Oye Telugu Full Movie | Siddharth, Shamili, Krishnudu | Sri Balaji Video

Oye Telugu Full Movie | Siddharth, Shamili, Krishnudu | Sri Balaji Video

Celebrations! There are many reasons
to celebrate. Many occasions. This new year celebration
is like public birthday. l celebrate every occasion grandly, l used to celebrate
new year very grandly, because January 1st
is my birthday. But l stopped celebrating
it from last year. Today evening is Christmas party. Tomorrow Australia is playing
against New Zealand. One of the team is bound to win,
so another party to celebrate it. This is 11th party in Melbourne
in 3 days. This party is Sydney. This place is good, right?
Can’t we stay here for few more days? ls there a guaranty
it’ll stay like this? lt can get hotter or
may rain anytime. there’s no guaranty,
you would still have the same feeling, if it happens, instead of leaving this
place with bad memories, it’s better to leave when you
still love this place. These short and
sweet moments are enough. Okay. Okay! Okay. Once upon a time in a story… Dreams which will not come
real in near future… lt’s waste to spend time
thinking useless thoughts… You’ve all with you is
the present time… Travel along with it… Have a blast in life as if this
moment is your last on earth… Rushing and gushing river… Will it ever stop at one place? Don’t imprison your thoughts? lf you cross the boundaries,
it’s celebrations always… Life with it’s myriad turns… lf it wants to become history… Know it…let every step you take be
a calculated and thoughtful move… Know your destination
and travel towards it… Dream about future and
making it come true next day… lf hope becomes life,
won’t your fate change? Pen or pension plan?
Take something use and throw. Events in this diary will be
sweet memories to me at 60! There’s never ending beauty… This beautiful world is
beckoning to catch it… That’s why l’m telling you,
never compromise on anything… See all that is beautiful to eyes… Do whatever your heart
feels like doing… Tell this if anyone asks you… Leaving this world with
a smile is heaven… Go slow, why are you rushing? l must be in Vizag by 31st. l must be in Hyderabad
by 31st night. Your fare. Madam, please check this scheme. lf l invest Rs.1000 now,
will it become Rs.5 lakhs in 10 years? Yes madam. How much would it become
after 40 years? Scheme is good but 10 years
is very short period. lf you’ve any retirement plans
tell me, l’ll call you later. Has flight touched down?
– An hour ago! l got my luggage too. Did you come to the airport? Did l delay wantonly? l got delayed because of
lousy Hyderabad traffic. Moreover all automen
speak only in Hindi. l said stop in Telugu and
he thought ahead in Hindi. You say anything, fatso. Don’t call me like that, l hate it. Come to the entrance. Why only half of you is here?
Where’s the other half? Have l really grown thin, buddy? Did l ever say truth? No, buddy! l told you not to call me like that. l’ll call you like that only,
you grandma! l’ll kick you, l’m not a grandma. Who is he? l don’t know,
he sat next to me in the flight, he looked handsome,
so l talked to me. Useless man, he’s married. Oh God! You’ve three children! That’s why l call you as grandma. Take me to some restaurant, l’m hungry.
– l must invite friends to the party. We must catch an auto now.
– Are the bookings ready? Did you invite Geethi? No need of her, we have split up. She’s not talking to me,
you too stop talking with her. Hey Geet! Have you broken up
with my friend? What about Ramya? Kishore and Ramya are divorced? Has Ramya eloped with Aslam? How about her sister Pooja? Has she given birth to a baby girl? Did she marry? She did. Anyways, come with Kishore. Why didn’t you like my friend? What did she say? Did you try to kiss Geet? l swear on my mother,
l never tried. That’s why she ditched you. Relationships must be short and sweet. l lost train ticket’s cost because
of your incompetent lawyer. Forget about the case,
l’ll take care it. What will you take care?
Court is closed tomorrow. Then, shall we go to the
new year party? l know…you don’t like it but… Then? l came from Bangalore
for your sake. Can’t you come to the party
for my sake? l want to write. Face pack or hair oil? No, diary. When will you enjoy life then? Why rush? Life is very long. Life is very short,
don’t miss the party. We must give him
birthday bumps, 22! l’ve to go to another party also. Atleast three, dude! With all might! With great strength! With full power! Why did you stop it?
– You said only three, right? Complete it, guys! Stop…stop… We finished only 7! l said three only. Wearing churidar to this place. She was writing something seriously
like preparing for exam in a party. May be she’s a journalist. By the way, who is more beautiful,
girl or her outfit? Both complemented
each other very well. She vanished before l could
catch up with her. Don’t know where is she now. Oye! Give me those tissue papers, please. Buddy! She doesn’t look like a regular. My name is Uday. Okay… Your name? Why? My younger sister is marrying,
l want to invite you. Marriage date? lnauspicious month!
Moreover bad time! Nobody marries then! You don’t have any knowledge. l don’t have a sister at all. l told a lie to talk to you. Okay, talk to me. Party is very good, isn’t it rocking? l don’t like parties. What would you do then? There are gentle showers
in Bhimli at this time, l love getting wet in that rain
to welcome the new year. lt’s wonderful to think also. What about this year? What do you exactly want?
– Your name? Opposite of your name. My name’s opposite? So, your name is night. Darkness…? Star! Moon…
Moonbeam? Sandhya! l’ve a good news for you
Miss Sandhya. ls it your marriage this time? Today. Which year you were born? l was born in that year. Microsoft launched Windows
in the same year. ln one year two magnificent
products were released… You were talking nice to me,
why did you leave suddenly? Tell me, what’s your problem? We don’t match very well. You’re seven and l’m five. According to numerology,
we can’t be friends. Even if we do, it will not last long. Okay, let’s be friends
for short time. Relationships must be long lasting,
l like it that way. 250 yards of land on Vizag beach road,
100 sq. yard home, bought under installment scheme
of a finance company. Already you’ve lapsed
8 installments. No sir…
– You keep quiet, grandma. Who is Sandhya?
– Me! You should’ve met me
on getting the letter. l’ve been trying for a week. l never stayed so long
away from home. lt’s not good to keep the
litigated property locked. You go and stay there,
l’ll apply for the stay order. But the company is very tough. Famous lndustrialist Brahmaji Rao, expired suddenly in his home at 5 am
after a massive cardiac arrest. Many VlPs are arriving
to pay their last respects. Junior hasn’t shed a tear. There wasn’t any bond
between father and son. Your father talked about you
last morning also. About me? My father? They say a good must happen in
a home where a bad happens. Do you’ve any daughter? Why? l had a doubt you’re trying to get
your daughter married to me. Think about it. l want the address of the girl
l met in new year bash. Why? Stop buddy, this is her home. Let’s inquire about the girl
with neighbours. Details will be useful. What are you selling?
l see your hands are empty. No..no…plot no:1 76…
– Name? Oh God! For that flower plants girl? Had any fight with her? No, friend… She never celebrates any
function or festival. Even if we celebrate,
she’ll notjoin us. Last time when she came for
a function in my home, she commented to reduce the
volume of loud speaker, if not the function would be like
happening in her home. She hates rich people like us. Never had seen a girl like her. She blindly follows superstitions
and astrology. Numerology too. Such perfect girls must only be
in novels and stories. Not in colonies. Come on boys. Come! My foot! 1 76 buddy! Bloody lovers day! February 14, people remember only you. Getting numerous calls since morning. Be careful! People may pluck you in my absence. Got it? Oh my God! Who is it? lsn’t he the man l met
in Hyderabad party… You…? What are you doing here? That’s my question,
what are you doing here? Will you enter without permission? l entered to seek your permission. Watch out plants! l’ll pay for it. Can you bring back life
if it’s dead? Bloody money! Tell me, what brings you here? That is…plants…
l got a job in Vizag. How does it concern me
if you get a job here? That is…actually vastu is not
good in my horoscope. l showed my palm to priest,
he says it’s all dead. To keep my job safe, it seems
l must plant a special… What was that plant? Mimosa? Yes…Mimosa…Mimosa. Technically l may be wrong but…
– l don’t have it now. Leave your phone number. Don’t mistake l’m rich seeing
my fancy number. l’m very poor by birth. After many struggles we have
reached middle class status. ldea company belongs to him,
he got me that number. l’ll call you after l find Mimosa plant,
but your rich friend is barred to enter. Close the gate while leaving.
– Okay. Mimosa plant is enough to
get closer to Sandhya. Buddy, that girl is in the bus. What’s this?
Don’t you know this is ladies only bus? l know, l’ll get down after
talking to that girl. Are you making fun of me?
Get down! Wait, it’s very urgent. You won’t listen to words.
Girls! Attack! Push him down! Sandhya! Got Mimosa plant? lt’s life and death problem. Home, college, bus are restricted
places to talk to you. Look at my wounds. l got hurt when l fell from
the compound wall. The other day,
a girl bit me in the bus. Do you know l had to take
4 injections on my abdomen. Look, l don’t like talking
to strangers. lt’s better you stop following me.
– No Sandhya. Saturn is tormenting me. You are tormenting me like Saturn. You’re asking me wherever you like. Sandhya please… l’m not going to get you Mimosa plant. Will you leave now or
shall l call the police? Actually… This is the last time l’m warning you.
Leave this place. What are you doing here
without vacating the place? Who are you?
Mind your words. How dare you go to the court? Won’t you understand
if tell you politely? What all this? Murthy… Call him. Let me see who
dares to help you. The case is in the court. You will be on the streets
in few minutes. You better get out. That’s what l am telling you too.
Understood? Stop staring at me. We are polite because
you are a girl. What are you thinking about? What’s happening, boss?
– Loan recovery. This is not the way to recover loans. Who are you to say that? What bothers you?
Go to court if it’s a loan problem. Call the police. Behaving like
goons with a girl is not good. Yes. We are goons.
What will you do? Seeking her permission to hit us? Sandhya, make tea for us. Do you mean to say that you’ll
thrash us before she get tea?- Go. You must be having 6 packs, right? She has prepared tea. Drink & go.
– We will drink outside. What are you saying, boss?
– Bye madam. l spoke to them.
They will never disturb you. Call me if you have any problem.
You have my number, don’t you? Oye, thanks. Oh my God! Just miss. l was saved because those goons
were sent by our company. lf not, they would’ve thrashed me.
– What are you saying? Sandhya took home loan from our company.
There is a case pending. Really? What’s the problem? lf she knows this,
she will be after you. ldiot. She doesn’t like rich people. Sandhya shouldn’t know about
my background at any cost. What shall we do now? Find out where our office
is in Vizag. Whom do you want to meet? Who is the boss here?
– GM. l want to meet the GM. Without appointment,
anyone has to wait. Security, how many times to tell you
not to allow everyone inside? What’s happening? Where is the home loan section? Settle this case immediately. What? Our Hyderabad head office has started
legal proceedings on this property. To stop that, MD has to sign.
– Then call the MD. After your father’s death,
MD post is vacant. Get the papers ready for me
to take the post of MD. Get me my suit from home. Do you know what happened now? The goons, officers, senior officers
came to my house & offered apologies. Really? l can pay the installments
anytime l want. Okay. Do you have money
or shall l send some? No. Hope you’re not using the money
saved for your marriage.- No. l’ve a plan. Sandhya… Here’s your Mimosa plant. When l was looking for a place to
plant Mimosa, l saw this poster. lt is also been mentioned
that it is only for girls. Didn’t you read that?
– l did. lf you rent it for girls, you will have to
go police stations & TV channels. Vizag girls are very decent. They are not only decent
but they are angels. But why would Vizag girls
live in rented house in Vizag? Girls who come here are
from the other states. Bombay girls are a blast.
l mean to say they like to party. Hyderabad girls will fall
in love very easily. After that, you’ll find boys
near your house. Missed calls, local calls,
trunk calls & even alcohol. To be more precise,
meeting, chatting, dating & irritating. But if you rent it to
a good bachelor like me… l’ll pay the rent you expect. Rs.5000.
Plus l’ll pay 10 months advance. l’ll leave in the morning
and be back in the evening. And more over, l don’t need
girl friend when l have you around. No one will come looking for me.
Please Sandhya, give me this room. lt suits my budget & is near
to my office.- Okay. l don’t have any luggage.
l will come right away.- Not that. You must be here
by 9 am sharp… with a passport size photo,
lD proof, appointment letter, and a local person to give surety. lf everything is okay,
you both can stay here. Both?
– You & your mimosa plant. Okay. lt’s a mere surety.
We’ll arrange someone. l’ve my uncle.
Why need someone else? Dr. Harish Chandra Prasad… Mother… Good. You still remember me. Hi uncle. How are you?
– l am fine. l heard that you’ve taken
charge as MD. lt was for name sake. You are one of the top doctors in Asia.
Leaving that luxurious life style, why do you live with herbs, trees, cows?
Why this sudden change? ln my experience, l felt that naturopathy is best to treatment
for patients without any side effects. l’ve been running this clinic
successfully for 10 years. lnstead of medicines, any disease can be
cured with personal attention & human touch. Even with your mother’s illness too,
l acted like a doctor & made a mistake. lt would’ve been different
if l acted like a human being. So, what made you come
to your uncle? l’m going to stay as a
paying guest at a place. You have to give surety for me. When you have such a big bungalow,
why stay as a paying guest? Ask him, uncle.
He is doing it for a girl. Are you in love? But l had a strange feeling
when l first saw her. What so special about her?
– l don’t know. But whenever she calls me ”Oy”,
l hear a tune played on guitar. Very precious. Forget about surety.
l’ll be there tomorrow morning. An angel of love lives at door no:1 76,
beach house… l first saw her in a
yellow churidhar & white chunni… She casually called me ”Oye…Oye”… Our eyes met for about 20 times…
and my empty heart is filled with her… l fell in love at first sight…
love at first sight united me with her… love at first sight l got her… love at first sight, it bit me… Her looks are beautiful, her acts are dutiful
and words are fundamental… She is capable of everything…
She is very careful… And she is very sentimental
and no love… What you see in cinema…
you don’t get that in city… True that l found one…
in Vizag sea shore… Love at first sight… l felt the chill. My love for her grew bigger
and l flew higher & higher… Money is allergy… Devotion
gives energy…believes Numerology… Nursery infront of her house…
Never accepts naughtiness… And never likes humour… Expecting perfection in everything… She must be in army…
– There is something special about her… which dragged me to her in a flash…
lt is celebrations time… Love at first sight…
lt is my boon… Love at first sight…
Every second is an eon… He must have told her
about my background. This is not an simple matter.
lt’s a very big matter. What? Haven’t you told her
the actual matter? About what, uncle? That you’ve to seek permission in
your office & will be late.- Yes, right. lt’s my new job. Take this. l had to struggle hard
to get permission. Have you joined this company?
– Yes. My MD is very strict.
He’s a tiger. Tell him my name. He will mew like a cat.
– Really? He tried to take away this house from me.
l filed a case in the court. Then he came down for a settlement.
He is proud of his wealth. Why talk about all that now? lf l get him or his relatives, l will…
– l’ll take leave. Please do come when you find time. Since you’re this company’s staff,
those goons left. l thought something great
about you. Take care of my house. Guruji… Why isn’t he opening the door?
ls he sleeping? Abhishek… l will shake you up. When there is a calling bell,
why did you call? l felt the heat. l can’t sell insurance policies, boss. lf l thought l can’t do it, l wouldn’t have come up in life. When l ask people to take insurance policies,
they are abusing me. Selling insurance is
giving bad news coolly. Tell the bad news like
a birthday greeting. lt’s an art. Look, they all are my customers. The red one is Mohan. The yellow one is Appa Rao.
The blue one is Babji. They were all my customers once. Now they are leading a peaceful life.
– Yes. They are very happy. They asked me whether they can
reach me in times of trouble? l promised them that l will. That’s why l rented this room here
though there is no bathroom. You need some preparation, my boy.
Even you will settle in life. What do you mean by preparation? l will tell you. Before going to the
field every morning, lnvite trouble from these
women waiting for water, Listen to their abusive words. Later on abusive words used by your
customers will be like munching chocolates. Why would anyone abuse me
for nothing? Ask them what you shouldn’t ask? They will abuse you continuously. Ask what? Abhishek… l will shake them up.
– l don’t know. Come here. Apart from ugly faces like you,
aren’t there any beauties here? Hey you… How dare you say that, you blacky! You seem to haunt us
in our dreams. Don’t you have any shame? Do you want beautiful women? Am l your dream boy? Dream boy?
You look like a room boy. How is he then? Like a lifebouy soap. You dirty scoundrels! How do they know that? Enjoy man. What enjoy? You rotten beggars! You go on a donkey ride!
You scums! lf l am donkey, what is he then? He’s a useless fellow. My shit! Look, water is coming. Go. Stop talking with such scumbags.
Let’s go. How do you feel now? l feel a new courage. For you to get a new
courage everyday, l have recorded all their
abuses in this tape. Go & enjoy.
Sell the policies. Sir, take an insurance policy.
– Wait. How many times to tell you? Just a policy. Can’t you see me talking on phone?
Are you blind? You stupid. You tell me. l called you so many times,
but you never picked my call. Though the place is new to me,
l had a good night sleep. lt is very nice, fatso. This house, myself & Sandhya. l will love her and
settle happily in life. l don’t need anything more. No one will come in our path. Oh God! What happened? Three girls in the hall.
ln 3 sizes, small, medium & large. She rented me the house but
is still conducting the interview. l will call you later. Who are you girls? Did you come here seeing the poster? She has rented me this house.
You can leave. Please go. They are my children. Who are you? She is my best friend. Really? Are they your children? Okay. l am getting late to
catch my train, bye. Shall l drop you at the station? lf you don’t mind, Sandhya… Take care of the bike. You don’t have say that.
Your bike is my bike. Come… Come… Where would Sandhya park her bike? This one…? Don’t you ever suspect your friend? For what? A boy you don’t know is staying
in her home as a paying guest. And you left without asking
her any question. Cool man. l like her character and
individuality very much. That’s why l leave my children
with her every vacation. Because l want my children to be
like Sandhya & not like me. Sandhya has a list of specifications
for an ideal husband. She has a list of qualities
required for her future husband. You have none of those qualities. So, cool man. One more thing. l’ve already found a boy
with those qualities. l will introduce him to her
next month when l come here. She must have kept the
list in this room. But l’m barred to enter. Who would help me now? Three angels! Quiet. You are still a kid. l am not a kid. Look, we don’t talk to strangers. Really? Then, my name is Uday.
What’s your name? You’re not a kid to get scared of me. Ain’t l? My name is Sreelakshmi. Sree Vijayalakshmi alias Viji. Bhagyalakshmi alias… Bajji. l don’t have any nick names. She’s very much like Sandhya.
– lsn’t she? You hit her weakest point. She thinks she’s like Sandhya. You gave me a very good point.
Now watch. Sandhya…l forgot to tell you… Oh my God! l thought you were Sandhya… You are trying to… Wow! The way you respect and
your manners are very similar. ls it true?
– True. A copy of Sandhya. Just one thing missing. What is it? You won’t be having Sandhya’s
ideal husband list of qualities. Why won’t l?
My list is also the same. The boy must be minimum 6 feet tall. He should not lie.
He should be God fearing. No smoking or drinking. Should know about household work. Shouldn’t be born rich. Should have a big family.
Must be a post graduate. Must have a good sense of humour,
and above all, he should be strong enough to pull
the anchor & put it infront of the house. l always felt wrong about this girl. She is superb. That’s why she has such a superb list. l’ll prove her that l’ve all
those qualities in me. l can easily lift this. lt’s enough. Get up. Get up.
– Please…let me sleep for a while. Please sister. Oye…Oye… Were you sleeping? No. l’m offering prayers to God. lt’s almost over. Then come down. Let’s do yoga. That’s not in the list.
– What? l’m coming. You start. l will join you. Do you know yoga? Know? l used to teach yoga. When l was doing my post graduate,
people called me Bharat Thakur. Since l have no bad habits, l’m strong from then to till now. Just order me, l will put that
anchor infront of your gate. Forget about anchor. First teach them yoga. lf you do the lambasana.
which l am going to show you, you will grow an inch
taller everyday. By doing this lambasana,
l am going to 6 feet soon. This is the highlight of
this lambasana. ls this screaming part
of this lambasana? My body got locked.
Can you please help me? Make fun of anything
but not yoga. l feel very hungry. Are you not eating? She is fasting today for Lord Ragavendra.
Tomorrow she’ll fast for Sai Baba. Day after tomorrow…? Sister Sandhya, rasam is superb. Why don’t you try brother Uday? Don’t call me brother.
lt’s enough if you call me Uday. One girl called me brother. She failed 10th class exams twice.
Do you know that? l’ve more such sentiments, Sandhya. Once my grandfather…
l mean my grandfather’s brother… When he was going to my
3rd brother’s 4th daughter’s house, l sneezed. l advised him not to go but he went.
He didn’t come back. What happened to him? He went to the railway station. He got in to the train and
went to his native place. l cracked a small joke. My 4th aunt was flattered by my jokes
and presented me with this T-shirt. Armani is a costly brand, right? These are duplicates. We get all duplicates
in Trimalgiri in Hyderabad. That phone must be China made. You are right. Rasam is superb. Won’t you add curd?
– No. lt will be nice.
Do you guarantee that? There is no guarantee that l would get
the same feeling eating curd. lt might taste tangy
or tasteless. lnstead of spoiling the taste,
it is better to stop with rasam. Short & sweet moments
are enough for me. How can l sleep early and
get up early everyday? l am not used to sleeping on time. Mine is night life. Please tell your madam. Sandhya… What do you want?
– Mimosa plant… Mimosa plant?
You rascal… Who is that? Oye… lt’s 10:30 am.
Aren’t you going to office today? l am going. Did you take bath?
– Long back. Today is Tuesday.
You must take head bath. l did. lt’s very nice here, father. How are uncle & aunt? Leave?
No way. l too want to see you. l will try. They don’t understand. l joined the company very recently. They want me to take
leave & come there. Tell them to come here.
– Notjust 1 or 2. You might have heard
aboutjoint family. Mine is a giant family.
– Really? l like such big families. l’m free this Sunday.
lnvite them for lunch. No. Wishes of those who love you
shouldn’t go in vain.- What? Your family members who love you
want to meet you. Ask them to come here.
That’s all. Okay. Where are you now? ln your house, in your bath tub
taking a good bath. l want you to set up
a duplicate family for me. They must be very good looking.
– l will arrange it. l’ll bring them there.
– l will kill you. First l must like them. Okay. l got myself committed
to a job unnecessarily. Had l told college, l could sit at home
saying it’s summer holidays. l could’ve avoided this
office headache. Have you taken leave today?
– They gave me leave. Reason?
– Gruesome. My office receptionist Nancy. She came out to go
to office like always. She was about to cross the
road to catch an auto, a bus ran over Nancy.
– God! That was her last word. First take bath. Do you think l didn’t take bath? lt is because you have
come after her cremation. Finally, l have a chance to
spend time with Sandhya. Slowly Viji. Why are you in a hurry?
Where are you going? Shouldn’t ask such questions
while someone is going out. l’ve finished taking bath.
l will dress up in 2 minutes. Then Nancy…? l never thought your death
will go waste. Why is Sandhya wearing
specs all the time? Poor sight?
– For safety. To stop dust falling into her eyes. l always felt something is
wrong about her. Sandhya has good qualities. Devotion to God. Fasting for Sai Baba. A day for every God. You also ring the bell as
if you are a big devotee. l must do that for love.
l must do anything for love. Your love will be a success. One more for my favourite Sree. This is nothing.
l can lift it very easily. l wish to see Sandhya with lose hair
and without specs. Sandhya… Where is Sandhya?
– Do you want Mimosa plant? l got married long back. Good, my shit!
Are you a hen? Say it in Telugu. Or l will cut your damn
English speaking tongue. Why would l need a sari? Teasing me with
double meaning words? l’ll use my word power. You lousy betrayer! Master, his Telugu knowledge is zero. So, that’s it. Why have you come here? Next week is Telugu language week. Fragrance of Telugu must spread
along with greenery. l got it. You want it to be decorated
with flower plants. At least 1000 plants. l will give you Rs.10000
and travelling expenses. Rs.10000? Rs.5000 as advance. l will take the pots
day after tomorrow. Master…
– Yes. lf you find time, teach our children
Telugu an hour every day. Sure. Bye idiot. ldiot! lt’s a commonly used word. Why is your Telugu language so different? Then talk in Telugu for 1 minute.
Only in Telugu. Hey…
– Tell me. Get me a good Telugu dialogue
oriented movie DVD. You keep watching. Very soon Sandhya will faint
listening to my pure Telugu. What did you say? What? Did you say a low caste
man is not qualified? What an arrogance! This is a talent competition
not a royal competition. lt must never be one. Yes. l asked you to send a DVD to learn Telugu.
Why did send me a foreign language DVD? There are no subtitles too. lt’s Telugu spoken by NTR.
Learn that. Why are you looking so dull? She agreed to deliver the
plants to Master. But now she is down with fever. Why are you saying this is
good news with a long face? Leader, don’t mind.
l have a small job. l will record you in this. This is a talent competition
not a royal competition. lt must never be one. You were born in a mud pot, right? No. l was born in JJ hospital. Think about how your father
Bharadwaj was born? My father’s name is Prasad.
– That’s very nasty… What an arrogance! Your parents. Are they fine? No. My watchman & his wife. Bring someone educated and
should match my skin tone. Who is he? Uncle…Emperor of Gandhara! Forgive me, Master. l couldn’t finish your work.
– Getting smart with me. Sandhya knows to crack jokes too. Take your balance money. The plants are loaded in the van.
l am leaving. Uday got everything ready. We helped him too. We slept, but he worked all night. Where is Uday? Go away! You told me to bring a family
which suits your skin tone. How could you bring these people? He has changed his mind.
Let’s go. You shit! lt’s not possible. Rules don’t permit to pay
the money now. Call me when you are dead.
We will pay you then. l can’t. l can’t sell insurance policies. lf l thought l can’t do it, l wouldn’t have come up in life. l told you to prepare well.
– What preparation? You told me to smile when they
abuse me, l smiled. What’s their problem then? When l smile, they beat me to pulp. Are they taking that route? Getting beaten up is an art. Try to enjoy it. Come, l will show you how. Will you get me beaten up? Abhishek. l will shake you up.
Come. What you are doing is wrestling, right? What else is this? Didn’t l tell you, this is wrestling? Are these real muscles or graphics? Trying to tease me? Listen.
To hell with your stupid doubts. Hope this is not acting. You & your stupid doubts. These doubts are his & not mine.
Go & clarify your doubts. Come l will show you.
Go. Go. He will show you. Go. No. l know nothing. Now l understood.
His doubts were genuine. You only scare him.
But you don’t beat him. You are acting & your muscles
are graphics. Beat him. Good. Are you doubts cleared?
Come boys. He is now fixed in the sand. No one can beat you
this hard anymore. Go & sell the policies. Got knocked out, idiot! Go.
Go l say. Learning new habits. l told you. She will not change.
Let’s go. Go inside.
– Sandhya… What?
– To tell you the truth… What will you say now? That it was your fault
and not theirs. You know what’s in my mind. Now you know what’s in my mind. Hey Sandhya…come out. Sandhya, come out. Sandhya, come out. Where is your sister?
Tell her to come out. She went out looking for you.
– Really? All my acting has gone in vain. Since she has such big eyes,
she stares at me. She closed the doors on my face.
– lt’s alright. Come inside. She must apologize
infront of everyone. l won’t come in unless
she apologists. Don’t you have any sense.
Where did you go? Switched off your phone.
Playing games with me. l went looking for you
like a mad girl. Can’t l shout at you? l was wrong in slapping her. But how could you
leave the house? Get inside. You said she must apologise.
– l did. Uday, you are wasting time.
– ls it? Okay, let’s go. Not here. l mean you’re wasting time
in her matter. What’s there about her?
– Stop over acting. l’m telling you this
out of my experience. Girls like her want to
be proposed directly. Sandhya…
– l remember. Today is Sunday. Your family members are coming. That’s why l am cooking
these special dishes. l’m preparing it little spicy. Will it be fine with them?
– lt’s okay. Phone switched off…! Come. Get down.
– Make it fast. Fasto saved my ass. Thank God you have come. Who is the daddy here?
You? Tuck in your shirt. ls she my grand mother?
Her make up is good. Who is my mother? What is your character?
Okay come. Sandhya…my giant family
has arrived. Kiran, find out what he is talking? Who are you?
– Are you my brother? You look like a basket ball player.
Go back. Look, no over acting. Make it subtle like in English films.
– What? Why are you here? Didn’t l tell you that l will
bring that boy for Sandhya? He and his family.
Come in. Sandhya…
Please come in. Sit. Didn’t l tell you?
Kiran & his parents. l told you about Sandhya, didn’t l?
She is Sandhya. That boy has all the
qualities of an ideal husband. My parents. lt seems he never lies.
He is very frank. Your tea is not that good. My mom makes tea much better. Quiet. She is still young. A very big family. lf she gets settled in Bangalore,
we have nothing to do here.- Yes. This house will sell
for a good price. His sense of humour is also good. Do you know which
leaves take divorce? Mango leaves. Uncle, did you hear this joke?
– What? Children, come down.
lt’s time to leave. Look, don’t bother about
what they said. Cool. He will go to US in 2 months. He wants to get married before that. l thought she would
throw you out in 2 days. You must be really great
to have stayed here so long. They are grown up now. Next time, you don’t have
to bring them here. They can come here by themselves. Your family members are
supposed to come today. Why didn’t they come? l don’t have a family. l lied fearing that you might
ask me to vacate the house. lt’s better you don’t have one. Greetings, l am Uday’s own father. You shut up. Always shuts me off. Entire family is here.
Unlike him we all are little fat. lf everyone comes at the same time,
you will get scared. So, we will come one by one.
Next, l will send his mother. Shut up.
Always shuts me off. Are you Sandhya? My husband told me. Hasn’t anyone come with you? Didn’t he tell you that
we will come one by one? Next will be his grand mother. Grandson, Sandhya is very beautiful. You seem to have lost weight. Our family members are very fat.
But you are so thin. Eat well & make our family proud. Next will be his uncle. Oh God! l told her that l don’t have a family. Why did you come to temple, Guruji?
– Don’t be surprised. People who come to temple
come with devotion or fear. The second category people
come with the fear of death. We must cash their fear
on the spot. How will we know
who comes with what? Experience, my boy. Look at that girl. She must have come with fear. l can easily pin her down.
Come. Greetings madam.
– Greetings. Do you come to this ant hill everyday? What bothers you? You know that snakes live in this. Snake bites are dangerous. So, we must make our life secured. You must have understood
what l am trying to say. Yes, l do.
You are a snake charmer. Do you have a policy?
– Yes, l do. Really? What policy? l don’t talk to strangers.
That’s my policy.- Stop her. What do you mean by insurance? lt’s an income your family
gets after your death. Anything that comes after
our death is useless. We will give that money
to your nominee. You take my money,
do business, and return back my money
with some interest. Right? She is right, isn’t she?
Yes. Actually…
– Do you have an insurance policy? No, he doesn’t. Will you live forever?
– No one has that option. First, you take a policy. And for him?
– Give him that policy. And for you?
– l’ve no nominees. l don’t want it. You could’ve told this before. l don’t tell anything
without asking me. That’s my main policy. Four letters. Starts with L and ends with E. lt’s already late. lf you quit the game in the middle,
it means you lost. Okay. l lost.
And l am tired too. There is no water.
The overhead tank is empty. Switch on the motor. Why don’t l get such ideas? Sandhya, it is very urgent. Won’t you let me sleep? The tank is full.
– Switch off the motor. And then, you jump into the tank. What’s your problem? What for are these balloons
and colourful papers? l don’t know whether you
celebrate your birthday or not. Since you are celebrating your
birthday with me this time, l will give you a gift for every month
till your next birthday. l brought 12 gifts. For you to be cool & happy.
Greetings in ice. ln western countries, this is gifted
as a symbol of friendship. This is to mark our friendship… Beauty guarded by thorns. To get happiness & to admire beauty,
we first have to cross the thorns. Happiness is not for yourself but it is something to be shared
with others, a heavenly medicine. Wherever you go,
this fragrance follows you. l’ve loaded all my favourite songs.
Music relaxes your mind. lt’s the best way for a peace of mind.
Just for you. You love offering prayers
to God, don’t you? These incense sticks will take
your wishes directly to God. A tea set represents a family. This jug is the husband. The cups are the children.
And wife? The hot tea inside the jug
represents wife. Though it melts, it gives light to others
till the very last breath. A perfect example for
sacrifice are these candles. To gift happiness in a small pack
chocolates are the best. Anyone who tastes it
will be delighted. You too. Laughing Buddha.
China’s Vinayaka. When you are in sorrows, see this
Buddha for 20 seconds & you’ll smile. lf you keep this near the main door,
even bad news will make you laugh loud. There will be 100 colourful
sparks when you light them. Life span of these
crackers are too short. But as long as they live,
they live bright. l don’t know whether you
like these 1 1 gifts or not. Because l bought them
according to my taste. But l believe that you
will love the 12th gift. Because it is in tune with
your taste & a long lasting gift. lt’s me. l will be with you all your life. According to Numerology,
l want our names to match. So, l have added a letter
in my name. lf you are ready to
accept me as a gift, l am all yours. So, think. Tell me your decision by sunset. l’ll be waiting for you in the beach. l thought you would come
to me with a smile… and would spark my desire
with your love… l looked for you in the
breeze which caresses me… l stood on the shores
waiting for you… l love to spend my life with you
in every following birth… We come together in love… Will the love betray us? Would flowers turn into thorns? Would water turn into fire to burn me? Shall l bar fate and win over you? l am eagerly waiting for you… Do you live in this house?
– l used to. But l am vacating the house now. Then, you must be Uday. l am Abhishek, lnsurance agent. Earlier, Sandhya told me
that she had no nominee. But yesterday,
she called me to take a policy. She wrote Uday as the nominee. l thought she meant the Sun. Now l understood that
you are Uday. Yes. lf she had mentioned your name,
you must be very special. Will you give her these papers? What? What happened? None should’ve witnessed
such a party in Vizag. Arrange for a floating platform. Pour flowers from the helicopter. l will call you later.
l’m getting another call. Are you Sandhya’s nominee? She has taken an insurance policy.
lt got rejected. Because in her master
health checkup, l found that she has Lobular casrimo. Pay Rs. 5 lakhs immediately
and get her admitted. She must get operated. l don’t understand.
lt’s not serious, is it? Take a decision soon. Better get a second opinion
from some other doctor. Uncle…
– What happened sir? Where is my uncle?
– Please sit. Where is my uncle?
– He is giving treatment. He will be here in 10 minutes. Go call him.
– Please sit. Uday, this is cancer. But you don’t need to worry. This cancer is very common
among women. lt’s because of their
stress level & pressures. Leave the reports here. l will study the reports in detail. You don’t worry.
l will take care. Yes, it is true that
l started to come to beach. But l got late on the way. lt’s not about that.
lt is something else. l’ve been saying sorry since yesterday. Getting so angry is not fair. l’ve been whistling but
you never looked at me. l’m not young.
– So, you understood it that way. Who is at home?
– No one. Where did they go?
– Uday went to office. Sandhya went to his office
to meet him. lf she sees Uday as the MD
of the company, he’s finished. Pick up the phone. Pick up the phone. MD would kill me if he finds
dust on his photo. What? What are you doing here?
– l want to talk to you. Can we go to the restaurant? Restaurant? Let’s go. Won’t you take permission? To take leave from office the other day,
you killed her, right? Lunch?
Restaurant? Just because l’m staying in
your house as a paying guest, doesn’t mean l will come
wherever you call me. l thought you would say this. But you agreed the moment
l asked you to come. Hyderabad boys are…
– Will you be quiet? Okay. l will be quiet.
Can you be quiet? The one who talks first is the loser. l won. You lost. No matter how much it may cost. Let’s take her abroad. Just do something uncle. Uday, she fasts almost every day. She fainted now because of that. Just relax. Why should she get this disease? Do you know how disciplined she is? She doesn’t eat junk food. She is very careful. She offered prayers to God,
she fasts…but why her? l am not disciplined.
l eat all junk food. God should’ve given me the disease. Apart from house & college,
she knows nothing. She is saving every penny
for her future. She hasn’t seen anything in life. Then, you show her. Take her with you. Show her everything
she wants to see. Fulfill all her wishes. lntroduce her to happiness & joy. Uday, happiness is the
best medication. She fainted the moment
she saw blood in her hand. lf she knows this…
– Don’t tell her. Give her this medicine regularly.
Tell her this is for strength. What did the doctor say? He said that you will die in a week. Me too. Tell me what you
want to do this week. Let’s do it. Tell me. l want to smoke cigarette. To watch Pavan Kalyan movie,
first day first show. To enjoy the thrill of stealing. A small one. l want to board an helicopter. You must carry me from
the gate to the house. What? Nothing.
These are very little ones. Don’t you want to go somewhere? l want to be in 2 places
at the same time. Can you make it possible?
– Just one place. Nothing like that. l want to go to Kasi. l wish to immerse my parents
ashes in river Ganges. But not now.
l will go there when l am 60. No. We will go now.
l will take you there. Actually, l am saving money for that. l have to go there with that money. Without any planning. l will take you there as you wish. l will take you there with
that money. Let’s go. That’s not enough. l will take you.
Trust me & come with me. Get ready. Let’s go. Shall we go? My Grandma says only luck
will take you to Kasi. Kasi & my family don’t go too well. After my grandfather’s death, my parents
went to Kasi to immerse his ashes. But they both died in
an accident. My grandmother booked train
ticket to immerse ashes of all three. Her health deteriorated
a day before herjourney. And she could not go there. Now the responsibility is on me. But l wonder what would happen
to me before reaching Kasi. Are we going in a ship? This is the cheapest & best way
to travel to Calcutta. But it would take 3 days
to reach there. From there, we can go
to Kasi by train in 12 hours. This is for food.
This is for travel. Take it. You can’t even buy peanuts
with that money. l am telling you once more. Use only this money for travelling.
lt’s a vow. l will take care. Why did you bring me here?
– Hold this. People who travel by ship
are of two types. Those who enjoy theirjourney
are one type. Those who fear what would happen
to the ship are the second type. People of the second type
always have the fear of death. We must cash in their fear. Now look at that girl. For sure she is scared. She is Sandhya.
Poor girl. Her policy got rejected. l don’t know whether
she knows the reason or not. l will go & tell her. What is he doing here? Why are you tensed? Looks like there will be a cyclone.
Let’s board the ship fast. Oh my God! Seat numbers with 2 or 3 is better. Please stop it, Sandhya. What do you want?
– This seat… Belongs to the ship owner. For the time being,
this belongs to Layout Lingaraju. l’m capable of selling one plot
to 50 people. Mine is 39. You look very young.
Old age at young! lt’s my seat number not my age. Will you give me No: 2
and switch over to 39. We believe in numerology.
– Vastu is my life. This is north east corner bed. l won’t give you this seat even
if you give me 50% commission. Earlier, l switched my seats
without caring about Vastu. My life changed.
– How? When l & my wife were
travelling in an auto, Auto driver was ogling at my wife
in the rear view mirror. ln your presence?
– That’s why l got furious. Did you beat him? l beat him with brain.
– How? l ensured he didn’t ogle her
in the mirror.- How? l gave my seat to him and
shifted myself to his seat. A seat change changed my fate.
– No sir, please… Never play with vastu,
you’ll get busted. Okay, let’s go and try there. Heart attack? Where?
To heart! Okay, call me after
he’s dead, cut it now. What happened? l want seat number 3. lnfact l got 30 marks in numerology. Numerology in 10th class? l mean dealing with flowers
and plants.- That’s biology. How about maps and locations? Oh no! Without knowing all this l’ve
become a big broker in real estate. Are you doing real estate? Die your death yourself. l think it’s not possible. l think that superstition man and
this broker boy have a connection. l can get the seats using it. Let’s get fresh and go on deck. Look at the girl,
she’s perfect match to you. She’s already married. l’ve been watching her for long,
l couldn’t observe it, how could you tell
by just a glance? ln that short time,
you could’ve seen her face only… She’s not sporting dot
on forehead also… Sacred thread! You… Oh no! l saw her legs.
l saw her wearing toe rings. Can’t tell on seeing if a man
is married or not, right? Like a collar to the domestic dog. Women have to wear scared thread,
dot and toe rings. Toe rings were once worn by men only!
– ls it? Women used to bow head on facing men,
they can legs of men, right? lf he’s wearing toe rings,
it means he’s married, so she can drop out. Scared thread is fixed in the place
where generally men see. Later on tradition changed and
women started wearing toe rings. Where do men generally see?
– They see here… They see there, right? lt means you too watched the
same place on her, right? l said about men in general.
l saw her legs only. Do you’ve X-ray vision?
How could you see her toe rings? When l saw her,
she didn’t have legs… She had legs, was wearing shoes… What are those papers, Uday? l’ve an acre lying waste
in the ship end. l want to sell it. Selling plot on ship? Don’t they sell water as different ports? Do you know they’re putting
layouts on moon also? To sell commercial space
on ship… But the owner must agree, right? That’s his idea only,
look, he gave me papers also. l don’t know how to proceed…
l feel l’m missing a big opportunity. Boy, one bill! Boy, two bills! Give it to him.
– Bloody! Poor man! He’s struggling to free out
something stuck in thread. Why come suddenly to me? l heard you talking about
land and documents. lf you give me the documents,
l’ll sell it for you. l’m a poor boy! l think he has fallen into the trap.
Take the papers. Ship is mine. Paid the bill or washed plates there?
– You tortoise! Hey! Mind your tongue! lf you call me names,
l’ll drown you in the sea. l’m original and you’re pirated CD.
Because l’ve the original documents. Don’t fly in dreams,
you’ll float in the sea. Don’tjump like fish,
you’ll get trapped in net. Don’t boast,
let’s see who sells it first. First seller is great,
l’ll prove l’m great. Sambar is great!
– l’m great. lf we leave something we love in river
Ganges, and make a wish, it will happen. What will you wish for? lf wishes have to come true,
you shouldn’t reveal it. Then, there’s a trick for it.
For example, l love this watch. And if l wish it rains now, if l take out this watch,
and throw it in river Ganges, and reverse my wish
like it shouldn’t rain. Now l’ll tell you my wish,
so my wish will get fulfilled, but it will rain as per
my real wish. lt will be 100% successful.
l know you love your spectacles. Throw it and do as l tell you. Neither this is river Ganges
and nor this place is Kasi. Why should l throw and
make a wish? Don’t you feel only we both
are in this world? l’m not selling this place.
– Did l ask you? Whether you ask or not,
l’m not selling it. Go! Real estate has reached
waters from land. How would you build on it? Come on…come on…Square feetjust
Rs.500 only, only few plots remain. Airport on this side and railway station
on that side, ring road on the back side. How?
– lt’ll be circular! Underground in water?! Buy one plot! Whether Telengana state
comes or not rates will remain same. Buy one plot, 10 cars free.
Come! l didn’t eat anything since morning,
l’m a poor little boy. Bloody! Tomorrow is Lord Ganesh Chathurthi.
– ls it? Not wishes, l want an idol.
To offer prayers. Maruthi will be perfect as Ganesh. lf l cut you into pieces
and throw into the sea, fishes can feast for a month. lf l crush you, you’ll be enough
for my breakfast only. They are fighting because of us. Not because of us,
theirs is real estate problem. But it got bigger because of us only. Okay, let’s celebrate it grandly
tomorrow and unite them. That’s it! Vegetable Ganesh! Bless all of us here! Never expected this world will
turn beautiful for me… l’m seeing many alluring colours
in this celebration… May l think this reality
as dream… l can’t believe if anyone
says it’s true… l was lifeless statue among people…
l’ve become a wave in the mid sea… Won’t the mischievous rainbow on sky
take colours from my smiles? Won’t the jumping fishes in sea
make a wish for my speed? Let my surging thoughts
go on high seas… Won’t it beat the speeding
ships hands down? Clouds got scared of me and
falling down as rain drops… My heart has learnt to take first steps
Will it stay in one place now? A friend who wasn’t with till yesterday,
has become my shadow now… This journey is going on smoothly…
Will it show me wonders at every turn? Has that friendship become
a support of my life now? Has this relationship taught
my mute heart to sing songs? Let the wish get fulfilled…
Let me reach the shore… Let all the happiness be mine… …attention passengers,
due to torrential rains… Come, let’s go on deck. Are you mad?
Didn’t you hear the announcement? All are here only, sit here. They are afraid so they are here. Anyway we are going to die in a week,
why should we be afraid? Come. Be careful!
– Aren’t you there for me? Release Today
Daily 4 shows Annavaram Are his films released in Calcutta too? Film Annavaram, release today,
shall we go to watch the film? ls it? lt may be full house. ls it Andhra to be full house? At the most few fans will roam with T-shirts.
Theatre will be empty, come. Shall we go back? l never went back without watching
the film from a theatre. Stay here, l’ll come back with tickets. Train leaves tomorrow morning
at 6 am only. Let’s think about it later,
first arrange food after this match. What is this? These are the items we get here. You eat. Don’t you want to eat?
– For me Andhra meals is food. l’m taking 4 samosas.
Can you hold it brother? Potato curry is ready.
l want dhall. Curd! Andhra meals! Well laid dinner! Hi uncle!
– How are you doing? Everything is fine, uncle.
– Just called to inquire. Airforce till morning?
– Airforce? l mean roaming aimlessly
on roads all night. Night at clock tower! Good time! Security didn’t see us. Hear it. There’s music in these sounds. This clock says 20 times a minute… lt says so. lt’s better than you.
– Why? Did you say it till now? No way.
– What? What? What should l say? What an acting!
She was a child artiste! Tell me what is it? l’ll tell you. lt’s not something to be prompted,
you must feel it. l’m feeling very much. My feeling is mine and
your feeling is yours. Watchman is downstairs. l felt like dancing to l love you,
l did so. l felt like pushing you down,
l did so. You…
– What me? l’m controlling my feelings. We must buy tickets too. You said you felt like
only we were in this world, Do you still have that feeling? That’s it! Didn’t l tell you? Once dropped, the game is over. Grandpa, we are Telugu.
– We too are Telugu people. ls it? Sit here. Move sir…move… Hubby, take your medicines.
– Can’t you see l’m playing? You told me to remind you.
– Now l say shut up and you do it. She respects you a lot. Respect? No, fear.
She shivers on seeing me. Put my slippers correctly.
l must tell her to do everything. Didn’t l tell you to remind me
about taking medicines? She reminded you a little while ago. Supporting her? Women’s lib?
Never cross my path. What’s your name, grandma? Your husband’s name?
– That is… Why are you shuddering? Hey girl! Did you ask her my name?
– Yes. She’ll do like that only,
she’ll not utter my name. My name is Sandhya, he’s Uday. Why are you calling your
future husband by his name? What are you talking in hushed tones?
– Nothing… Where are you going to?
– To Kasi. At this young age? l asked him to take me to Kasi.
He took me on ship, chariot, now train. Before l reach Kasi, l told him to take me
as l wish in bus, scooter or car. That’s all, right?
– Right. l missed by a card,
if l had a joker… You’re there, aren’t you?
– Am l a joker? Look here!
– l did see, loser! l got a jack. l want an ice cream. Not this one, not good for health. l want!
– l said no. Allow me to play. Wait dear, l’ll get it for you. No grandma.
– No problem. Look, grandma is getting down. You promised to fulfill all my wishes. lce cream seller is that side,
where are you going? l can’t take it anymore,
l’m going away. What happened? My husband is good for nothing man. Newly married go somewhere,
what’s that? After 50 years of marriage,
after grandchildren too are married, now we are going,
that too to Kasi. l can’t take it anymore, l’m going.
– Grandma, please don’t go. No, leave me. What to do now? What?
– Come out! Coming. What?
– Grandma left. Where did she go away? l don’t know. Grandma…grandma… You get in, l’ll come.
– Grandpa will get tensed without grandma. You get in, l’ll look for her. Grandma! What is she doing here?
– Get in quickly. Hail Lord Shiva! Where’s the old lady? On the roof? Go…go… Grandma, wait… Grandma! Your husband is worried. l’m very happy here.
– Come, let’s go to him. Leave my hand. A man just like you held
my hand in 1962, l kicked him.
– Who was he? My doctor.
– Doctor? He wanted to check my pulse.
l said okay. He touched me. l beat him black and blue
for daring to touch me. That Koti ruined my life,
otherwise l would be very happy. Who is he? You can see him loitering
in this train. Come, l’ll show him to you. Hey Koti! Where are you man? Look, he’s here! Get up…no…it’s not him. Hey Koti! Why are you sleeping man? No…it’s not him. My blood raced…
l pounced on them like a lion. Gun may go off…
don’t do it…old lady. Hey Koti boy! Are you Koti? Stop with your doubts, what’s this? How dare you slap me
for not serving hot milk! When? On our first night.
– Then? Say sorry now.
– Now? Say man! ls our neighbour Girija very nice woman?
Should l learn to be like her? What should l learn from her? She follows rules. Don’t l follow rules then? Stop it now, please leave me. l’m leaving you permanently,
we are divorced. l must enjoy life. l’m still sweet sixteen…
– Grandma stop… Where are you going now? What’s all this? This is marijuana’s effect.
– ls it? She’ll be like that till
the effect cools off. What is my name? Your name…l can’t utter it. Thank God! She’s normal!
Come, let’s play cards. Don’t you remember
what you did just now, grandma? l remember everything clearly. l covered up lest it may
hurt Koti’s ego. You climbed the train top,
didn’t you get scared? l spent all these years
in fear within home. After seeing you, l realised
what l had lost in my life. Now l’m peaceful. l asked him all that
l couldn’t ask in 70 years. l did all the mischief
l never did earlier. You’re very lucky, got yourself a man
who does whatever you ask. l brought it to this stage
by postponing things. May you be blessed
with all happiness. My place has come,
pull the chain. Get down quickly. lt happens only in Bihar,
they get down by pulling the chain. l want to board train.
– We already have. l mean train top. Are you mad? Grandma too climbed the roof. That’s quite different. Will you take me or not? Why do you always call me as Oye? l don’t know, don’t you like it? My mother used to call
my dad like that only. – ls it? Hey who is up there? Get down. What were you doing up there? Up there…this girl…
– No need to explain, come to station. Police station?
– Yes. Arjun, Karthik, come down,
police are here. Who else is up there?
– Who are they? ls it your train? Get down! Difficult…very difficult to reach Kasi. We’ll definitely reach Kasi.
lt may be just 300 kms away from here. We can travel easily by road. Come. Sir…where is the nearest bus stop? Thank you…thank you very much… Bodh Gaya is nearby, it’s the place
where Buddha attained salvation. Let’s go pray to over come
this difficulty. Going to that place is difficulty,
can’t reach Kasi if we go there. No. You’re not fulfilling any of my wishes. For me? Give me a match stick. lt seems. We don’t need cigarettes. ls the temple this side?
– Yes. Coming here with questions… Heart gives the answers… l offer prayers to you… Bless our lives with your grace… l’ve come seeking to your place… Take my boat to the other side… O most merciful lord… First time my heart is seeking
your divine blessings… Let wishes sprout… Take me with you to your path… Keep my love afloat… Now l feel only we both are in
this world as you said once. ls it? God! Please don’t do it. See that there’s atleast
one man to give us lift. Please God!
Just one man is enough. Please God! Ras Bihari! Lion of Bihar. Please don’t stare at me sir…
flat tyre wasn’t because of me sir. Want to change the tyre,
can you help me? Certainly, do you know to
speak in Telugu? Where are you going?
– To Kasi. lf it’s fine, you can come with me. lt’s okay to us. Push the jeep to start. Push. Will it start?
– Push further and it’ll start. lt has started. l’ve seen you somewhere.
Where…? l used to live in Vizag. Now l remember. You ran away after beaten up
by Chatrapathy, right? Don’t utter his name.
lt makes me angry.- That’s it! Once up on a time
l was big goon in Vizag. lf Chatrapathy hadn’t come there.
l would be Vizag’s King. Something is moving in the bag. Wild boar, l must deliver it in Sasaram.
– Boar? Can you give a little push?
– Again? You watch the road,
we’ll take care of the boar. Will you shut up or not, you wild boar? Why boar? What would you call a boar
if not a boar? l think it’s very stubborn,
you too give it a thrashing. Not like that, give it to me,
l’ll thrash it. Thrash like this! Stay here, l’ll deliver it and come. lt’s really great this jeep
came up to here. What happened? l’m ruined! Why? Did they refuse the boar? lt’s not a boar but a man. l had him kidnapped from Vizag. l did one last crime to make money
and start a new leaf. l spent the money l had
for this kidnap. But my people picked up
the wrong person. Ruined…l’m totally ruined… Please don’t cry boss.
You’ll get something. No way. lf you take a holy dip in river Ganges,
you’ll get back all your lost money. ls it? Will l get it back really? Come with us. l’ll also go to loo. Bag is moving, what should l do now? Don’t you think it’s better to let off
the wrongly held boar? Okay. Open the bag. Abhishek? What are you doing here? l didn’t get any call from you,
what happened to my policy? Tell me, what happened to my policy? Anjali…Anjali…
glowing beautiful moon… Who are you? l think you hit him seriously to
make him forget the past. What should we do now? Let’s take him with us. Come. Come dear, let’s push the vehicle. Okay uncle. No head lights, let’s spend night in
roadside eatery and leave by morning. What about my school?
– l’ll send a leave letter. Do you to know to write? Wake up! l want that!
– Shut up! l want that thing! Sleeveless uncle, l want that thing. Take it. Why is radio so small, uncle? Abhishek! l’ll shake you up! Are you trying to steal my phone? Somebody kidnapped me,
they tied me in a sack, l was shaking for long time, two people punched me
from two sides, they put a heavy thing on my head, they carried and dumped me
in another place, then they threw me away. stones hurt my back. The problems started from shipyard. lt started when l searched
for someone. Who was l searching? Lassi is very good, try it. For her only! l must tell her the
real matter immediately. Madam… l came to harbour that day
to tell you something. What actually had happened was…
your policy… Tell me! What happened to my policy? Poor man got thrashed seriously. Mind is blocked. Go and sleep dear. You come. Hey please get me that rabbit. What will you do with it?
– l’ll play with it. lf l catch it,
Blue Cross will play with us. Lord Rama went for the golden deer without
any questions when Sita asked for it. That’s real love. But demon Ravana appeared after that. He kidnapped Sita. A severe war was waged. lt’s always a war with you. You play with words very well. Come…come… Come l say! What happened to you suddenly? You wanted to be in two places
at the same time. You’re now in UP and Bihar.
Two states. Can you bring the moon to me? Can you make multicoloured
parrot to say l love you? Can you carry clouds
piggy back and run? Can you stand upstraight
in 100 feet water? When many wishes like this start
in my heart and reach you… lf l make a wish,
without any delay you’ll fulfill it… l made you my love… Can’t l fulfill your wishes? l’m turning into your love… Can’t l touch the zenith of happiness? Weave a sari with tender leaves… Present it to me… Shall l design the border with my eyes
and present it to you? Whatever you may ask, love is that
which gives more than what you ask… Will you colour my dreams? Come… Come quickly… Come…come… Tell me why are you laughing? We don’t have money to pay the eatery,
that’s why we are escaping. l’ll also jump. Eatery owner is no ordinary man. He’ll gun down us. Krishna, they are running away
without paying me. Catch them!
– Escape! Go fast. Stop…you thief! Go fast…
– They are catching up. Faster… Fast! Faster! Come…come… Watch out! Come inside! When did this uncle got in? l’ll check. Scarecrow! Scarecrow? l’ll play with uncle.
– Go and sit inside. l really got scared. l thought it’ll be thrilling to steal. For a moment l thought we got
involved in a murder case. lt all happened because of him. Hey money! Look here! Money? There’s lot of money! Somebody would’ve stashed
his black money here. Luckily we got it. We are going to Kasi, right?
That’s why we got lucky. Did you see? Hail Lord Kasi Vishwanath! What shall we do now? Let’s share it equally. This is yours, this is for you. This is for you. Rest is mine. l’ll start a business with it
and live honestly. l’ll buy chocolates and
ice creams with it. You buy a shirt with this. Buy shirt with sleeves, okay? You’ll waste it.
Let it be with me. l can settle loan at one go. Why am l here? l thought it was impossible
to come here in my life. My responsibility is over. Peace in heart. You made it possible. Thank you very much. This is nothing, once you reach home,
it’s happiness all the way. But l don’t travel back to
home in the same route. How nice it would be
had we been birds! Hail Lord Shiva! You…?
– l got back my memory. Don’t worry. l’ll not tell her anything. She’s very happy because of you. Your love is great! Come, let’s go. Come, vehicle is here. Where’s the vehicle? Helicopter? How did you arrange it? Don’t ask anything, come. But…? Get in. What are you doing? Not ours, right? What about home loan? Why to rush? Life is very long. How did you do… This time mom didn’t come,
l brought them. Did you express your love
to sister or not, Uday? Everybody knows here except me. l expressed it to you on birthday,
they knew a day before. Tell me the truth…
– l swear it’s true. ls your father at home? l’m not here to fight. Who is it? lt’s me Sandhya, uncle. We are grandly celebrating Christmas
tomorrow, all of you must come. What? Party?
Are you throwing a party? Yes, do come without fail. l didn’t attend function in your home,
for that you please don’t avoid my party. l’m arranging loud speakers,
you must make it. We’ll definitely make it. How can Christmas be
celebrated without Santa? How did you come Santa? Buddy, it’s me! So…it was you…? l’m very happy that
all of you made it. Now l’ve understood what l missed
all these days. l’ve understood the
value of celebrations. Because of a good friend. Please forgive me for the inconvenience
l had created for all of you. Hereafter l’ll celebrate
all the festivals with you. Please come in. lt’s me, uncle.
– ls it you? No problem, l’ll come later. What are you doing?
– Special item is getting ready. l’m hungry. l’m coming there. Wait there only! How is she? Why…why uncle? Why didn’t you tell me the truth?
– l couldn’t. Just couldn’t tell you. What couldn’t? Had you told me earlier,
l would’ve done something. Trusting you…damn it! No Uday…when the disease was
diagnosed it was advanced stage. Already it had spread to chest cavity. lt was stage that didn’t respond to
chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Even if was done, she would’ve lost hair,
weight and experienced physical torture, but never get cured. Why these hospitals and doctors
like you if you can’t cure it? Yes, indeed useless. When your mother had
just 4 months of life, l tried all my best to save her, with different treatments we forced her to
spend those few days also in hospital. lt would’ve been better if we had asked
what she’d like to do in those 4 months. l didn’t want to make the same
mistake with Sandhya. What happened to sister, Uday? Nothing. We had travelled a lot in 10 days,
so she’s down with a viral fever. Doctor has advised rest. Uncle is in that room, wait there. ls shadow leaving me? ls vision leaving my eye? Night is falling at dawn… Dawn is enveloped in darkness… l’m bringing my heart as
a sweet memory to you… The time l spent with you,
is it going to become past? lf you’re there, l’m there,
O my love… Don’t go away, my love… All these days my legs
followed you… lt’s asking me now,
where are the footprints that l followed? You were in my eyes, today it is asking
why is it empty without you? The life l longed was about
to be mine… But merciless fate cursed my life… lf there’s another life,
all l ask is one thing only… A place where love never
leaves me… Have you explained all
your staff, doctor? Sandhya mustn’t know anything. l’m dealing the case, so no other doctor
would discuss it with Sandhya. Did you safely got the
children into the train? l did. Sree was crying, they’ll be here
for summer vacation. But, would l live till then? Doctor told me everything, Uday. He said l wouldn’t survive even
if treatment had started earlier. Don’t cry, Uday. You showed me in 7 days a life
l wouldn’t have seen in 70 years. l’m very happy. Please don’t cry. My father never took care
of my mother. Even during her last days in hospital,
he was busy in making money. l didn’t shed a tear on my dad’s death. But l wanted to take good
care of you, Sandhya. l thought we’ll spend all our lives
together happily. ls there any guaranty we’ll be
like that always? A few years later, you may change,
l may change, differences may crop up between us, anything can happen, there’s no guaranty that
we’ll still be in love. lnstead of going away
when you start hating me, memories would be sweet if l go away
when you still love me. Aren’t these short and
sweet moments enough? l don’t want to be here.
Please take me away. lf you cry like this, l’ll go away. Come and sleep.
Come. lt’s 12! First time you’re celebrating
your birthday with me. May be this is the last time. That’s why l brought 12 gifts
for each month. Without melting away like ice,
it’ll stay with all life and wish you. On my behalf. Sadness of withering flower will
ease on seeing the plant. lt’ll give you hope that
another flower will bloom. Holy beed! l mean eye of Lord Shiva. Show me your hand. Nobody must cast an evil eye on you. All evils must be warded off. Technology may change. Once it was walkman, CD, lpod,
something else in future, but this conch is permanent, you can hear music always
when placed near ear. Hear it. You must get natural peace
instead of artificial. lf you leave shirt sleeves open,
you’re lazy, if you fold it, you’re rough, if you use cuff,
you’re in control of yourself. Use these cuff links on white shirt. Look at yourself in mirror,
you’ll be confused, who is this gentleman? Not just the words you say,
what you write must also be golden. As you said Chinese Ganesh. Look at it for 2 minutes,
no, 2 hours till you get smile. Your smile is the most
attractive feature in you. You gave it to me and
masked it with my sad face. This is unbreakable tea cup set. Husband…children… l’m little sad because l won’t be there
with you as your tea. lt will work till sun is there,
whether we are here or not. You’re very weak in your maths,
you made all wrong calculations. Divide instead of multiplication,
addition instead of subtraction. l’m the answer.
Zero! These are my diaries, before you entered my life,
all the days were same to me, after you came,
every day was a wonder, every day left with new and
fresh memories, few things l wrote with anger
and some happily, but every word is about you only, because you’re my last thought of the day
and first of the next morning. Read it in my absence. This home was my world. Talking to plants was my best time. But after you came l had no time for it. l love this home. Look after it carefully. Plants too! Like these 11 gifts, l want the 12th gift
too remains with you forever. Because l don’t want to die now. You changed name according
to numerology. But my number is 5,
it means loner. lt’ll not match with any number. 12th gift is to your taste,
short and sweet. l’ll be happy with you till l breath last. You’ve your birthday party
in pub always, come, let’s go. Come. Stop…stop… Why did you bring me here
instead of a pub? You like spending new year here, right?
Come. Sit here. lt’ll rain now, watch out. l never waited for anything in my life. But l’ll wait every year for this rain.

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