Paint like Paul Klee Castle and Sun – Paul Klee art lesson

Paint like Paul Klee Castle and Sun – Paul Klee art lesson

Have a playful spirit, take your paint and make art. That’s the essence to me in this Paul Klee art lesson … … where I will paint like Paul Klee Castle and Sun. Just after this. Hi there, my name is Albert van der Zwart, welcome to Imperfect Paintings … … where it is all about improving your painting skills by looking at art, yourself and the world around you. These blocks look like houses. When I do this and turn them around they become just blocks. The same will happen with this railway station. Or the church. This is what abstract is to me. Skip the details and you end up with blocks. And he there is the train station again. And a house. Or isn’t it? Paul Klee is a Swiss-German artist who lived from 1879-1940. These are a number of his paintings. What I see in these paintings is a painter who is playing around. He makes abstract art but not completely abstract. Here you see blocks and childlike painted trees. Here you see different shapes. And again blocks and trees. I get the feeling he liked to play with blocks, colors and the idea of abstraction. By doing so he created his own imaginative world. Like here blocks, maybe like houses and a sun. And this one is known as Paul Klee Castle and Sun. This painting by Paul Klee will I use to make my own nearly abstract Castle and sun. I first will draw all the blocks and will skip a lot of the process of painting … … but you’ll get the idea how I made it. Oh and I use only red, yellow, blue and black and white. To me all Paul Klee paintings have lines that aren’t perfect or straight as in a Mondrian painting. They are looking playful. As if abstract is mixed with childlike imagination and dreams of building castles. I know, as a kid, I loved to play for days with a giant cardboard box … … that became in my imagination a house, a castle or a boat. What I also see is that he experiments with colors. I just want to paint and see where I will end up when painting my blocks. Sometime colors look alike, but when painted next to each other, you see clearly they are different. A painting like this takes a lot of time but you can also learn a lot about mixing colors. This video is about abstract and the Paul Klee Castle and sun painting. You now only see block without any representation. But when I place these pieces of paper on the painting … … your imagination might recognize the idea of a castle and sun. Because I work with transparent paint I first have to paint them with titanium white. This one may not resemble the original Castle and Sun. But I wanted to show you how abstract … … in a playful way, easily can transform into a hidden object game. This painting exercise is very helpful to explain the idea of abstract. Let me give you another example. I painted the rectangles. Now you’re only aloud to make one change. So I add a triangle and their you have a house, an abstracted house but still a house. And here is the artwork made by the participants of my painting course. Showing a different perspective on the world is what I like about artists. When they show their art we can learn to look with new eyes too. I can introduce you to an artist who looks differently at a landscape. Click on the link and I will see you over there in the next video.

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  1. Deze video was heel interessant! Hoe lang doe je wel niet over zo'n 'blokjes'schilderij? Ik vond de kleuren ook zo mooi! (Zelfs mijn papegaai heeft geboeid meegekeken…..voor de eerste keer dat ik hem iets op YouTube liet zien 🙂 Bedankt weer voor het delen!

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