Outdoor Clothing Fashion Designs : Mod Coat Variation Fashion Design

Outdoor Clothing Fashion Designs : Mod Coat Variation Fashion Design

Here I have my version two of my mod coat.
This one has been developed, a little bit further. And this, I can envision as again,
more mid-century modern type, Austin Powers look. Where this, I see in maybe, a rich gold,
brocaded type fabric. And underneath it, is a party dress. And you don’t know that, so
you could say. It’s a dress or it’s a jacket. Use it as anything you want. And then, instead
of buttons, which sometimes, you’re going to see stuff that you design all the time.
And you’re going to be like, ukh! It’s just boring to me, right now. So I used my little
plackets, little tabs to close it. And I think, that gives it more of a modern look, too.
Because it calls into mind the elements of geometry that I’m trying to utilize in, that
I was trying to utilize in this collection. My straight lines, my modern, clean look.
My whole architecture, modern. Modern architecture, driven look is conveyed through clothing,
like this. In my head, I see a mid-century modern, Frank Lloyd Wright type residence.
In, on my paper, I convey that by drawing something like this. Go, begin to create correlations
in your head. As fas as, what your inspiration is, generally. Not for just one collection
but your inspiration as a designer. As who you are, intrinsically. Your inspiration is
going to lead you. To always have a certain look that is going to be you. You’re going
to be able to tell, as you progress in your studies, that, that piece was designed by
you. You’ll figure out your flow and then, you will have a completely unique product.

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  1. And what is "mod" about that?- Gold Brocade for fux sake ? Can nothing stop Americans from yapping on subjects about which they know nothing?

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