Overview of Altium Designer 20

here at Altium we’re constantly raising
the bar and this version of Altium Designer we’ve prepared some truly
incredible features a best-in-class interactive routing engine with any
angle support any angle routing combined with tangential arc transitions gives
smooth and precise routing these capabilities allow you to tackle even
the most challenging high speed and high-density design tasks a brand new
length tuning engine creates an adjust tunings with smart and effective fill
patterns improved controls and on-the-fly geometry updates all powered
by an intelligent electromagnetic field solver for accurate propagation delay
matching we continue to refine the interactive properties panel have a
clear and space efficient layout foldable previews and smart icons
provide instant access to new and existing functions a dynamic data model
allows for continual design compilation in the background to dramatically
increase the speed of creating net lists applying rules and making reports we’re
constantly engaging our users to make Altium Designer better this release
includes numerous performance tweaks and usability improvements mentioned by you
the user Altium Designer 20 available November

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