Palachi Handwork Cutdana | 3D Flowers | 4 Piece Party Wears Dreas

Palachi Handwork Cutdana | 3D Flowers | 4 Piece Party Wears Dreas

Saeed Cloth House Today on your demand I brought alot of latest designs & unique designs, like this 3D Flowers This is 4 piece package for party wear Its full heavy dress We have these colours in this After that I brought an amazing thing, So I hope that you will like it I shared a video of it through status Many customers asked for it This is handwork cutdana on palachi Its hundred percent pure I will show you designs with it You can make complete 4 piece dress of it Like Saree, Sharara, Maxi This is very unique item If you make a style in it, It will be really beautiful For Saree also You can have boom pallu style InshaAllah, Its saree will be really beautiful Zubair Bhai, show rest of the colours. These are all different styles & patterns If customers buy it for saree so it will be expensive right ? If we put goom & pallu with sheffon The fawl inside can be plain sheffon OR pure silk Look at the work closely Its work of handwork cutdana on korean net InshaALLAH you will like this MashaALLAH their prices…. Price will little bit expensive but its really good item I will tell you their prices, It will be around Rs.4000 (PKR) per YARD MashaALLAH all their designs are awesome If you want to make shirt piece 2 YARDS would require for shirt piece. One another colour Look at this I will show you this in saree style After getting stitched its look will be awesome Alhamdulilah you will get alot of good designs at Saeed Cloth House Alot of customers asks ‘saeed bhai where is your shop ?’ So My shop is at Bahadurabad Karachi If you make fawl of it, it gives an amazing look MashaALLAH, you will like these designs & fabrics I will show you more designs of 3D Flowers We have these 3D Flowers Designs MashaALLAH, its very good & unique You can see more colours in this Show their colours first This is smoke grey colour This one is golden colour This is navy blue colour This one is tea pink colour Black Colour Grey Colour We have red colour in 3D also This is for brides with full heavy work Its with dupatta style I will make flare of this We make different patterns dupatta for it by mixing & matching Its very unique & latest design InshaALLAH, you’ll like it Look at this, Its for brides zubair bhai is showing you I have shown you colours in this Some more colours we have to open and show Show red colour, our customer always asks for red colour This is red colour, give me red colour asthar MashaALLAH its hundred percent pure on 3D We can give different styles of dupatta with these all InshaALLAH, you can make full heavy dress for brides Its for long maxi frock, sharara You can have any style Alhamdulilah you can have any style in this Like today’s Short Peplum Frock is trending Lehenga, Sharara and any style Like Zubair Bhai is giving you advice I will show you different style dupattas with this Like I showed you with maroon cutwork style I will show you rest of the colours Chaman Bhai, show closely This is navy blue colour Navy blue is very beautiful colour This one is golden colour You can take screenshot from here and send it to us Its price will be Rs.3500 per YARD You can avail further discount in this All the colours are beautiful This another colour & This one & This colour MashaALLAH, all the colours are english colours I hope that you will like this fabric & designs because in next video we will get more awesome designs This is latest design with front back style on heavy work What is this ? ZB: This is back side. Give me its lining This is back’s fabric I think its complete 4 piece package right ? Yes complete 4 piece package This is for party wears I will show you their front I’ll give you one advice in this If you make straight shirt at its bottom The tessle at its bottom you can design it with this Like your dress will look even more beautiful Show its dupatta Its full heavy dress It will cost you Rs.13500 for complete 4 piece package This is dupatta with it There’s border at both sides with matha patti style & its dupatta is with lighter work with cutdana sequence MashaALLAH, its dupatta is very beautiful Alhamdulilah, the previous video of tessle style our customers liked it very much InshaALLAH, I will get the same variety very soon I will show you rest of their colours Show its work closely once. MashaALLAH, its work is really beautiful You can contact saeed bhai to get beautiful & latest designs This is back’s fabric of it You can see this navy blue colour right I will show you navy blue Navy Blue is also good colour This is front with navy blue Alhamdulilah, you can get any kind of design at Saeed Cloth House InshaALLAH You must like this This is dupatta with navy blue MashaAllah all of our items are very beautiful You’ll like this.. 4 Piece Dresses we are showing in the video are awesome designs This is mauve colour You can see this mauve colour This is smoke grey colour’s back This is front Smoke Grey colour is also beautiful MashaALLAH all the colours are beautiful You can purchase this for party wears As soon as you watch this video, you have to contact saeed bhai I will take your orders quickly Last one is mint green colour Its with very heavy work You can see tessle in the center We have designed this in center You can see its work Its on handwork cutdana Its work of handwork cutdana MashaALLAH you saw their designs I hope that you will like this fabric & designs InshaALLAH, you’ll get to see more awesome designs in next video Let’s final here, zubair bhai

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