Origami Versailles rose (Krystyna Burczyk)

Origami Versailles rose (Krystyna Burczyk)

Hello my name is Razvan and welcome to my youtube channel today I want to show you how to make this origami Versailles rose by Krystyna Burczyk It is a very beautiful flower , easy to make and evan you are not very good at this kind of origami , the result it is very beautiful I use this paper rose for all my 3d origami vases and baskets I want to thank Krystyna Burczyk for permission to do this tutorial I have received many requests to make a tutorial for this origami flower by Krystyna Burczyk and I hope this tutorial helps you make this beautiful paper flower but I must mention that it is not a very good tutorial, unfortunately I have little experience in making tutorials for such origami models if this tutorial does not help, in the description of the video is a link to a tutorial by Tadashi Mori is a relatively easy model, and even with little experience in this kind of origami the results are very beautiful to make this rose we will need 5 squares of paper I usually use for these origami flowers normal printer paper 80g / sm but for this tutorial I will use a thin paper 70g / sm if you can use special paper for origami it’s not a problem if you use 80g / sm normal printer paper, the flowers will very good I will use this flower for a little basket , i will use only one flower and for this it will be a little larger and I chose to make a tutorial for a larger version of this origami Versailles rose so you can see better the dimension of this square are 15/15 cm you can make these flowers at different sizes, everything that changes is the size of the squares of paper first we will fold in half and we press only about 2-3 cm like this the second step, we bring this corner on these line the third step , we fold this corner after this line like this next step will be a little harder , we fold on the diagonal of the square but we press only till this line here and this point of intersection it is important next step we will make a fold from this point of intersection and the end of this line here we fold first these edge like this and then we make the fold to this line here we fold these corner I repeat , we fold first these edge like these we fold all these part after these line here now we will twist these edges like these , clockwise and we will rotate this corner in this way now I will repeat the whole procedure without guiding lines first we fold in two and press the paper only until these line the petal is finish and we will need 5 petal in total I finish all these petals and next we connect them together we take two petals and we will connect them like this now we take a corner from each petal (2) and we twist like this we connect all petals in this way we take small brush or pencil and we will twist the petals in this way we put a some glue here on the bottom , i use a glue who dry very fast next I will glue all these twists the origami versailles rose is almost finish , next we twist a little bit these edges too the origami flower is finish , a very beautiful flower evan with little experience in this type of origami I recommend you to make a little small these flowers , 10*10cm squares are good for large vases and baskets and 7-8 cm square are good for small baskets and vases

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