starting off by making the crown So we have like 180 great here why you capping make up I’m gonna hide my work you’re gonna peek like this that’s a large Crown now we’re gonna do the head let’s go like a cowboy right now I will turn this on and then we’ll give her some Some ears next up we got the the eyebrows she’s got great eyebrows seven those look pretty great right. Yeah those are actually really nice Yeah I’ll give her two eyeballs have you ever one right there one over here now we got to give her a beautiful smile look at that looks just so happy I will give her a little tongue right here Oh a light gray inside the mouth you know give like depth and shadows shadows and all that all that great Morgan doesn’t mouth isn’t gray though what should it be it would be a darker red fortunately I have a darker red right here so I guess she’s gonna have gray molars all right they’ll give her a darker red in her mouth all this Wow Wow double you’re really good at this whoa Whoa you okay yeah well you know what they say right luckily lightning doesn’t strike twice yeah, oh! there’s sort of storm ever now it is time to fill in the golden crown So oh I have an idea Devin I’m gonna get an advantage on you right now I’m going to create an emerald gem in the middle of it well I just kind of told you what my advantage would be but There you go you know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna add an emerald gem in the middle of it yeah Jeff had that idea I can’t say about the gem it’s very unusual-looking and a ruby in the center by that time for the gold crown to be made so we’re gonna add the yellow in alright it’s gonna add in the eyeballs signs coming along really well right now for the ears I see Devin is all the small line details I’m gonna try to emulate the same thing for the difference I don’t really know what the ear need just look at my ear for reference Yeah that is there I saw that and I’m now an artist thinking she’s got red ears because she recently got Embarrassed like something happened and she got embarrassing so her ears turned red now the final step time for the hair so we’re gonna fill this in first it’s time to start rushing my pancake Good Time to flip my pancake and this can be so challenging. I do is one of the largest pancakes I’ve ever made how are you gonna do this three, oh Thank you man alright that was a week All right it’s time to flip mine three to look perfect like jugs we want even like this video in three seconds you ready here we go three two one done ready set yo I only had a couple airs hollow couple hairs fell off you can comment down below who Made the better mirror right now we’re on to the next one you challenged us to make Zima from the Lion King I’m gonna start in a very different way I’m gonna begin with his ear alright so the two years are done the thing about his Ears is he has it’s kind of like lining on the inside all you’ve heard of the circle of life this is the circle of simple ears this one over here will start with a super curly ear here where are you making Simba Yoda right now I’m making Simba looks like Yoda to me this goes here he’s gonna add in the color And now the most important part time to make its full head Oh face face there there’s his face alright just gonna fill in his hair Mr. Wild card you ready yeah three two one hoping I get read I don’t know why I just want read Oh, so close to read oh, no upside down pancake I use grab her hands to make the rest look I can’t use my Hands I can’t believe this turn upside down this mallet might look really wet at least you have like regular heads grabber thing it looks like a little duck bills you know they’ve actually done exercises like this So yours is almost more interfering with me than it is with me over here for once a really bro even seem to get the bigger one here we go Oh see all right here we go gonna bring it over here like this okay there we go laughs bro it’s so unnecessarily long I gotta like scoop material back Seat shaking bro so it’s like I see it I can down support from the bottom rib oh I’m only gonna use one at a time pickup squeeze there We go wait how are you so good Keep it upside-down man like I can’t even figure this out these are actually she says I’ve done before it work out how’s he doing side down art exercise cause it’s just so slow I don’t I don’t like it I need to get some different claws already got some new crappy hands and these might actually be even worse there’s like no way I can finish my pancake cuz these grabby hands are all so bad I gotta control myself Unfortunately I got to go back to the big grabby hands. Ah here we go left ah! come on No, we’re just gonna pick up the gray a little bit up right here and then Build the circle of the eye alright last thing I got to do is just fill it all in accent quite a sophisticated Plan, we’re gonna use the grab her head things grab and grip now I’m gonna lift it up like this and then spin, oh I have a solution can take this one here and use this one to just hold it in place and then use this one to Push down and dispense the red oh this messed up miss I yes it’s ruining cut of lots of different parts of it right now Your mine is so close to being done please do not mess it up Are you gonna push it up over here we go shots Get out of the way excuse me Tell you if you don’t move okay? I’ll movie let’s turn it up and let’s let’s roast it now bro, it’s So messy it looks like a stampede came through wait do you nut whoa what is going on look out Well it was close You’re going the wrong way, oh, no I just remembered I have to flip my pancake with yeah, oh that’s good, so bad oh Now it’s time to flip my claw hands you reach under this side what if you use a claw to hold especially Nice alright yeah go for it three two one, oh There we go unconventional flip but now it is on the table turn it looks like a sunset all right it’s ready to flip this looks, so Good, oh my gosh ready set That looks so good comment down below who Won this round right now we’re on to the next one and just for the fun of it I actually made some extra pancakes like Godzilla looks So good I also made Shazam dude it’s like all buff and everything though right and I made Kyle team leader from fortnight and so did I this is my version of protein wiener nine fortnight looking good man exactly the structure is intact see if you can fold it by the ears it stays up perfect what the thing is I’m a little Bit hungry so let me just let me grab something first here we go Sorry man take your all men sorry broke when I’m training really well from tech rift Doug hey Doug sit pretty cold sit hey Doug wave Hey Okay take a little bit of getting used to I think you might have cooked my pancakes okay sure you can handle that dragon maybe you should just stick to this one let go of Doug just handle this jacket

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