hi friends welcome to easy and
homestyle cooking I am mrs ragini today I’m going to share another snack recipe for all
of you you know we have kids we want to make different kinds of snacks for kids
and even for family this recipe name is Pin wheels and this pin wheels today
I’m going to make with palak and paneer nice and healthy ittle bit you know only
thing we deep fry if you want you can shallow fry also but today I am deep frying this palak paneer pin wheels so let’s start how to make this palak and paneer pin wheels to make this first we
need the dough here I have already mixed the dough the regular chapathi dough I have
mixed it by adding little bit salt and some oil and I made it into a stiff
dough it should not be too soft I’m telling you it should be slightly soft
not too soft nor too thick so this is nice and thick dough and to make the palak paneer
stuffing what we’re going to do is we’re going to add very little of
oil in a pan we’re going to cook the spinach and the onions first let’s add
finely chopped onions even as I said any vegetable you can make it dear friend
and some finely chopped green chillies very little salt not too much and
spinach ozzes lots of moisture so dont add salt once you add the
spinach if you add the spinach and then salt it will ozze out lot of moisture if you have lot of
moisture then we cannot make this pinwheels so be careful dont add salt and
if you want you can add finely chopped ginger and garlic also even you can add ginger garlic paste
and now the finely chopped spinach and mix it even you can use the stems we’re going to
cook this lightly but it won’t take much time cook increase the flame and cook this you can see I
did not add salt that’s why it’s not too much of moisture and you can see
this is dry this is ready switch off the flame keep it aside and here I have
the paneerI’m going to grate the paneer in this we’re not going to cook the paneeer
so grate the paneer you can take half of paneer or depending upon how
many you’re making based on that you can take the paneer here I grated the paneer
and will keep this aside and now take the chapathi dough you’re going to knead and we’re going to
roll this into a big chapathi not too thick not too thin friends here
you can see I rolled it into a big big chapathi you need to roll it into a big
chapathi like this and now we’re going to take this paneer and spinach mixture and
spread this on top of the dough spread this or even with the hand also
you can spread it leaves slight edges just you know a little bit so that we
can roll it friends here you can see I spread it nicely and now slightly to the
edges just wet it little bit with the water and bring it together and we’re
going to roll this now at the edge just wt it little bit again seal it and
roll it and this is done and now what we’re going to do is take a chopping
board and put this on the chopping board and before cutting it we’re going to
make a slurry this we’re going to add very little of all purpose flour we’re
going to make a thin slurry friends not thick slurry and very little of salt
also and we are going to cut them and dip it in this and deep fry as I said you can shallow fry also
it should be thin like this whenever you’re making palak and paneer pinwheels
don’t ever rest is dough if you’re resting a dough here outside
whatever the moisture is there from palak and paneer it will come out and
your dough will become too soft so whenever you are using such type of vegetable try to make
it immediately if you’re not making immediately what you gonna do you get
wrapped up in a cleanwrap and put it in the refrigerator then you can use it no
problem I have the knife to cut just saw them how much ever thick you want
based on that you can cut them now we’re going to put this in the slurry slightly
we’re going to dip it so that the stuffing won’t come out we’re going to use the slurry just dip it deep fry it slightly press it dip it in the slurry put it if it is thick
then we can not see our pinwheels it should be thin just slight coating so that the
stuffing won’t come out I’m going to make couple of them and we’re going
to fry till we get a nice color here you can see I added couple of them initially let the flame be low
and then you can increase the flame deep fried this till you get nice golden color and you can see the
stuffing also we coated the slurry very slightly that’s why you would be able to
see the mixture that is the stuffing inside would be nice and crispy crispy
and this is a great great snack for any parties these are perfect I think color wise
also it’s perfect andI am going to remove this any kitty parties any birthday parties you can serve
your friends you can you know roll it and keep it in the refrigerator when guests arrive just cut it dip it and deep fry you’ll get hot hot snacks here is the pin wheels with
nice suace you can you know serve it these will be nice and crispy crispy
palak and paneer pin wheels With some sauce excellent not spicy with spinach flavor paneer flavor crispy crispy this is simply super pin wheels i hope you enjoyed this very simple dish of making palak paneer pin wheels if you like it make it share it and feed your family fresh food see you in another session with some more recipes

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