Origami Yoshizawa Butterfly

Origami Yoshizawa Butterfly

Hello, and Welcome to our Yoshizawa Butterfly video. This butterfly was designed by the famous Japanese designer Akira Yoshizawa We will start with a square of origami paper with the color side up Next we’ll make a mountain fold along the diagonal as we’re showing here Crease that well Now unfold that and make another fold along the opposite diagonal Now make a valley fold along the east-west line Now simply collapse the paper along those creases and we end up with the well-known Water Balloon Base. A very commonly-used piece in origami So with the top corner of the base facing towards you, take the upper left and right corners and fold them down as we’re showing here Now flip the piece over Fold the bottom corner over the edge as we’re showing here You want to have it sticking up about 1 to 1 and a half centimeters Now take each of the flaps on top and fold them downwards While you do that, squash this little piece flat So make a squash fold while you’re bringing the flap down Now repeat that on the left side Flip the piece over Take that top point and fold it back over the edge And then we’ll fold it again, upwards as we’re showing here This little piece is going to form the head of the butterfly Now fold the whole thing in two, making a mountain fold along the centerline Next we’re going to do a valley fold along this line here to start forming the wings That’s the first wing Now flip the piece over and repeat that valley fold along the same line on the other side Now unfold it And that’s all there is to it Your Origami Yoshizawa Butterfly is complete Enjoy!

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  1. How can I get permission to teach this model at the East Bay Origami Convention?

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