PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE 5!!! Learn How To Make Minions Pokemon Incredibles 2 Tomb Raider DIY Pancakes

PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE 5!!! Learn How To Make Minions Pokemon Incredibles 2 Tomb Raider DIY Pancakes

– No, no, no, no, no! Yipe! (crash) YouTube Challenge! Wengie and I do the pancake art challenge! – This is so squishy! – And we’re kicking it off with Jack Jack from “The Incredibles”! Alright, so I’m gonna
start with the body, here. – It’s so complicated! – [Collins] Okay, I’m gonna
go here. We got another arm. Oh! No, no, no, no, no! – What is that?? – He’s got a giant leg! – [Wengie] It looks like a cherry! This is so hard! What is happening?! Now it looks like Santa. (bells ringing) – Oh, no! (screaming) It just squirted– Stop it! I feel like these pancakes
just try to sabotage me at every turn they get. – Am I the only one taking
this seriously here? – What?! This mask is taking up so much room! – Oh my god, there’s
no space for his legs! – Oh, oh, oh! Collins has great ideas. You’re gonna take the
legs and put them overhead like he’s doing a– – You know how babies put
their legs over their heads and they’re like, “Whee!” Like that? – Nah, no. It’s just
tryin’ to sabotage me. I’m not gonna listen to him. (lively music) – [Collins] He has a green mouth, and there’s green comin’ down because little Baby Jack Jack
just vomited all over himself. He’s like, (retches) So that’s his mouth! (lively music) (dramatic sting) My favorite part of Jack
Jack, the little hair on top, I forgot all about it! – [Wengie] You can’t fit it! – Oop, there’s a way. Let’s
give Jack Jack some fingers. I’m only giving him two
fingers. That’s all he needs. – [Wengie] Now he looks like a crab! (laughs) – “I’m incredible!” I got a pointy little
spike of hair on his foot, this was one toe hair the
dude’s been really growing out. And there it is. Ladies first, would you
like to flip yours first? – Sure. Hey! He’s not sticking. – Oh, snap! No, no, no, no, no! (anxious noise) – [Wengie] Wait– (yells) His head came off! – His head popped off! – I’m sorry, Jack Jack! – Three, two, one! (cheering) – You’re kidding me! – [Wengie] Oh, if I could just
move his foot a little bit then, maybe, like a little–
Yeah. There’s another foot. But look at this! – It is so good! – [Wengie] It’s so cute! I love you, Jack Jack. You’re cute. – Here we go. Three, two, one! (disappointed yelling) Oh whoa, he’s not broken though! (yelling) Oh, man! He got burned! (laughs) Oh man, he got toasted! – [Wengie] Wait, what is this? – [Collins] It’s a little
crab Jack Jack, right? He’s like, “What’s up,
Wengie, how you doin’?” So you get to comment down
below who won this round. We’ll be eating these pancakes
at the end of the challenge, and right now, the battle continues. For this round, you
challenged Wengie and I to create our own minions. – We don’t get a picture? But I haven’t done a minion before! – I have! (laughs) – What do minions look like? – Begin! – [Wengie] The eyeball–
They have eyeballs, right? – I don’t know. Base of the minion, completed. – I don’t even know what that is! (lively music) – [Collins] Now this is
really turning into Spongebob. That’s for sure. – Oh, no! The yellow just pushed my mouth away. See? There’s bits of mouth. – You can just see kinda like this– (oozing sound effect) (lively music) – Wait. Do they have arms? They have arms, right? – I don’t know. – [Wengie] Yeah, I’m gonna give it arms. It’s coming out of its face. (laughs) No, these feet will grow! (sad music) I have no reference! – [Collins] I tried to give him hair, but it didn’t turn out right. Yo! My custom minion is jacked! Look at that bicep development! – Is it a bicep? – No, that’s his shoulder! And then there’s the arm. (laughs) And then, on this side, he
doesn’t work out his other arm. There we go. Boom! I am super excited because this time I really think I’m about
to take this round. – Nope. – Alright, here we go! Three, two– Wait, wait, wait, first, five
second subscribe challenge we want to see if you can
subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post
notifications in five seconds. Five, four, three, two, one! Done! If you can do that, comment
below “Keyper Squad” right now. My spatula can’t go all the way under! – [Wengie] Yeah, he’s a bit tall. (yells of disappointment) – [Collins] The mini-hand,
it got broken off! Three, two, one– (cheering) (crash) Oh, that was really loud. Let us know in the comments
below who won this round. And the battle heats up, and
we’re on to the next round For this round, you
challenged us to make Pikachu from Pokemon Go! (lively music) – [Wengie] Your Pikachu
is, like, stretched. (weird noises) (sneeze) – So I’m gonna make a
creative decision, here. Not at all fueled by the fact
that we’re running out of the color yellow, and I
think I’m gonna need it for an upcoming round,
but I’m gonna go purple. – A purple Pikachu. The reasoning behind it, Pikachu has been holding
his breath for a long time. He’s underwater, so he’s having
a bit of trouble breathing. Now it’s time to turn on my
griddle and roast my Pikachu. Get him heated up, and get him spicy! – This wasn’t a speed round, by the way. You didn’t have to rush it. – Oh, I didn’t rush. This was it! It’s time for the flip. I think I’ll flip my masterpiece first, and then we’ll flip your
mediocre, at-best, pancake. – No way! That looks like a purple koala. – [Collins] Here we go. Three, two, one– (cheering) Yes! – [Wengie] What’s with those eyes? – [Collins] Those eyes are the best! – [Wengie] That looks
like Pikachu in the dark with glowing eyes. – And he’s buggin’ eyes like,
“Oh my god, get me some air!” – Okay, ready? Three, two, one– Pikachu! – How?! Even the hands and the
little feet and the– Look at his little feet! Like, I don’t wanna eat that
pancake. That’s just adorable. So, again, comment down below
who you think won this round. – Okay, for this round I think
we should do Hello Kitty. – No, we’re not doing Hello Kitty, no. – So cute! – Fine! We’ll do a flash challenge,
speed round of Hello Kitty. Go! (fast-forward sound effect) – Luckily I’ve drawn a lot
of Hello Kittys in my life. – I’ve drawn zero Hello Kittys! This is my very first! (fast-forward sound effect) Holy cow! Holy cow, holy cow, holy cow, okay! – [Wengie] My Hello Kitty
practice is coming in handy! – What- Are you almost– (screams) (fast-forward sound effect) – Why is this not coming– (screams) (fast-forward sound effect) – Done! That’s what evil Hello
Kitty would look like. – Alright, here we go,
guys. The moment of truth. Let’s see if I can get it underneath, yo. It’s starting to crack a little bit– (screams) Hello Kitty is about to be Goodbye Kitty. Okay, here we go. Three, two, one– (cheering) What is that?! – [Wengie] Can we even call that a face? – Ya cannot. – [Wengie] No, I always get them breaking- – Alright, the suspense
is building. Here we go. Three, two, one– (cheering) – She wasn’t as good
as I thought she’d be. – Are you kidding?! “She wasn’t as good as I
thought she’d-” Compared to- It tore in half! I am blown away. So, you
get to comment down below who won this round. – How are we gonna eat them later? Why are you throwing them on the floor? – Oh, yeah– Now this round is
crucial, I need to win it. And for this one we are doing the Hulk. – The Hulk? It’s so difficult! How many packs does he have? Like, eight packs? – Yeah, he has an eight pack
of muscles, he’s got biceps, triceps, delts- So, right now, let’s make
the most jacked superhero of all time. And begin! – I’m gonna go sideways. He’s a bit tall. He’s got such a little head for his body. And then, his shoulders
are so big that he doesn’t have a neck. Okay, now I can’t fit his arms. – Now time for the Hulk’s legs and feet, ‘Cause they’re kinda
the same thing- Oh, no! (lively music) See, the thing about the Hulk is that he’s achieved what no other human can. He has achieved the
completely square physique. He looks like a box! (lively music) – And again, my pancake is stuck! – Oh! – This is not going well for me. I was gonna draw his face,
and now he has no face. – Perfect! I really think that the Hulk
from the new Avengers movie is gonna look just like this. And, if it doesn’t, I will be shocked. I think this is a perfect
scale model for what it should look like. How crazy would that be? If the Hulk could flip himself? Using the muscles like, (roaring noise) Okay, here we go. – [Wengie] Here we go! – Three, two, one- (disappointed screaming) No, no, no, no, no! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! – {Wengie] That’s what
happens when you skip leg day. – Holy cow! – [Wengie] He has a cute face, though. – [Collins] Thank you! His face is super cute, man. – [Wengie] Ready? I’m
gonna flip it. Three, two- – Wait, wait, wait! First, 3 second like challenge.
We wanna see if you can like this video, and give it a thumbs up, in three seconds. Ready? Here we go. Three, two, one- Done! Alright, so let’s see
how this thing looks. – Aright, ready? And- (disappointed screaming) No! – [Collins] He doesn’t have a face! He fell and he doesn’t have a face! – Do you need help? (screaming) – You broke my Hulk! – What?! It was already broken! – [Wengie] You know, my
favorite part, was his six pack, and now it’s a split pack! I think we can save him. – Nope! So, this round is a real toss-up. Yipe! (crash) And you’re the only one
who can decide who won so comment down below who won this round. Sixty second flash challenge! We’re coming into the finale right now. We’re making Finding Nemo. Go! (fast-forward sound effect) He’s got, like, white stripes so- (laser noise) That’s a stripe. (laser noise) That’s a stripe! (fast-forward noise) Whoa, there we go, his mouth is like, (gasping noise) Oh, wait a minute, I got pink everywhere! Here we go! (fast-forward sound effect) (yelling) Done! Holy cow, I am not good
at flash challenges. For this one let’s do ladies first. – [Wengie] Ready? – [Collins] Yup! – [Wengie] Three, two, one- (laughing) – [Collins] Oh my god! It looks like Nemo got hit in the eye like he hit some coral reef
on his way to try to find something, man. My guy, oh, he’s already broken. Okay, here we go. Three, two, one- (laughter) – [Wengie] Why does he
have three eyeballs? – So he can see three times as much. So you guys get to comment, down below, who won the speed round. – [Wengie] Alright, for this
round, I thought we could do our face! – Okay, just make our face? – No, no, no! You’re gonna do my face,
and I’m gonna do your face. – Oh! I am apologizing in advance. – Alright, so, your face.
Could you look at me for a sec? – Okay, here is my face. – Okay, it’s just a blob, I think. – Okay, look at me for a second. Gotcha. Okay! – I’m gonna go with the blue eyes. You can’t skip the blue eyes. – You can’t skip ’em! – [Wengie] You got some straight brows. So, I’m gonna go with the straight brows. My makeup skills are
coming in handy, here. (lively music) I’ve realized this is the
worst pancake that I’ve made- (wheezing noise) What is that?! (lively music) – Man, this is not good. I need help! I’m summoning the Devin, the Devan Force. Devan, come here! – [Devan] I’m coming! – Alright, let me see.
Hold on, hold on, hold on- Nope. There’s nothing
you can do to help that. There’s nothing you can do! – Well, I think if I can nail
one thing, it’ll be the hair. So now, next step, is the pink.
And then purple, at the end. – I look like a witch. (lively music) – I just want to say,
you suggested this round. That’s all I’m gonna say. Let’s see how my face turned out. (cheering) Well done! – Does that look like Collins, guys? – [Collins] You nailed it! It’s uncanny, the resemblance. Wha-? I would like to let you know that this has nothing to
do with the way that I actually see you. Besides the fact that
I am terrible at art! – Oh gosh, I don’t even
know if I want to see this. Maybe I should just cover my eyes. – Yeah, you might want to brace yourself. – [Wengie] Oh no, don’t break her! – Three, two, one- (laughter and shouting) It’s beautiful! – I’m normally very nice
to people, but, right now, meditation! – I somehow made the sweetest
face in the entire world but truly terrifying. Comment down below who
you think won this round, and the finale is coming up, then we’re gonna eat all these pancakes. For the final round, the
one it all comes down to, it’s a freestyle. We get to create whatever we want. – What? What do you mean? Like, whatever? – Whatever! – Whatever! Here we go, three, two, one- Go! Oh my gosh, what are you doing?! – This is payback for the last time you pranked me on your channel! – I’m the freestyle in
this whole round. Great! – Now we’re gonna put you on the griddle! – No! That this is super hot, right now! So guys, I was gonna make Lara Croft from the new Tomb Raider
movie- So how about this? You’ve already turned
me into an art project lets both make Lara Croft,
together, for the final one. Imagine we split here in half.
I’ll make the right half, and you make the left half. Okay, here we go. Half of the shirt. And then, of course, we need to get- she’s got, like, cool shorts on. So we need to give her some cool shorts. (lively music) She got big feet. It’s very important about
the character, big feet. It’s how she gets around
the jungle so quickly, how she raids tombs, ’cause that’s what she does. – [Wengie] Alright, I’m doing foot. Our feet are different lengths! – [Collins] Oh no! And remember, with the
face, it’s half and half. – Oh no, how do you draw half a face?! (lively music) – [Collins] Time to flip
part one of Lara Croft! Let’s see if this works, here we go. – Oh, god! – Oh no, three, two, one- (yelling) There we go, part one is done. – She looks interesting. – She looks– (awkward noise) Hopefully your side will make
up for whatever is going on on my side. – We’re gonna go with the other half. Oh, no! – [Collins] You’re taking off her hair! – [Wengie] Sorry, sorry! My bad! Oh no! Her arm! – Her arm is just so long. Okay, here we go, three, two, one- (yelling) Teamwork makes the dream work, baby! Let’s line it up, okay? So let’s just move it down a little bit. – She don’t look half bad! (ding) – We just did a full Lara Croft! So guys, now it’s time
to eat our pancakes! And guys, make sure you
check out the video we did on Wengie’s channel.
Subscribe to her channel, then give that video a big thumbs up. Comment “Keyper Squad” if
you’re coming from this video. Actually, guys, click over
here, right now, to watch it. But let’s see how these
things taste. We got this one. (munching sound effect) – They’re good. Me and mine taste good. We got this one. (munching sound effect) And we also got this- We got the minion! Alright, love you guys! Take a look at Wengie’s video! – Love you! – Love you, bye!

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