OSY S5 – Episode 1 “Art of the Deal”

OSY S5 – Episode 1 “Art of the Deal”

Tim we sound like there’s an opportunity
to buy these tanks they’ve got 47 tanks just like ours. Are we interested in
buying something like this at all at any price like at any dollars even if it’s free,
do we want them? Look don’t use the term free use the term zero or
nil just soccer term. And then the negotiating point’s gonna be trucking and I think your proposal should be nil on the tanks FOB major. Ok well I’ll give him a
shout and we’ll see what he says I guess the worst they can say is go for
yourself Dallas. I think they’ve been saying that for quite a few years. For different reasons. well Tim has a quite a reputation for
being a master negotiator and obviously maybe a bit of a low baller you might
call so I value his advice but I usually this is Tim this would be most people
and I put this in the middle so that’s I used for a starting point I’m not sure
that anybody is probably going to accept you pay us and we’ll take your stuff
okay sounds good thank you so this big guys name is Casey he we
bought him two years ago I guess I was raised with horses so it seemed pretty
appropriate to get another one Dallas is a real fan of horses he
actually hates them so he was really impressed that Casey came to join us
lately though it’s been tricky in the wintertime to to get out riding you know
I don’t really enjoy being on the elements of the winter and with the kids
Hawk he’s scheduled it gets it gets tricky to get out there so this next
week might be a bit interesting me and Ken have organized with a guy named
George to come and make the wash bay into an indoor riding arena so we’re
gonna actually pound out some of the concrete and then put some sand and dirt
in there and then a couple stables as well and maybe a small tack room the
guys don’t really need a wash bay I don’t think it’s overly utilized and
there is a great car wash in loose land so it’s not that far of a drive and I
don’t think the guys don’t mind it Dallas doesn’t know so should be good
meanwhile near the park by his house tim is rekindling his first love I had a
pretty good run as a young man but lifestyle abuse has gotten away and if
there’s been 25 years I’ve hung him up for 25 years got in the business world
built some massive companies feel like you have accomplished everything I can
and the only thing left for me is go back to baseball and see if I can’t make
it come back at 52 probably have to get in a little better shape I think we made
some pretty good strides in the last few days mechanics feel solid I’ve lost a
little bit on my fastball but I think I’m a little bit more mature now a
little better able to handle adversity we’ve developed a few startups we’ve
taken them well I mean let’s face it for anyone that follows this show and Falls
even just the entry volume in our hockey pool we’ve grown like the dickens now
we’re making our positions were international we’re in Oregon I think
that’s international I mean we’re not in Oregon we sent a
truck to Oregon and then it’s sort of becoming redundant sort of success
success success that you know he can’t already remember what day it is so for the last six months we’ve been
working on a deal to acquire one of our competitors and make our fleet about 50%
bigger so it’s a big deal for us and we are getting close to you know finding a
common ground to make this you know mutually beneficial and we think we’re
gonna be able to get something done they come back to me and said that we’re
probably pretty close but that isn’t gonna be the right number so you think
we should think we should opt out a little yeah I don’t know I would say
it’s not that much more than what we were thinking
yeah probably stupid not to well that’s it I mean it’s gonna be like 7% more so
just suck it up and move on yeah I would say it’s still a real good deal for us
and we require a lot more equipment the ceiling this is still a good deal it’s
just a little less good all right I’m gonna go stand on that counter offering
whatever sounds good what time is it you probably what time’s my left supper for
you 6:30 while Dallas and Greg tweaked their
offer tim is focusing on his training regimen any 52 year old it’s you kind of
dance with a girl that brought yeah any kind of Bangladeshi martial art sort of
a little less than mainstream that’s something I’ve done ever since 48 I
found it’s lower impact for me I do that the glad bag non-breathable sweat suits
that were very popular in the 70s and 80s for dehydration reasons apparently
have gone away in my day everybody wore them and I don’t know what happened but
they’re actually impossible to buy off-the-shelf so we’re making do I work
the lower body obviously with some car pulling and the pitch is really not ever
been an issue my arms fine tons of time to rest
sadly 7300 days off in a row you know just as we look towards next
season I’m gonna get a little bit heavier into Jazzercise and step
aerobics I still have a double plastic step
I’ll start single plastic probably move to double plastic a lot of people would
laugh at this and for fifty two-year-old to make a comeback at this stage is not
usual certainly it would be I guess I’d probably be the first person that’s done
it I got a lot of people wanting me to coach unpack some of this knowledge with
the kids I’d rather not I don’t like working with kids I really can’t stand
their parents but if that’s what that’s what’s required to keep my hand in this
game I will but I’m counting on the plane situation to work and then as a
fallback I guess I’ll work with some of those kids and take the parents money in
whatever just dick around for the summer Construction is underway in the wash bay
and Linz indoor riding arena should be ready in no time have fun driving
Toulouse lab to wash the truck boys just a little more sound so we’re asking
for is just a little hearts out open close and don’t just a little certainty
can bring it down and nobody wants to know you now
ain’t nobody wants to show you how some live your love stand on your own you can
never surrender any of your path will lead you home
you can never surrender well the night is cold and dark you
can’t see you can see you light cuz no one can take away your right to fight
and never surrender

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  1. Tim has accomplished everything anyone can really hope for. He should just lay down in the woods and let the Earth reclaim him.

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