Origami Wall-E (Riki Saito)

Origami Wall-E (Riki Saito)

Divide into 8×8 Make an accordion fold (Zig-Zag) Let´s make some pre-creases and collapses (use the picture/diagram as a reference) The new folds are always marked in red Flip over Mountain-fold both tips Mountain-fold the tip until your close to the edge Give a nice shape to make the binoculares(eyes) Let´s make more pre-creases and collapses as shown After creating the arms, make a rabbit ear on both sides to create the hands and give a nice shape Squash-fold Valley-fold Open and toke inside the tip as shown Fold up Squash-fold to the right and make a squash-fold as shown Squash-fold to create feet (caterpillars) Repeat Wall-E Done!

26 thoughts on “Origami Wall-E (Riki Saito)

  1. I know a good channel when I see it. yours is going to good. great work. it was slow and clear 🙂

  2. I'm glad I succeed to make this origami. The feet were not easy to make. Thank you very much for this lesson. Kind regards

  3. Excellent video tutorial. I love the incorporated diagrams and captions. Very very nice. Thank you for making your videos. They must take a great deal of effort. They are among the best I've seen. Keep up the great work!

  4. Great and amazing video. I would like to make WALL-E and Eve for my friends birthday, do you know the best way to find the instructions (doesn't need to be a video) for Eve as well? Thank you.

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