Packing Orders From The September Release/Part One | MO River Soap

Packing Orders From The September Release/Part One | MO River Soap

Hi everyone, it’s Holly with Missouri River Soap and I’m packing some orders from the Autumn Release so I had a special
customer by the name of Kate request that I pack her order so I am going to
do that first I’d almost decided not to do a video
this time and then she asked I was like it’s gonna happen okay so we have a
coffee bean Soap a pumpkin cashmere this smells so good it’s such a great
combination together we have stardust and poolside okay so for a sample I’m going to put in a
pumpkin coffee and this is our unscented version so it’s just a solid orange
color and it’s made with coffee and cream and pureed pumpkin and it’s so so
good and then I’m going to put in my little treat bag for this release it
says hello pumpkin spice and we have some candy corn some spiced pumpkin
spice let’s see pumpkin yeah I saw this spice part but it’s pumpkin spice
and caramel apple tea YUM and then I just fold it over I would add some cute
washi or something back there but I didn’t have any this time and I’m going
to check off the invoice and tuck it in and I’ll be right back alright so I’ve
the invoice in there now I’m just gonna get everybody all tucked in nicely I decided to go with the kraft paper
this time and I am loving it so for this sticker for this release I just have some
pumpkins and some leaves on it luxuriously handcrafted I think that
turned out so cute so festive so for this package I’m going to put it in this
paper wrap and it just has some well they’re just a teeny tiny cut all over
the place and from my last packaging video it was really funny so many of you
said that it actually kind of shocked you because you weren’t expecting what was
gonna happen next but I gotta say I’m loving this and I’m loving this process
I probably won’t go back to bubble wrap ever so here we go are you ready so you just
stretch it and it makes all these a bumpiness and it creates just some nice
cushioning for it so tape does not really stick to this
stuff so but it is supposed to kind of stick to itself just because of all the
bumps there so I am gonna put this in a padded mailer and since I’ve been trying
to go the route of more eco-friendly options I’m thinking of getting rid of
this mailer if there’s a way I could do this so that um
I still have reasonable prices by not using a plastic all the time I’m gonna
try to do it so that is just something that is on my mind and I’ve been trying to make some good choices I just realized my tape gun has some red crinkle shred and
white shred wonder howe how far back that goes
come on now little buddy oh there’s abunch in there ha
okay well I guess they’ll just be our little friend while we’re packing orders
anyway I tried to get some eco packing tape and first of all it’s kind
of yellow this isn’t it it’s kind of yellow and it is the weakest stuff on
the planet it usually it just rips while I’m trying to work with it so I don’t
know what I’m gonna do I’m trying to make good decisions but some of the more
eco options have been harder to get a hold of like my that stuff that I just
did why can’t I think of the name ah paper wrap I guess that’s what we call
it the paper wrap and it was backordered and I didn’t think it was gonna get here
in time but thank goodness it still did so I’m going to go print out the label
for this particular order and I’ll be back for the next one so for this next
order I’m going to use a nine by six by three box from Uline I always get asked
this and I always try to point it out and I always try to put it in the
description of the video but I still get asked anyway it is a nine by six by
three I find that my tissue-paper fits just
right in half fold it in half this is 20 by 30 I like the really big sheets of
tissue paper and again you can look in the video description to see where I buy
this stuff okay so into this order we have one of
my favorites ever cotton candy sugared whip
sugar scrub so so good so I have an extra jar just sitting here this is mine
to go downstairs and goodness it just smells so good I adore it and as the
purple as the blue and the pink mixes it makes the purple like on the top where
the lid has been spun off a couple of times I could just sit here
all all day it’s so good oh my word anyway so back to what I’m doing here so
I have some seasonal clamshells so apple cinnamon now at this exact point that I
am filming this video I am sold out of almost all my fall wax melts I do plan
to restock this one’s caramel apple it smells amazing and doesn’t it look cool
mmm it’s so good I’m definitely gonna restock the
clamshells I’m gonna restock the pumpkin donuts I’m gonna restock the pumpkin
pie the buttered pumpkin pecan waffles those are all the wax melts now we also
have a luscious lemon that’s one I try to keep it stocked most of the time we
also have these lady loopy wax melts and I haven’t decided yet if I’m restocking
these I probably will just because I love them so much but lady loopy is my
mixture of lady catrina type which is kind of like grape fizz and citrus
candies and is really good but mixed with fruit loops
it just it takes out kind of like that sharp note that sometimes can be
too much in fruit loops so yeah I’m loving that and actually what I will
probably do I’ll put some shred down there and I’m gonna put him face down
and then we also have the sunflower wax melt which is just as sweet and creamy
spicy is definitely full on like spice like cinnamon and clove and it’s just
it’s so good but it’s sweet it’s not necessarily a bakery where you get
butter and cake and such it’s just sweet and spicy and oh so good and this
customer also got a cotton candy bath bomb so this piece is a little bit big
but I use some of this to wrap around it so it stays extra snug
down in there so make sure he’s down in there enough
that’s it’s not going to get bumped they are very hard the bath bombs and so far I
haven’t had any problems with them breaking in transit so into this one
let’s put a cider donut wax melt sample now these were going to be listed
originally I can’t smell the cider and all that in them and so I pulled them
but I’ve already gotten some feedback from people that have gotten their orders and
they can smell that and it’s really good and they really love it it’s just my
particular nose I’ve never been able to smell it I bought it from two or three
different suppliers and to me it’s just kind of sweet bakery I don’t really get
the apple notes but apparently that’s just me and that’s how noses work
sometimes not everything is the same for everybody okay let’s do I’m gonna do a
spiced apple cider this is my essential oil soap and it is scented with
cinnamon and clove essential oils but the thing with those are that they
have very low usage rate so this is just a light essential oil so for the people
that want to go the essential oil route smells amazing I’m running out of room
maybe we should try tucking him on the side yeah that’s what we’ll do so
this order is going to a Beth if you get your order make sure you tuck your get
your little sample guy out of the edge there so we still still need to
put in the treat bag and then those candy corns stick up just a little bit so
sometimes I have to move them around to make everybody fit okay so I guess I’ll
put the invoice in down there this cider donut dude likes popping up he’s like uh uh apparently he’s not feeling like being in for
a tight journey speaking of tight journeys I did choose
to discontinue International shipping international orders just as a very
standard regular order on the website and let me tell you why I’ve been having
some issues with my international orders and I’ve shipped all around the world
I’ve done this a lot in the years that I’ve been making soap and I’ve had
generally not a lot of problems but this year my international orders increased by
a lot and I’m so thankful but I had a lot of issues and it cosst a lot of money
to ship things and they are all compact in this little box usually this size for
such a long journey and in the heat that’s just it’s not always the absolute
best thing for all of this plus I’ve had problems with customers just leaving
their package sit I’ve had one come back to me took two or three months I don’t
know I’ve just had a lot of issues with them so I’ve pulled that from my site
but here’s the thing if you want something and you’re international I
invite you to contact me via my website and we’ll talk we’ll discuss we’ll go
over kind of what goes with what happens with the packages in shipment and how
it’s you know kind of what happens in shipment and where the risk lies for me
and the customer and everything so I just want to be able to talk to you
about it I’m not not doing I’m not not does that even make sense I’m not not
doing international orders completely I just need to be able to communicate with
you a little bit more that’s not really relayed via the website so everybody
understands what we’re getting into so that’s just something that’s really
important I’m still accepting orders to Canada I almost always call it canadia I
don’t know why to Canada and everything is the same via Canada so you know how I
usually ner ner well my husband decided I needed a rubber mallet he’s like this is
this is silliness you’re tearing out the bottom of your your tape dispenser he’s
like why do you not have a rubber mallet I gotta say it’s kind of fun
I’m kinda enjoying the process and that just helps me slide them into the
bag a little bit better now these baggies aren’t so bad but I had a run of them
that were super tight and I could barely get the box in there but typically the
box fits just fine so I just gonna tape this up and print out its label and I’ll
come back to you again so for this next order there’s quite a lot in it
and it is shipping to Tennessee which is pretty close to me in Missouri so I’m
gonna go with the regional rate b box I always suggest that you just go online
and you can do some shipping programs that give you some discounts which I
relay to my customers and then you can look and see what shipping costs will be
for various different rates I mostly ship via my Shopify store but
sometimes I do use go shippo or pirate ship sometimes I’ll ship through PayPal
if that’s what works best but for the most part it’s really easy to work with
go shippo and pirate ship if you have those apps so I know I have enough room
in this box I’m not going to worry about laying bubble wrap I’m just gonna make
sure there’s shred in the bottom for this month I just got some kraft
shred and added a little bit of yellow and little orange to it so just fun candy
corn colors okay so into this package we have the pumpkin pie sugared whip soap
scrub and I did pipe a little bit on I went with a lighter color just so it
would be fun instead of this kind of dark as some of the other things have
been with this release and a coffee bean sugared whip soap scrub and let’s see we have
a llama succulent soap set that was the main reason why I needed this b box
that needed that space we have a spiced apple cider this may it may take me a
moment to fidget with these and get them in as it works best so we have a
pumpkin coffee I do have this video on my channel currently I don’t have many
soap making videos recently and that’s just been due to not having the proper
computer I’ve fussed with it and I’ve made it work but I my new system finally arrived
like yesterday maybe the day before yesterday anyway I’ve
waited all this time from weeks before my last packing video until I’m past
this release by a week already that’s how long it took them to get it
done and shipped so we have a pumpkin pie bath bomb that has a cute little
pumpkin sugar sprinkle embedded on the top I really don’t know how this is
gonna go kind of a little nervous about how I’m going to get all of this to fit I feel
like I could get two more but I have to get four more in here this is extremely light so I’m going to
put this box right there I will tuck some shred around it here momentarily
maybe it would be better to bring these down here and then I have five total so
then I have this galaxy violet bath bomb that I made with the bramble berry celestial
collection and we have another cotton candy bath bomb I love that this is the best still thinking here I feel like something just fell on the floor but I’m not sure what then I have this hello sugar hey sugar
hello sugar type but I called it hey sugar bath bomb so we still have one more
to fit in here and I still need to go print a label for
this I forgot it one left that needed a label so I will go do that and
I’ll fiddle with this and I’ll come back I just needed a little bit of time to
fiddle around with this and make sure everything was packed up really nicely
so there’s a lot of shred in there round everybody so now I put in some samples
I’m gonna do some oh dear I’m gonna do some sunflower wax melt samples I know
my scrub lids are there so I’m gonna put that one right there and then I wanted
to put in a stardust soap sample this one and then we have the treat bag alright that’s looking great I think I
may have to fold another little tissue on the top I will see if this is gonna
fit and stretch enough this time oh all right let’s see if this is gonna
reach not very well so we’ll put another piece of tissue right there on the top to have a nice little finish on the top put on the sticker I brought this over
here we go so fun put this over to give it a little
bit more cushioning on it well it looks like this box got a little bit of
smudge on it it’s been sitting out in my attic in a stack of boxes I think I
would use it just because I know it’s nothing serious and I will put the
label on this one and come back for one more okay so I’m looking over this order
have a couple of soaps and the rest are wax melts and I don’t believe it’ll fit
a nine by six by three box so I have a regional here this is the regional a
it’s my go-to box for when it won’t fit into my little brown box but I don’t
need to go any higher so I’m going to go ahead and put down a little bit of shred
and we have a luscious lemon soap and a green clover and aloe soap
I do believe well the green clover and aloe is not too bad I think only have one
more luscious lemon at this point I’m gonna have to get some serious soap
making done but I am moving on to holiday so I’ll try to fit in restocks
where I can but for the most part I’m gonna focus on holiday so I get
everybody done in time oh this was an apple cinnamon I think
I’ve already shown you one of those this is pumpkin pie wax melts and wax melts are
just to put into a electric an electric warmer and it melts the wax down and
releases the scent in here I do use a soy wax so I want to put facedown and
then go to sunflower so once it’s going facedown and then one’s gonna sit on top
and this I will probably just put it over here so I have some gardenia
they sold out with this release I probably won’t remake it if I do I’ll
remake them in the clam shells they’re more of my everyday shapes and so then
these are the buttered pumpkin pecan waffles aren’t they just adorable I have
a little pie crust slash waffle embed little pecan embed and a little pumpkin
embed and then they’re dual colored I’m just gonna set those right on top of
this so quite a bit of room but I think that was necessary I wasn’t gonna be
able to fit that in my other box it just wasn’t quite big enough and I’m just trying to make sure this shred it tucked around everybody compacts in really nicely so into this
one let’s put in a cider donut again wax melt we have quite a few wax melts
maybe I’ll put in some of this french quarter bakery from the last time and
let’s see we did have a soap in there and I have all just tons of this pumpkin
coffee so I’m going to put one of those in and then we’ll put in the treat bag so I just want to top it off just a
little bit just to protect those items on the top so I almost screwed up this
is why it is quite good to check the invoice and double check it so what
happened was I’m off by one pumpkin pie wax melt so I had to quick pour some
today these are going to be fresh but since she ordered two I am going to a
fix a little note here that says that they need to cure for a couple of weeks
so I’m going to prepare the label and everything while we hang out together I hope you
don’t mind now this one completely screwed up so those guys you’re a goner
my printer which is an HP Officejet Pro is not printing well he is just a real
bugger is what he is and so I need to get a new printer it is not feeding right at all
causing big problems and makes me want to pull my hair out most of the time and
I just can’t have that happening when I’m busy it usually just pulls regular
paper if I just put in one or two labels it pulls regular paper from out from
under it so what I have to do is get the whole stack of labels and put it in and
then take the whole stack of labels back out I can’t print two sheets at a time
because it doesn’t pull right and then it cuts it off and ugh I don’t know so if
you have printer recommendations I’m here for it I do really like the Officejet
pros just because they take that ink that lasts about forever I buy ink
cartridges I think twice a year maybe and I print a lot of color so I don’t
know if you have suggestions for me let me know and then unfortunately I’ll have
to deconstruct this package what I’m going to do is just spread that out there and I’m
gonna go in with my note so it’s just if you watch this video and I’m packing
your order it’s just this bag of wax melts that needs to cure just a little
bit longer it was either that or have to remove it from the order and I decided
well curing would probably be okay I know a lot of people wait to melt
them okay so here we go we’re back in business okay so now I can just finish
this one off oh that’s a big guy weird and so I am going to continue to
pack orders but I’m actually going to finish this one here I feel like it’s
already plenty long so what I will do and if you really like to watch order
packing videos I’m going to keep going and I will upload it in the second part
and I will attempt to do it at the same time so that you can just move right on
to the next so there we have it thank you for watching I hope you’ll
stick around for the next video and I’ll talk to you guys later bye

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