Painting on a Red Sand Beach: 1st Painting in Hawaii – Plein Air Adventure 74

Painting on a Red Sand Beach: 1st Painting in Hawaii – Plein Air Adventure 74

look at the rock this is crazy all right folks so check it out i’m here
at this red sand the beach. It’s not really sand it’s kind of like just rocks and
gravel but really cool man red sand Beach on East Maui and it’s really
epic pretty crazy man, so I think I’m gonna do a painting here this is my
first painting in Hawaii so should be pretty cool hopefully. not the best
lighting right now I kind of lost the sunlight to some clouds but I’m gonna
just make the best of it anyway let’s do it I guess. All right folks this
is Brandon from the future now doing some voiceover so check it out now that
I’m back from Hawaii I can kind of tell you a little bit about this whole series
of Hawaii paintings that are gonna be coming but let’s talk about this first
one I’m doing here so like you heard earlier and saw, this is a red sand beach
and I decided to just paint the ocean view that was in front of me there was
some cool rocks out there a lot of big huge waves man it really cool so yeah
unfortunately it would have been cool to paint like the red rocks and the red
sand and the beach but it didn’t turn out that way unfortunately so I went
with the ocean and this was my first water color in Hawaii and on Maui it was
my first water color in a little while so I was a little bit rusty and starting
up here I didn’t even start out with a pencil sketch I kind of just I figured
I’m gonna just wing it let’s just go for it so now I’m starting to.. I got a little
bit of the ocean there I’m starting to put in some of the dark rocks out there
and then I realized that I didn’t really leave any white space or a lot of white
space for like you know the waves and the ocean spray over the rocks and stuff
so I kind of messed that up so what I’m doing what I ended up thinking ahead now
I’m doing the rocks at the bottom in the foreground that are closer I’m doing the
rocks first and then I’m gonna paint the water around them that way I can leave
the appropriate white space or attempt to leave that appropriate wide space for
to kind of show like you know waves crashing into these rocks and stuff so I
had to just kind of do it on the fly kind of plan out okay you see you know
like the top half didn’t really work how I envisioned you know I kind of got
ahead of myself forgot about you know leaving that white of the paper for the
for the waves so watercolor is tricky in that way and that’s why you kind of
gotta have a plan when you do a watercolor before you get onto the paper
and I usually try to do that I usually try to think about how what stage is I’m
gonna you know how am I gonna do this painting so what I’m doing here now is
I’m using a damp brush and this this brush it’s not like a bristle brush or
anything but it the hair on it’s a little bit stiff and I’m able to kind of
scrub the page with it so I’m using like a damp brush and I’m scrubbing some of
the paint that I already put down and it’s just lifting some of that pigment
off and it’s softening it so now it kind of looks more like realistic like ocean
spray you know usually some spray like that it’s gonna be very soft it’s not
gonna have sharp edges like a rock it’s gonna be much softer you know almost
like the leaves on a tree you know the outline of a tree the tree trunk is
gonna be sharper than like the leaves on the tree so that’s why I was trying to
show there and I’ll probably scrub a little bit more as the painting goes on
try to soften some areas to get that ocean spray type of effect and one note, here you’ll notice I’m not
using any painters tape around the edges of this sketchbook, so this sketchbook I
decided to go a little bit free with it and I didn’t tape any of the pages of
this entire sketchbook so there we go more scrubbing they’re also doing it now
in the in the background trying to bring some of that back to life and now I’m just restating some of the
darks getting in some of the darkest value here to really add more depth to
the scene because the rocks in front of me was very dark and I kind of this is
all kind of overcast I lost that really nice lighting that you guys saw there
earlier so I just I went with what I could do you know I was just such an
epic location and I thought it was a cool way to start the sketchbook whether
the painting is that great or not that’s a different story but the
experience there, getting that experience and just having this memory on the page
that’s you know, that’s what really is cool for me to look back on and
that’s why I kind of like encourage you guys to start doing little sketches
like this and just get outside and experience life you know experience
travel if you can but even just travel around your town you know but anyway so
you can see the the way I did the ocean here I just I saw so many different
blues and stuff out there some purpley ultramarines some more Viridian
turquoise type of blues so I’m trying to add in all those different kind of blues
out there but anyway that’s pretty much it for this painting so hope you guys
enjoy this first vlog of Hawaii and be sure to check out the other episodes
when they come out here shortly all right well that was my first first
little sketch here in Hawaii came up pretty well I think you know I’m not
using any tape for this sketchbook so I’m not used to like the rough edges
around the sketches but maybe I’ll get used to it but I anyway might come back
here tomorrow or something we’ll see what happens in it thanks for watching

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