Origami Wind Rose Star Mosaic with Trixels (triangle pixels) – Easy DIY Tutorial

Origami Wind Rose Star Mosaic with Trixels (triangle pixels) – Easy DIY Tutorial

Hello! I’m going to show you some very beautiful origami mosaics that some of you have created with my new origami pixels. I will also teach you how to fold new triangular tiles that I call trixels. Trixels are compatible with the square pixels, and I will show you how to join them to make this beautiful star. Origami pixels are easy, fun and relaxing to fold, but what I like the most about them is that you have used in many different and creative ways. Ladislav Kanka from the Czech Republic has folded many cute animals and characters from videogames like Mario and Pokemon. Here is a big mushroom from Henry Triana in Colombia. and characters from videogames like Mario and Pokemon. She uses different shades of Tant paper to make her origami mosaics. Sonsi Martin, also from Spain, used the origami pixels to create a cool lamp shade. And Michaela Bertsch created a huge Star Wars Tie Interceptor in her home in Arklow, Ireland. And with the new origami trixels, you can be even more creative! This 8 points star is a common pattern in Arabic mosaics, such as the ones in the Alhambra palace in Granada in Spain. To make this star, you need to make 16 triangular trixels and 8 square pixels. First join 8 trixels on their longer side to make an octogon. You can alternate colors for a nice effect. Then make 8 more trixels and join them on their shorted side to each triangle in the octogon. This will give you a star with 8 sharp points that looks like a wind rose. To finish the arabic star, you can add 8 square pixels and join each of them to two triangles. And your arabic star is complete. You can also extend this pattern and join multiple stars to create a cool mosaic. There are many different ways to join the trixels and pixels, and you can play with the colors to create interesting effects. You can even try to draw with the trixels and for instance make mountains and trees. Or you can just mix colors randomly to create something very psychedelic! In a next video, I will also show you how to make equilateral triangle tiles, so that you can create even more combinations. This is a tile pattern with equilateral triangles and squares from the Temple of Diane in Nimes, in the South of France. If you make origami mosaics with pixels and trixels, please send me some pictures so that I can show them in the origamipixels dot com web site and in a next video. I’m always very happy to see your beautiful pictures, thank you very much for sending them, and please keep them coming! Don’t forget to subscribe for more easy, fun and original origami models and tutorials and to encourage me to create more of them! Thank you very much and happy folding!

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  1. What do you think of the origami pixels mosaics made by Baequni, Sophy, Ladislav, Henry, Corinne, Sonsi and Michaela that I show at the beginning of the video? If you make mosaics with my origami pixels and/or trixels, please send me pictures to [email protected] so that I can show them in future videos and add them to https://origamipixels.com Thank you very much! 🙂

  2. Hey Coucou ! J'adore ce que tu fais ! Grande découverte pour moi l'origami pixel et c'est vraiment top !

    PS : Je suis désolée pour hier, avec les groupes on s'est totalement perdu de vue

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