hello guys welcome to Unforgettable 3 directly from somewhere in the South Pacific
we want to invite you for the boat tour on the north wind 435 check it out Unforgettable 3 is a North Wind 435 built in Spain in the 90s she’s 43 ft long, 12 ft wide, and 6
ft draft and weights 14 tons. she was designed by Bill Dixon featuring a deck salon that makes the boat very clear and bigger inside a flush deck that makes
easier to walk around and a center cockpit that make us feel nicely
sheltered and the motion is more smooth a great boat for oceanic voyages, by the way
she already has many ocean crossings in her resumé let’s get started with the fundamentals
Unforgettable 3 is a sloop and we have a jib on the roller Furler and 125%
which is a decent size for the kind of sailing we’ve been
doing we also have the capability of hoisting a staysail
this stay here we can attach to that metal piece and hoist another sail
and we have a furling mainsail there are a lot of considerations about the
furling main, I wasn’t really really a big fan but now after sailing nearly eight
thousand miles with it I can’t say that I don’t hate it
I still don’t love it it’s a kind of love and hate situation but I learned
with it and now I got used so there are advantages we can unfurl and furl it really quick which is really good and easy it doesn’t have all the
performance that a full batten sail has but there’s always a compromise
right now I’m happy with it we have a nice sail, it’s a taffeta and
well-built, very light, this boat has a very powerful rigging it’s very strong
oversized and there are running stays also for upwind this is a Selden mast, it’s 18 metres high something like 55 foot and two sets of
spreaders we have a spinnaker pole and although we don’t have a spinnaker
we use it quite often to pull out the jib when we are downwind, it works really
good especially if the winds is over 20kts this boat sails beautifully with it each side of the mast we keep with a 46 Lewmar winch so really good to hoist
whatever you want like the halyards or the dinghy now I feel like this boat has
a heavy displacement and sails really good if the winds is on the beam, upwind it sails good as well it’s not so great going
downwind because it’s a heavy boat it doesn’t have a huge, very long waterline
and it rolls a bit so I’d say the strong points are beam
reach, upwind and if it’s going downwind we need a lot of wind, over 20 knots to
perform beautifully you’re looking for a Spinnaker maybe will be an addition to
our set in the future but right now we don’t have it I also like the fact that
the mast has steps all the way to the top it makes a lot easier to climb the
mast maybe that’s why I climb the mast so often sometimes I just go to the top
just to check things around with no actually not much to do but the steps
really really make life easier one last aspect of this rigging that I’d like to
mention is that we can adjust here the tension from the back stay so whenever
we need to bring a bit or slack it it’s very easy you just winch it and
that’s a really nice feature here on the cockpit I really love this big 52 Lewmar winches, they are so powerful and make really easy to
control the jib A spare one, winch here not self tailing, we use it for different
kind of things you can assist on the stay sail or even controlling the
mainsail, so it’s very handy to have Here we control the mainsail so we have the
traveler and here we we control the mainsheet in overall I can say that this
is a very gentle boat he has treated us well so far I hope it’ll keep it like that very handy we can control the outhaul we can furl an unfurl the main
and that halyard that goes on the point of the boom I forgot the name in English
I don’t know if there’s a name for it, so if you know please leave in the comments and
very handy we use this small reach here to control most of it, sometimes the ourhaul I use on the big winches yeah man, life is easier with this Helm wise this
boat has not like a huge wheel but I never felt too heavy I never had to
struggle too much as always be gentle it’s a steering quadrant and a fully
skeg rudder has a long keel almost three meters with metal on it and
steel and not long ago we hit a coral today the wind is a little bit weaker and yeah the boat shoot quite a bit but everything’s fine so very very steady it’s so nice to anchor here talking a bit about the ground tackle we
are here very well anchored with our Rocna anchor, it’s like 25 kilos and
we really really love this anchor this is not an advertisement but as far as
we’ve had it like it holds really good in every kind of soil like we’ve got
like pretty strong winds and waves actually there are the worst on the
anchorages and it always holds it pretty good along with the anchor we
have 200 ft of chain 8mm what is good because we can anchor in
different depths and we can always have a good scope we also have a lot of rope
but we have never used it actually we have an electric windlass Quick brand
we always anchor with a bridle so we remove the pressure from the windlass
and so just to summarize we have like a 25 kilo Rocna anchor, 200 ft chain
that holds pretty much our 14 ton boat this boat has very nice storage here
outside we have two lockers one in the bow and one in the back, this one we keep
like fenders diving gear some extra water gallons we also have the dock lines
here and it’s really easy to get them when we need like the fenders and the
lines this is the after locker it’s really big
but the thing is, it’s nearly fully loaded with jerrycans we have like 13 5-gallon jerry cans it also has some spare parts, generator,
hoses, wood planks, so hardware heavy stuff and jerry cans are here here on
the platform we have a locker for 2 20 pounds propane tanks they stay here
right on the bow of the boat away from everything else
this small platform is also really good we shower here pretty much every day
one other thing that makes this boat really Cruiser friendly
are these davits and this arch we hoist our dinghy here every night
also this structure holds solar panel big one, 320 W, this is the main source
of power and also the wind generator welcome to the cabin guys this is the
interior of our boat and I really love it because it’s so big, it has so
much room and it’s very clear because of the deck salon so it makes it really clear
there’s a lot of hatches it’s very airy this version of the North Wind has this
big salon, three cabins, two heads a galley and an a nav. station what I like about this salon is that there are two tables the tables are apart from the
middle of the boat so you can walk here easily we have no many lockers on the
walls so it makes it bigger, wider this tables they also open so you can make a
bigger table like this and then you have a huge table and the other one is the
same thing you can even like open both of them and just make like just make like a huge thing we have never used like that we have never had so many
people on the boat well maybe we have but not here inside having food so yeah
we never used this big you can also bring them lower or higher you can make
like a coffee table or we usually put it down like so when we want to watch a
movie or things like that we just can lay down just feel more comfortable underneath the couches we have two stainless steel tanks for water so it’s
like 300 liters each and I can also like use this ball that I bought it’s really
good for editing videos so I just can sit here and do all my job here and clough all the way yeah and clough the away when I bought it
I through it would go trough the doors I didn’t realize it wouldn’t so now we just keep it like
here in a corner our third crew member yes our third crew member here is the front
cabin it’s a V birth it’s very comfortable for a couple it’s a quite
big bed and there’s something interesting also you can remove this
part and you can have two single beds
I’m not sure if you can see it but there’s also this head and if you close
this door you just make like a room with a head and you have all your privacy for you guys that are wondering who are we we’ve been saving the world for the past 4
years, we left Brazil and then sail all the way trough the Caribbean and now we are in
French Polynesia we just crossed the Pacific Ocean a few months ago and we
are in our third boat this is Unforgettable 3 so if you want to
know more about our other boats soon we’ll release a comparison of the
three boats I think to be really nice and you’ll understand why we are in our
third boat in four years we’ve been doing videos for the past three years
now and if you’re curious just browse through our YouTube channel you will
find like a playlist with English subtitles there’s some nice stuff in
there and from now on we’re gonna start doing full English episodes once a
week so tag along here in the aft we have two cabins there is this bunk
beds that we always use as storage unless we have crew, I really love this
room actually and to sleep here is not bad at all because you have a nice
hatch, it’s very airy, it’s clear and we also have like yeah more storage and this is our cabin this is the captain’s cabin I really like the bed it’s big
it’s comfortable for the two of us well more for me than for Diego because I
sleep from this side and he sleeps on that side and he says I don’t have
maturity enough to sleep on this side so that’s good for me I just sleep here and
I can go out and in all the time easier I don’t have to go through
somebody and also it’s more ventilated here than on the corner. That’s why I
love you babe, thank you but apart from that, the cabin is nice we have
like huge wardrobes well for someone that lives on a boat this is a huge
wardrobe believe me like not for a house maybe I keep all my clothes here and of
course Diego got the smaller wardrobe and I’m not sure if I’m gonna show you
because I’m sure it’s really messy but no it looks perfect. Really? Show it, I
challenge you this is Diego’s
Look at that! Yep, not that bad In this cabin there is a head what’s
pretty sweet there’s a big mirror we have cold and warm water at the
boat but to use the warm water we have to turn on the engine so it’s
not all the time most of the time actually it’s cold finally here’s the galley that’s a nice
galley we have lots of room to cook to wash the dishes to do whatever
we need we have two sinks they are pretty useful we have one
pressured water tap and the another foot pump that’s also nice in case one
doesn’t work we can use the other one here’s the oven, the stove, it’s
just like all the other boats it moves when the boat moves, it swings here there are two fridges. We actually most of the time only use one because of battery, we
don’t want to use so much energy we have a small freezer inside what is very handy also if you can have a freezer on a boat and I think every cruiser know like how nice
it is to have ice sometimes so you just can keep small trays of ice but that’s
pretty good lots of storage here where we keep dishes, food, lots of other
things here we also have lots of storage for food we keep most of
dry food here one thing that can be a deal-breaker when you’re buying a boat is the engine and this boat when you saw it first, it was a brand new
Yammar 54hp, very low hours and still like that, well we do our best to
keep it very clean and running smoothly 54hp can take
us to 7 knots on the engine if you need to I run it on 2.300 rpm and that gives 6 kts, 6.5 kts depending on the
condition and if we really want to push it I can make it 7 kts running over
2,600 – 2,700 but I don’t like to go over that so on cruising speed 2,300 rpm
it takes like one gallon per hour if that much
we have 420 litres of diesel in our tanks this is the nav. station my
favorite spot on the boat all the breakers are here, the electric switch
and I have access to the most of electronics here so I can even use the
charts plotter here, I can control the autopilot, use the radio, check the
voltage on the batteries, check the tanks and also
there’s lots of documents and charts and things I store underneath and it’s
actually made for open up full-size paper chart, so that holds pretty
much all my mess and I drive Georgia crazy with it but I’m trying to keep it, it’s not
too bad today . Talking about electronics this boat is equipped with chart
plotter Raymarine, radar, AIS, wind station autopilot and a VHF radio also have SSB
radio and to be honest we don’t use it that much mostly use a Garmin inReach
satellite communicator but also we have a weather fax, yeah that’s old stuff,
but still working, still in good condition if you want to buy let me know drop a
message, EPIRB, well you can see lots of stuff happening here, this is the core of this boat, right! It’s been 8,000 nm on this
boat and I can say I’m really happy it has filled the purpose we bought it
it’s a really offshore Voyager and I’m stoked I can see ourselves for a
long time sailing this boat We had really nice moments aboard Unforgettable 3 and one thing that I also I didn’t mentioned but I really
liked about it that we can receive a lot of people here and we’ve done it and
it’s been really nice to know many amazing people that crewed with us, that we
met in different places and we also felt we owned you guys this tour, you that have been watching our channel for a while now and we hadn’t done
a proper tour so this was a nice opportunity and that’s it I hope you
enjoy the video if you want to support our production if you like our videos
please consider to become a patron a big thanks to our Brazilian community who
followed and supported us for this last three years. “Mundo Obrigado turma”, we love you, we care a lot about you guys and thanks for bringing us here remember to subscribe if
you’re new here and if you can give a thumbs up to this video would be really cool. leave us a comment telling what you think about the North Wind 435, she’s not
a famous boat in America but a legendary boat in Europe. thank you very much, see you next week bye-bye

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